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Added Dec 24 2013

I am begging you. Please do not EVER take your pet to Chicago Veterinary Emergency & Specialty 3123 N. Clybourn. They are truly the definition of monsters. 

  • Agreed. He behaved like a maniac toward me last month. Totally unprofessional. He told me if I wanted prompt responsiveness, to not come back to CVES.

  • So sorry you had a bad experience. Especially when we're dealing with difficult, sometimes life and death situations with our furry, loved companions we need even more sensitivity from vets. I am thankful to have had a great experience w/ my beloved cat last year with dental specialists Dr. Bill Krug (a very kind man) and Dr. Cindy Charlier (extremely knowledgeable and compassionate...both of them).

    Thank you for the heads up on Dr. Ghantous. Does he deal with dogs or cats (or both)?

  • I believe both. He also said to me "it's not like I'm sitting outside smoking a cigarette". What a nasty person. I filed a complaint with the IDPR last night (for whatever it's worth)...

  • That clinic saved my dog's life. If you are asking people not to go here, maybe you should say WHY? "Truly the definition of monsters" is hyperbole and not explanatory at all.

  • RaleighsMa Not fauxraged but may contain typos.

    Agreed with NotYourMother and share a similar experience with CEV with my pooch. I am grateful for their professionalism, expediency and kindness during a very difficult time and could not recommend them more highly. I don't know what I would have done in our time of need without them. In fact, I was referred there by several pet-loving friends who also had nothing but wonderful things to say about CEV.

    While I can empathize with the heartbreak and pain of losing a furry family member, I find it unfortunate that hyperbolic pseudo-journalism without any substance is deemed worthy of a "media mention." I feel for the person who lost their pet but I also have concern for a professional and his colleagues who are now forever tainted on the internet without having the benefit of responding to a vague online rant that has been given a thin veneer of credibility by being published on an online rag.

  • My response to the OP is only about Dr. Ghantous, who is not in the emergency room at CVES, but rather the specialty center. I, too, have positive feedback about the staff in the emergency room. I am cautioning about Dr. Ghantous should anyone need specialty center services.

  • Penelope C Activist of all kinds.

    I actually think it's great. Sounds like they tried to post feedback/ review via Yelp and couldn't so they used their own site. Resourceful. Good for them.

  • Seth Ghantous saved my dog's life. Yes, like most EMERGENCY DOCS, he is a no BS guy and is very direct. I am sorry that you lost your pet and that is heartbreaking. However, I will be forever grateful to Dr. Ghantous. Vets, like everyone else, are under significant stress. They cannot rely on their "patients" telling them what the problem is. They have to make snap decisions. In many cases, they are smarter than "people doctors." If Seth was short with you, you must ask yourself what rose might be on his mind......perhaps his adorable daughter that has had medical issues far beyond what anyone could ever imagine. Seth is #1 in my book. He is a caring and loving father, husband and an outstanding veterinarian. Just my 2-cents.

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