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Added Mar 12 2018

Jason Rodriguez, 27, was shot in the 900 block of North Richmond Avenue about 3:50 p.m., according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

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March 12, 2018
    Man shot Saturday on West Side has died
    A man shot Saturday afternoon in the Humboldt Park neighborhood on the West Side has died, authorities said. Jason Rodriguez, 27, was shot in the 900 block of North Richmond Avenue about 3:50 p.m., according to the Cook County medical examiner's office. He was pronounced dead at Mount Sinai Hospital at 1:42 p.m.

    Here comes summer shooting season in Chicago. Check this out- Chicago is becoming a war zone thanks to the ACLU and zombie dems.!!!

  • Chicago isn't a war zone because of democrats, Rak. Can you please stop spewing nonsense on articles wherein someone has died? You don't need to push your politics with every breath you take.


    Jena is all you do is tell others what to do? Read my post again slowly until you understand it. I blame zombie dems. not all dems! Politics is why innocent people are getting shot and killed in Chicago. Dems control Chicago and many of them are very smart and know what the root causes of all this violence is but then don't vote for some unknown reason! This is easily proven by the number of votes to registered voters. It always comes down to cost and dem politicians don't want to be told how to spend our tax dollars. Invent a new tax solely for placing a police officer in every school and I will gladly pay it. Please try posting a solution instead of complaining about others posts and maybe you will do some good here on EB.

  • zombie dems are an issue but let's not leave out zombie NRA followers that oppose any sort of regulation, tracking or control on anything gun related


    Yes the NRA is no help but blaming guns for killing is like blaming cars for people killed in DUI accidents. Does anyone here remember the last government ban on assault weapons? It was an EPIC FAIL and gun makers just changed the configuration of the weapon to get around the law. Why go down this road again? On another thread it was posted this guy was not involved in gangs and I am feel for his friends and family RIP. CPD is doing about nothing because politicians make them out to be evil and jump on them even if they are doing their job correctly. How would you act if everything you do is on camera and in an instant decision, under stress, you are the one going to jail for shooting the criminal? Criminals now rule our streets and you can't even sit in your car in the middle of the day without being in danger of being shot and killed!

  • No one said guns were the only thing to blame and a ban was the only answer.
    However the ease of acquiring guns and loop holes that allow resale without tracking and background checks does deserve some of the blame.
    BTW just because some thing didn't work in the past doesn't mean failures can't be examine then altered and improved upon. one doesn't just give up and say "f*ck it this didn't work let's just do nothing". In your example if the gun makers are making changes to circumvent the law, close the loop hole and punish the gun makers if they try to get around it.


    I did not post only ban guns either. Keep trying, the Second Amendment will stop you. You will have a better chance changing that than a ban on guns. Now remember history, Timothy McVeigh bombed children as the government tried to ban assault weapons. He consider himself a warrior for civil liberties, kind of like Antifa does now. Think of the nuts coming out on both sides, the Pandora's box it will open, civil war #2? Now let's try doing what we can to tomorrow, a police officer in every school and mandatory gun sentences. It will cost Illinois alone over a BILLION dollars a year but I think it's worth every life it will save. Illinois politicians will NEVER do it. It takes money out of their pockets and places the control of it in the tax payers. Don't forget how many voters will go to jail! Hey, if this does not work, we could always scrap it and try something else. This idea can happen TOMORROW! How long to you think it will take for a ban on guns?

  • Keep trying what? I’m not trying anything nor did I say to ban guns anywhere. Not everything has to be all or nothing, or left or right for that matter. Some of us don’t even identify with either political side. Or care to.


    alanf are not the only one one this thread and my post is not only to you but all who want a gun ban. When you vote, you must identify a side. If people don't identify with any side maybe they are the ones not voting. I don't think violence like this would happen in Chicago if more than 50% of registered voters would just vote! Could our problems be solved as simple as that? I trust the vote of a 30K people to the 3K that elected our Alderman in the last election. Stay save everyone, I think it is going to be a violent summer in HP.

  • Rak - fair enough but not one person the post suggested a gun ban. I also disagree that I must identify with a side when voting. I can choose on a candidate by candidate basis without identifying with a party and not every box has to be checked on a ballot.
    I do agree voting numbers need to rise. Would be great if a couple independents or third parties could get their names in the hat so people don't feel that have only 2 choices.


    What was the NRA reference for then? I thought this Tuesday when voting you must say if your a Republican or Democrat to get a ballot? Third parties NEVER win even if it would be nice to have a choice I been told. I blame zombie dem and zombie repubs for that when they run unopposed because of them! Has an independent ever won? We need more police "all time low on the job now I am told", and we must back them up! An officer who shot a man trying to kill him with a baseball bat has been labeled a bad shooting, how is that?!?!? I am sorry but I think we are on our own until we back our police for doing their jobs. This murder is so out of the box but looks like the new normal now.

  • the NRA reference was to say that zombie dems aren't the only zombie voters causing issues.
    Tuesday's voting is for the primaries which decide who will get on that parties ticket which why you are having to declare republican or democrat if you want to vote in the primaries.
    Third parties/Independents have won and can do so again. Even if they don't win they can at least add value to debates. Here is link of current office holders that show never is way off
    Its the attitude that a vote for anybody but a Republic and Democrat is a wasted vote is one of the biggest p


    So you have to declare.


    None in Illinois I see. Let's just focus on Illinois please.

  • if you want to vote for a party's primary then yes you are supposed to be a member of that party. When voting in the actual election you do not.
    My link provided that NEVER was a gross exaggeration and that the Republican party may not be the only solution to breaking apart the democratic machine in this city. Just imagine if no party held a simple majority. Our elected officials might actually have to discuss and compromise instead of voting along party lines,
    Our Illinois Senators and Representatives also represent us on a national level so I'm not going to just focus on IL. Change that can happen in other states also can happen in ours.

  • Michael McDonough Resident of BelCragin

    Republicans and Democrats are not the shooters or gangs associated with it.In some cases our laws are so full of loopholes and the ones that aren't become loaded with them when some quick thinking lawyers reread them then sell it to a judge in a court of law.The bottom line is because the shooter isn't held to a serious sense of accountability they keep doing it because they know they won't be incarcerated for very long.

  • Agree Michael. People that should be in jail are getting out way too fast and getting way too many chances. Our judges, jails and attorney general are an embarrassment to us all. Hopefully after the murder of Officer Bauer by an individual that should haven’t been back on the street more people will take notice.

  • Michael McDonough Resident of BelCragin

    And in the case of the Officer Bauer shooting the offenders public defender at the bond hearing which thankfully was denied said to the judge well he has an eleven year old son at home.The offender apparently didn't care and killed our officer anyway.


    I will never post, voting for a Republican is the answer. It would be nice for a change every so often. I believe most of voters want term limits. Now if WE "all voters" get together and vote for them, that maybe the answer. I will work to solve Illinois problems first then the other 49 after for now.

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