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Added Jun 08 2018

I am pleased to announce that Ryan Companies US and Clark Street Real Estate now have an updated proposal for the vacant land at the southeast corner of Milwaukee and Irving Park. We’ll host a community meeting on the proposal at 6:30 pm Thursday, June 21, at Filament Theatre, 4041 N. Milwaukee.

I am pleased to announce that Ryan Companies US and Clark Street Real Estate now have an updated proposal for the vacant land at the southeast corner of Milwaukee and Irving Park. We’ll host a community meeting on the proposal at 6:30 pm Thursday, June 21, at Filament Theatre, 4041 N. Milwaukee.

Original article
Date published
June 8, 2018
    The Point Meeting
    The proposal includes a variety of public spaces, including a public plaza along Milwaukee and a pedestrian connection between Milwaukee and Irving Park. The senior living community will offer an abundance of amenities and programs, along with three residential care levels: independent living, assisted living, and memory care.
  • why aren't you demanding this proposal include low-income housing and units for CHA voucher holders?

  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    MORE Senior Housing? We already have one behind the Jewel.
    I'm not sure that's what the community was hoping for.
    I'll listen, but Seniors generally don't have the money to spend in a neighborhood that's trying to rebuild. Wouldn't it be great if they had affordable housing for college graduates with college debt?
    Maybe that's a new progressive concept to look at Alderman.

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NO SENIOR LIVING. We need new market rate apartment housing that will attract singles and couples with no kids and more disposable income. Many will eventually have kids and will to look buy single family homes in the area. The rents for new construction apartments in Logan Square and else where in the city are completely un-affordable.


  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    That's why I suggested housing for college grads that have college debt.

  • This is such a bad location for senior living. It is very dangerous to cross the street and I am sure seniors would not live with all the noise from the traffic, bucket drummers, etc. Senior living should be set back on quiet street like the senior housing on Kilpatrick. I used to live right across the street from this location and this intersection is very loud at all time of day and night.

  • Screw that, why no low-income? Arena, you a racist or what?

  • Tom, email me at I want to get an online petition against this proposed development in its current form and present it at June 21st meeting. I am all for density, but stacking seniors with memory care and assisted living in a ten story building is not in line with the six Corners master plan and will not help with the economic redevelopment of this area. This is just a very bad plan!

  • Don’t be fooled by senior housing. There will be a % of the units set aside for low income.

  • Dennis 30 year Jefferson Park resident

    Portage parke, what's your definition of low income? Ever try to live and pay rent on Social Security alone?

  • That’s not my point Dennis. Given the history of Arena he wants subsidized housing thru out the ward just like the 5150 project that over 6K residents said no.

  • Dennis is trying to be cute. Low income in this instance doesn't pertain to seniors, it pertains to low income occupants with subsidized rent, the very thing Arena is pushing all over JP but doing NOTHING about in PP. Here's his big chance to show he's all in on getting low-income housing all around the ward and hes keeping his big mouth shut.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is considered to be libelous.
  • Why would those of us who went to work instead of college pay for college graduates housing ?

  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    David - The same reason we pay taxes for Affordable Housing, Veteran Housing, Social Security, Public Housing, Schooling, etc.
    Mayor Rahm Emanuel had a program recently that seemed to help the wrong people (politically connected).
    I'm not talking about a "giant dorm" type atmosphere. I'm talking about young college educated adults, like my friend's daughter who is 38 and has just paid off her college debt and couldn't afford a mortgage AND pay her college debt.
    My point is why not try to give young people saddled with debt who have a history of paying down their college debt a chance?
    I can't give all the details on here in a text, it's just an idea and seems a lot better than putting a bunch of Seniors in a building who need care. How can we expect to make Six Corners a better place? I don't hear any other ideas.
    Please share what your ideas are!
    I think it's something we should look into.

  • I, for one, am not interested in getting up every morning and going to work to pay off some college kids loans. They borrowed the money, let them pay it back.

  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    Yeah David, I agree with you. I didn't say that we should pay off their loans.
    I'm old school in some ways like you, but I'd rather help someone that tried to get an education then someone that lives off of freebies.
    I didn't get to go to college either. I had to work during high school and had to get a full time job immediately out of high school. But those days it was different. Today many of those jobs and opportunities are few and far between.
    I don't agree with the massive debt these kids are being burdened with and believe that if our State and National politicians won't stand up against colleges making a killing off of kids, maybe we at a local level could have a program to not only help them, but help our neighborhood. College educated people are less likely to get involved in drugs, crime, etc.
    What's YOUR idea?

  • I'm about as interested in paying off someone else's loans as they are in helping me with my mortgage. Also, I do not believe that there is any research to support your contention that college people use less drugs. Might be the opposite.

  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    David 1929 - You're wrong.... my comment was "college educated" and here's the research.

  • The generosity of spirit and open-mindedness of posters on our local platforms ccntinue to amaze me. More impractical ideas for 6 Corners: a theme park like Riverview was. a center for folk music and dance from all Chicago and the world's ethnicities, a la the Old Town School. A crowd-pleasing public sculpture like the Bean. A velodrome for bike racing. Condos with de luxe amenities for the very rich. A really good magnet school. A golf range. A bungalow museum. A conservatory (indoor plant housing). Would any of these be able to repay the developers their investment? Would they fit the Master Plan? Would they draw new customers or residents to the community? Would they serve the current residents of Portage Park, Old Irving, and other adjacent communities? Or how about affordable housing mixing seniors, students, disabled vets and working people (even those who don't yet or still have jobs)?

  • Retail is fading quickly, while 10,000 people will be turning 65 or older every day for the next 20 years, making up 25% of the population. An article in the Trib a few months ago said we currently have about 4% of the senior housing we’re going to need. They’ll be in the neighborhood either way, and many will have disposable income. Let some of them downsize, making room for younger folks. $1200/mo is market rate, but still a lot less than the average assisted living place.

    Of course I would love to see a music venue and more shopping options at six corners, but there are still a ton of empty storefronts to fill.

    So far I support the project, although would prefer a smaller building.

  • cheesecake chick i want to be the person my dog thinks i am

    Condos with deluxe amenities for the rich would certainly draw new residents to the community JAZZMANDEL!
    I agree in part with DAVID1929, I do not want to subsidize college grads housing because they have tuition debt! Why would you go into such debt for school that you are paying when you are 38 y.o.??? Makes no sense to me to spend that much money for schooling if you aren't going to be able to get a job to quickly pay the debt back.(which most students are not going to be able to do)

  • Kara Synwolt

    A new housing complex is not the answer for all the various individuals needing housing. Many of the suggestions are government funded. Loans for college are given to students with extemely low interest rates , and given extra time pay back. The government would not turn around and approve low income housing when they have already helped them with low interest loans. Section 8 and veterans, are already subsidized by the government. Not to mention a large proportion of these people are collecting Medicaid/Medicare (government funding) These issues go much deeper and lead back to the government laws, rules and regs. Can you imagine a residence with veterans, section 8, low income for the elderly and then throw in several college students who have already been given a gift of low
    interest loans to help pay for their future careers?
    I wrote this from a different perspective like we all have. So please refrain from snarky responses.

  • Weebis Politically Incorrect Thought Criminal

    All choices have the potential for regret.

    Why should we the taxpayers have to subsidize ADULTS who flunked Economy 101?

    I worked through college, was fortunate enough to win a few scholarships, and paid the remaking balance off after graduating. That's what the vast majority of non-trust fund students did. The millennials have been coddled enough.

  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    Wow! So that's what you all got from a suggestion?
    I think many of you have no idea of the debt incurred by these kids. We're talking about over $100,000.00 in college debt, not a "payday" loan.
    I never said "college students". I said college grads who have debt, who have been paying off their debt. Nothing is perfect, but I would like to see a younger, vibrant resident that will spend their money at local bars, restaurants, and stores.
    Kara - I was not suggesting mixed housing, that's not anything anyone on this thread even suggested. I don't understand how you could think that college debt is a "gift". It's not the same as Welfare, Medicare, VA, Section 8, etc.
    As far as your "government laws, rules and regulations" comment... every single thing in life comes from an idea or a concept and new laws/rules sometimes need to be written.
    No one, except for me, has even suggested an alternative.
    I'm going to ask everyone of you "What's your suggestion or idea"?


  • cheesecake chick i want to be the person my dog thinks i am

    TOM:if they are 100 K in debt, where is the cash to go to bars, restaurants, etc? and why would they choose a school to get themselves 100k in debt? my kid is a junior in high school, and his college school choices will not be anywhere where he will graduate 100k in debt. that is ridiculous, unless you are graduating and immediately getting a job as a CEO of a fortune 500.

    why can't developers just build their project and let the market decide who can move in? you got the rent $$, sign the lease or buy the condo............

  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    cheesecake - Well an easy answer is look downtown or Logan, or Wicker, or Wrigleyville young people still have to pay rent/mortgage and they spend because their college debt is low interest and spread out.
    I say this respectfully... Good Luck with your kid because you may think "my kid won't have college debt" but believe me unless you're independently wealthy or have "Illinois First" your kid will be in debt.
    The colleges add more fees, like dorms, food, books, tuition, etc. onto the bill.
    Of course not everyone is going to have $100,000.00 bill, that was what my buddy's kid had because she went to a great college.
    I don't know what colleges your kid is thinking of going, community or Northeastern I could see smaller debt, but just the same debt.
    My point was not to focus on the number rather the debt that kids incurred.
    You know and I know a developer is not going to build a structure on a prayer... I hope people come and rent/but. That's not how they do things.

    I still don't see any other ideas.

  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    Average debt for a college grad is around $30,000.00

  • Weebis Politically Incorrect Thought Criminal

    Tom, keep citing government controlled sources like the BBC. Orwell came up with "News Speak" from his years working for the BBC.

    So Tom you want to see the adult college grads with student loan debt spend their money at bars, restaurants, and the shrinking brick and motors businesses in the area. Any 'disposable income' after rent, utilities, and food should be spent to pay down the loans that they in sound mind and body signed for. Your idea would be a irresponsible as the Bennie Sander's platform that you borrow heavily from.

    The college grads must live thrifty and austere as earlier generations did.

    Perhaps, they some of them should've gone to a trade or vocational schools. Those jobs pay well and are in demand, plus a lot cheaper than universities and colleges. But then who would the ivory tower leftist professors be left to indoctrinate and pay for their lush lifestyles?

    Have you ever noticed that tradespeople aren't the obscurantist SJWs?

    As far as a suggestion for the 'crater' at Six Corners, how about some high tech/AI research facility that would be a place were some of those college grads could find gainful employment. Who know, such a company might even offer loan forgiveness to keep the best employees.

  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    Trust me when I tell you, my ideas are far from being borrowed from Mr. Sanders.
    I was just trying to give suggestions.
    As far as my your comment about paying their debt down, I never said they shouldn't pay their debt down.
    You made a statement discrediting my point and I put up an article that made my point.
    It sounds as though you want to argue and that's not what I'm on here for. Rather good, respectful, dialogue.
    You sound upset and angry with life.
    Your "leftist" comments have nothing to do with what I proposed. It was just an idea.
    I did like your idea about trade schools. It's a great idea, but unfortunately Rahm Emanuel and his "rubberstamp" Aldermen have made sure there aren't many of those around.
    I was a union guy and I am just trying to give some ideas. Not let people feed off of us or others.
    I hope you show up to the meeting and voice your suggestions.

  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    Weebis - you did mean Economics 101 right?

  • that means when vitamin shoppe closes later this year it could become a hoveround store.

    and yes, it is true the vitamin shoppe is closing. I heard most of the current staff will be relocated to Norridge.

  • Inactive, what about a Jazzy store, too?

  • Weebis Politically Incorrect Thought Criminal

    Too much competition for the Vitamin Shoppe. Both Walgreens and Osco sell similar products at a lower price point. Free market at work.

    @Tom, not looking for a debate.

    I need to take the disable the vocal dictation option. So much more the need for improved technology and AI research. Too many glitches in voice to typing interface.

  • Weebis Politically Incorrect Thought Criminal

    Is too late for the George Lucas museum? 😕

  • Tom Concerned Neighbor

    LOL - I was thinking more in the way of Amazon H2

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