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Added Mar 17 2017

The new series will launch this Saturday, March 18, from 2-4 PM at the Jefferson Park Branch Library, 5363 W. Lawrence.

The Planning Commission unanimously voted in favor of a self storage unit facility at 5150 N. Northwest Highway on Thursday. The mixed-income housing proposal on the southern parcel of the property was not discussed at the hearing; it will be heard at a later date.

The Hitch Elementary PTA is hosting their annual fundraiser, The Main Event, at Lido Banquets, 5504 N. Milwaukee, from 6 PM to 11 PM on Friday, March 24.

Learn about different career opportunities at O’Hare International Airport during a Chicago Department of Aviation community career fair. The career fair will be on Thursday, March 23, from 9 am to 1 pm at Wilbur Wright College, 4300 N. Narragansett.

Volunteers will meet on the morning of Saturday, April 1, at 9 am at 4041 N. Milwaukee for coffee, donuts, and supplies before hitting the neighborhood. Volunteers will clean up until about noon before heading to an art dedication ceremony.

This year’s event will be on Wednesday, April 5, from 6-9 PM at Old Irving Brewing, 4419 W. Montrose. Tickets cost $20 and can be purchased online.

The winner of the raffle will receive 2 three-day VIP tickets to the Chicago concert on July 14-16 at Union Park, 1501 W. Randolph.

All participants must submit their entries by 4 pm on Thursday, April 6. Entries must be mailed to COUNTRY Financial Reusable Bag Contest, Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington St., Chicago, IL 60602.

Olive’s Neighborhood Garden for the Hungry is hosting its annual fundraiser from 3 PM to 6 PM on Saturday, April 1, at Rabbit’s Bar & Grill, 4945 W. Foster.

Liberty Tax Service, 4900 W. Irving Park, as again partnered with the Irving Park Community Food Pantry, 3801 N. Keeler. For every...

...Service, 4900 W. Irving Park, as again partnered with the Irving Park Community Food Pantry, 3801 N. Keeler. For every $20 contribution a client makes to the Irving Park Community Food Pantry during... application. The 8-week course will be held at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, 2430 N. Cannon, from 6:15-8:45 PM on Thursdays, April 27 thru June 15. A $125...

CSBI is hosting a free Job Readiness Workshop where prospective applicants can learn more about the organization and the six-week internship program. The workshop will be from 10 AM to noon on Saturday, March 18, at City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle.

In the fall of 2016, the event sold out at Community Tavern. This time around, the Filament Theatre will partner with Fannies Cafe, 5044 W. Montrose, to offer audiences this unique experience.

We’re at 4754 N. Milwaukee. We’re open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 9 am – 6 pm; Tuesdays, 9 am – 7 pm; Fridays, 9 am – 4 pm; and Saturdays, 10 am – 2 pm.

Sat., Mar 18, 10 am-2 pm, Arturo Velasquez Institute, 2800 S. Western. Listen to keynote speaker Laura Gutierrez Ramos of Nuevo Leon Restaurant, receive free assistance from...

Sat., Mar 18, 11 am-2 pm, Dunham Park Fieldhouse, 4638 N. Melvina. Spring is gearing up, which means it’s time for baseball. Join Dunham Park for aBaseball and Softball Equipment Swap & Sale to get your kid ready for the season.Cost of purchases.

Sat., Mar 18, 6 pm,St. Robert Bellarmine, 4646 N. Austin, Eastwood Entrance.Join neighbors and congregation members for aSpaghetti Dinner.$5/kids 5 and under, $7/6 and older.

Sat., Mar 18, 7 pm,The Patio Theater, 6008 W. Irving Park.The non-profitPatrick Lives On is hosting a Film Festival for Charity to raise awareness about gun violence. Tickets: online. $20.

Sun., Mar 19, 12:30 pm, St. Francis Borgia Deaf Center, 8025 W. Addison. Learn abou the recent changes to immigration policy and how the laws are enforced during an Immigrant Update Workshop. Registration required: email organizers or call 773-282-8445. Free.

Sun., Mar 19, 3 pm, St. John’s Episcopal Church, 3857 N. Kostner. The St. John Concert Series presents Mio Nakamura. Free.

Mon., Mar 20, 7:30 pm, Farlow’s Playroom, 4222 N. Milwaukee. Meet neighbors and discuss ways to become more involved in your community during the Portage...

Tue., Mar 21, 8 am, LYDIA Home, 4300 W. Irving Park.Meet other businesses, listen to guest speakers, and enjoy a complimentary breakfast at thePortage Park Chamber of Commerce Monthly Networking Meeting. Registration required: email organizers. Free.

Tue., Mar 21, 12-1 pm, Eden United Church of Christ, 5051 W. Gunnison. Rev. Jacki Belile, a certified life coach on staff at the church, will lead a...

Tue., Mar 21, 11 am, 17th District Police Station, 4650 N. Pulaski. Seniors are invited to meet officers during aSenior Citizens’ Meeting. Free.

Tue., Mar 21, 7 pm, Latvian Community Center, 4146 N. Elston. Meet neighbors and get involved in your community during aWest Walker Civic Association meeting.Free.

Wed., Mar 22, 11 am-2 pm, 2102 W. Ogden, Room 1. The Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities presents a Discussion about Fire Safety and Tenants Rights. Register & more info:online. Free. 

Thur., Mar 23, 12-1:30 pm, Cook County Elder Justice Center, 50 W. Washington, Courtroom 2005.Learn how to protect your finances and identity, learn the laws and regulations...

Fri., Mar 24, 10 am-12 pm, 16th District Parking Garage, 5151 N. Milwaukee. The 16th District police station is hosting a Free Child Car Seat Check. Make sure your child is safe and secure when you’re on the road. More info: 312-742-4521.Free.

Sat., Mar 25, 9:30 am,Austin-Irving Library, 6100 W. Irving Park.Mary Joyce-Cahill will speak on natural bug repellent during the Portage Park Garden Club...

Sat., Mar 25, 6:30 pm-Midnight, 4447 N. Lowell. Win great prizes during this luau themed Big Red Auction for St. Edwards. Cost of purchases. 

Tue., Mar 28, 7 pm, Rosedale Park, 6312 W. Rosedale.Meet neighbors and get involved in the community during the Gladstone Park Neighborhood Association monthly meeting. Free.

Wed., Mar 29, 7 pm,Basement Auditorium of the Congregational Church, 5320 W. Giddings. Meet neighbors and discuss how to improve your community during the Jefferson Park Neighborhood Association monthly meeting. Free.

Sat., Apr 2, 10 am-2 pm, Copernicus Center, 5216 W. Lawrence.  The Jefferson Park Sunday Market continues theirWinter Market in the annex space at the Copernicus Center. There will even be a cash bar to make those brunches a little more interesting. Cost of purchases. 

Tue., Apr 4, 7 pm,Independence Park Bungalow, 3945 N. Springfield. Join neighbors to learn how you can participate in supporting your community during aGIPNA Board Meeting. Free.

Sat., Apr 2, 8 pm,Hamburger Mary’s, 5400 N. Clark. Join Chicago Canine Rescue for theirHambingo Mary’scharity event. Raise life-saving funds for shelter pups while playing to win great prizes. Velicity Metropolis hosts.Cost of purchases and donations. 

Sat., Apr 8, 2-7 pm,Rex Tavern, 4933 N. Milwaukee. Back by popular demand, Jefferson Park Forward will be hosting its second annual JPF Pub...

Wed., Apr 26, 7 pm, Portage Park Senior Center, 4100 N. Long.Learn what you can do about crime during the 1624 beat meeting. Find your beat at the 16th district beat map. More info: 312-742-4521. Free. 

Thur., Apr 27, 7 pm, St. Bartholomew Church, Kreuger Hall, 4910 W. Addison.Learn what you can do about crime during the 1634 beat meeting. Find your beat at the 16th district beat map. More info: 312-742-4521. Free.

Sat., Apr 29, 9 am-12 pm, Byron & Lawndale, Gather with neighbors and help beautify your community during the Annual GIPNA Alley Clean-Up. Free.

Original article
Date published
March 17, 2017
    Mar. 17, 2017 Update
    Dear Neighbor, The Jefferson Park Branch Library, in collaboration with Pan y Rosas Disco, is launching a new Library Experimental series. This new series focuses on Chicago's experimental musicians. The first show will feature text and tuba action with Nathanael Jones and Beth McDonald, as well as cello experiments with Sarah Ritch.
  • The word on the streets of the northwest side that is not mentioned in the newsletter is how Alderman John Arena figuratively had his pants pulled down and took several paddlings from dozens of 45th ward citizens at City Hall on March 16th 2017. It seems like everyone is talking about the shameful conduct of Alderman Arena. The consensus is that 45th ward Alderman John Arena was completely publically humiliated.

  • noman50 in this together

    Video of Chicago Plan Commission March 16, 2017 meeting (City Hall)

  • Humiliated or not, the Commission voted in his favor.

  • noman50 in this together

    And against the neighborhood.

  • The Uptown George Soros Know of any protesters that need a bus?

    Boy he must have been real humiliated when the commission voted unanimously against you guys and the commissioner basically said your gladstone study is worthless.

  • Dear Uptown George Soros,

    Yes Alderman John Arena was publically humiliated as more and more people are saying who were there. He really was splayed out and figuratively emasculated down at City Hall. He may not have realized it until afterward as some people thought he looked to be heavily medicated.

  • Westsider

    Was this meeting about a handful of ignorant NIMBY's trying to stop a project who were defeated by the Alderman, and the Plan Commission?

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  • Miss Colleen Lives in Jefferson Park

    There were over 100 people that came to the meeting that were against it. I agree that anyone there would have raised their eyebrows at the facts the people said against Arena.

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  • Dennis 30 year Jefferson Park resident

    Yes, Miss Colleen. Lots of people against who yelled and railed and talked over anyone whom they disagreed with. A totally polite and civil crowd, many from miles away. Is there anyone from the opposition who is polite enough to permit the other side to state their case?

  • It's a shame we can't get some of the affordable housing advocates from Uptown to spread themselves out to other neighborhoods a little bit, sounds like the people against this project are using some of the same debate tactics they're used to.

  • Sometimes you wonder who's in to profit from this. It sure isn't the residents of the ward!

  • Miss Colleen Lives in Jefferson Park

    Dennis, I was at the Plan Commission meeting and I didnt see you there. I also didnt witness your version of what occured.

  • Dennis 30 year Jefferson Park resident

    Miss Colleen, I was speaking about the meeting at Branch Church.

  • TDawg54 Resident of Old Norwood

    There was actually a pretty good article in DNA Chicago addressing who would benefit from this proposal. It focused on several adults dealing with disabilities who really have a difficult time stretching their fixed incomes to cover property taxes, home upkeep and mortgages. Affordable housing would be a lifeline to them.

  • Bonjour M. Teresa Koko

    "Who profits by changing the zoning at 5150 Northwest Highway?"

    Who secretely applied for a downzoning of this property in the spring of 2016 without informing the community or even the owners of the property?

    Answer: Alderman John Arena

    Who put the taxpayers of Chicago on the hook for a lawsuit by the owners when their property without their consent was unlawfully downzoned?

    Answer: Alderman John Arena

    Who has been attempting to cover his role and culpability in the unlawful downzoning of this property by calling his constituents racists?

    Answer: Alderman John Arena

    Who has been concealing his culpability in this unlawful downzoning by using, manipulating, and hiding shamelessly behind the veterans, the seniors, the needy, and people with disabilities?

    Answer: Alderman John Arena

    Who is an imposter pretending to be a "progressive" Alderman when when all his actions scream "pay to play"?

    Answer: Alderman John Arena

  • noman50 in this together

    A great checklist on why this alderman warrants our opposition!

  • Ellen K. From the far NW side and now back.

    He's really into public housing....curious
    Above the replacement library:

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  • Ellen K. Thanks for the link -- First intro I've seen on another "affordable housing" mixed-use development in planning; the conceptual design in easily three times the height of anything else in the area (4024 N Elston). Could see it grow to 15 stories with Arena's love of density and the site's proximity to public trans. Will be walkable to the Irving Park Blue Line & Metra and next to Irving Park bus stop.

  • TDawg54 Resident of Old Norwood

    It's actually a pretty innovative idea that many cities are adopting: mixed use public spaces that makes the best practical use of buildings. Another proposal for a different library branch in Chicago (not sure which) will offer a library/community center. So as branch libraries are proposed/replaced in different neighborhoods many of them will offer mixed use, just to maximize the use of each building.

    Recognizing that many individuals who work in and support communities they can't afford to live in is not a totally unacceptable philosophy, nor is assisting those with disabilities whose present living situations would be greatly improved by offering up housing that doesn't eat up a huge chunk of their income. Improving the lives of people isn't entirely unacceptable.

  • Ellen K. From the far NW side and now back.

    A community center above our library would be perfect. The closest "Albany Park" CC bldg is on Wilson & Damen, not even Albany Park.

  • Ellen,

    What about that building at Kimball and Ainsile?

    Seems to be called "Albany Park Community Center".

  • Ellen K. From the far NW side and now back.

    Not familiar with that. I know the job center is on Wilson.

  • GoHawks! Life Long Resident

    Is somebody going to look into this Arena character now please? He is an arrogant, ignorant, half a**_ shakedown artist which no pull and screws over the smallest or the small business guys by making them use certain attorneys- that tape is headed to the media wise guy!!

  • John Garrido has a far better idea for 5150 N NW Hwy -- fewer stories, more units (all Studio &/or 1-BR), and strictly 62+older senior living. Subsidized or market rate or a mix would work great. Waiting lists at nearby senior living properties top 300 + 500, and all come from within the community, which proves there's a market. Also, many of the seniors have extended family within the community who want them close and safe.
    Mar 22 video: "Checking in live with a message for alderman arena."

  • Ellen K. From the far NW side and now back.

    And virtually no residents would own cars.

  • Ellen K. From the far NW side and now back.

    Arena had this case moved to the end! But, he screwed himself as by 4:30, there weren't enough aldermen present to do business (vote)!!

    Ald Burke brought to light the interesting fact that the court case that started all this is not on record at City Hall and nobody knows whose signature is on a document. Verrry interesting.

  • Z

    Ald. Ed Burke’s Workers’ Compensation Program Under Increased Scrutiny

    He, along with the complainants and some aldermen, believe the program should be taken out of Burke’s hands and the legislative branch altogether and be recast in a non-political role in the executive branch of government.

    Ald. John Arena (45th Ward) filed an ordinance to have hearings to discuss such a move.

    “If we have a closet that can’t be looked into, that’s a concern,” Arena said. “We need to have oversight of that. But the Finance Committee’s function is to manage the finance of the city, not to manage medical and workmans’ comp issues. It’s just not the place for that to happen.”

    Arena and others note that Chicago is the only major city that runs the workers comp system like this – others run it out of their law departments or human resources departments.

    Burke fought very hard behind the scenes to pass an ordinance that would prevent Inspector General Ferguson from having the ability to audit programs like this. We’re told by several aldermen there was horse trading offered until the last minute. He narrowly won by two votes.

  • Secretary Toaster

    @Z this is a very good point. The fact that people are pointing to Ald. Burke as a beacon of integrity is friggin' nuts.

  • Westsider

    Ed Burke uses his office to make money through a legal scam-like use of Crook County's property tax levy system run by Burke, and Madigan flunky Joe Berrios, who has offered jobs in his office to his incompetent family members. Madigan runs the same game, and both Burke, and Madigan have made millions of dollars from their "public service" which is nothing more than serving themselves millions of dollars while screwing tax payers.

  • Ellen K. From the far NW side and now back.

    We need to start a separate thread

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  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • The word out of City Hall is that Alderman Arena spent most of the last week begging to have the proposed scam zoning change that he is pushing put on the agenda for this Wed April 12. He was denyed at every turn and he was not happy about it. Some people say he was raving. The word tantrum was mentioned. More and more people at City Hall are walking away from this guy as his real character or lack of character is being revealed.

    Do not be suprised if Alderman Arena tries to spin this that he asked for it to be postponed. This is just a weak and thoroughly dishonest attempt to save face. Don't believe it. Alderman Arena was completely humiliated once again.

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  • Deutsch portage36

    I 100% am sure that developer's calls went unanswered. I know many people who have tried to contact him numerous times, with no success. Business owners, residents etc... That's a shame. He may just be too busy to take the calls and deal with all the people that need his attention? I thought that being alderman meant, you have do deal with people in your ward, and be there for them? If he's not taking business owner's calls, or residents' calls are going unanswered, then how can he be aware of what is going on? Seems like he's on autopilot!!!

  • noman50 in this together

    Autopilot pushing his personal agenda.

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