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Added Aug 03 2017

• 5:31 a.m. Tuesday in the 5800 block of South Trumbull Avenue

• 5:45 a.m. Tuesday in the 5700 block of South Rockwell Avenue

• 4-4:15 a.m. Wednesday in the 4300 block of South Francisco Avenue

• 7:40-7:55 p.m. Wednesday in the 4900 block of South Hermitage Avenue

• 8:30 p.m. Wednesday in the 2600 block of West 44th Street

Original article
Date published
August 3, 2017
    Armed Robbers Struck 5 Times In 2 Days In Brighton Park, Back Of The Yards
    BRIGHTON PARK - A group of armed robbers is targeting pedestrians in Brighton Park and Back of the Yards, according to police. At least five armed robberies occurred in the neighborhoods on Tuesday and Wednesday, police said in a community alert.
  • Bruce Brighton Park

    And the neighborhood gets worse.

  • Easy Money "Ask not what your country can do for you; ..."

    Alderman Cardenas is too busy passing along taxes.

  • All, I recently started to conceal carry. This (crime) seems to get closer to home every day. Just many of you out there conceal carry. (Legally)

  • But this is a sanctuary city.

  • @tp challenger
    If there was sarcasm in the comment I'm smiling with you. If you're serious what does sanctuary City have to do with defending ourselves. (Legally)
    Sanctuary= more illegals+ more crime+higher taxes.
    At some point you have to shut the door to your house. you can only fit so many people in.... eventually you have to say no more. We are way past that!!

  • Sarcasm , Michael, I agree with you.

  • I'm getting conceal carry. Just haven't had the time to take the class. Sick of this S*&(&!

  • emj1900 bp lifer

    hmmm.... maybe people who live in this area speak up, that might be helpful. TSK TSK.....How many will not and why?Illegal perhaps? Just don't care? gave up? whatever their excuse....You all need to help yourselves.... or suck it up.....sorry...Many know who the bangers are..... Speak up or et the shooting continue....Simple as that.... sve you comments...You know I am right.....

  • Bruce Brighton Park

    Emj1900 you are so correct but sad that it will never happen.

  • EMJ1900, Nail on the head with that one. A few things...

    1. If you're reading this and agree...chime in make yourself known
    2. Join a few like minded people at our CAPS meeting. Its the first Wednesday of every month at ( i may be wrong about the name) Davis school. Corner of Albany and Pershing.
    3rd and last. If you have sons, daughters, nephews etc that are gand banging....grow a pair and get involved. You know how the story ends....

    @Muskateer. I found a place that charges 100 for CCW, but if you bring a second it is only 75 each. That is the cheapest I found and it was legit. I did mine last year so let me double check.

  • emj1900 bp lifer

    I attend our CAPS meeting every month, ours actually is tonite. And I also help out with patrols as well. Our kids never took up that lifestyle. Both are college educated have great jobs and live downtown actually. I dunno what stears some kids to the life perhaps, peer pressure, fast money or maybe even a sense of belonging. Until people stand up and actually do something for themselves in this infested areas, it will continue. They will never turn their kids or family members in. Guess they just prefer they stay in that "life style". No hope no real future. I always find it amazing when a banger gets shot or killed ma is there then shedding tears. Time to shed a few before it happens and save a life. Sorry to see "EASYMONEY" gave me thumbs down. guess the truth was told......enjoy your day...

  • billywood 5500s ashland hope&peace

    These people that come to our United States of America only want their human rights and they pay a much higher price by way of decreased incomes, and most of the violent crime are according to statistics, comitted by Americans. I have found that most of the non citizens in our city should be viewed as an example of hard working, honesty, and ethical people to many of our citizen. Please don't shame people for pursuing their human rights. What we need in this city to fight crime are community centers for those that don't know how to be productive, where they can gain skills, realise they can be something other than a gang lackey. Crimals are produced by the conditions that fester in the community like chronic loitering , drug dealing ,and other negative activities that the police are helpless to prevent. There needs to be a system that gives crimals the opportunity to pay for their crimes while learning the importance of being productive in the community. I have been working in the Englewood community for 19 years and never carry a gun i ride public transport and in at times abandoned buildings and when people ask should the state send in the national guard i only think that more guns can't help. We need to demilitarize the police and promote non violence through jobs programs and more mental health care.

  • EMJ Thumbs up...

    Billywood.. im off to work and need to re-read yours again. A couple of things community centers and "needs to be a system" all sound like government involvement.
    I will always remember this encounter I had with a friend who got a job with community helping blah blah blah.

    After a few months I ran into him and asked how is it (btw he looked like a million $$ the suit was awesome) he says (looking left and right) Its "poverty pimping". We parade the the needs, ask for grants....and we all take some off the top.
    NO MORE community programs...NO MORE never ending assistance.

    Here a fix. Fathers be Fathers. Let me say it again Fathers be Fathers. If you can make a baby, raise the baby. and.....just like its said .....raise up a child

    .....Billy late ;)

  • @billywood

    "..Demilitarize the police..."???

    Please consider history, both past and present, when making such a ridiculous statement. The first thing Hitler did in order to accomplish his goal was to take the guns away. And in present day, just look at North Korea. Your ideas are completely unrealistic.

  • Easy Money "Ask not what your country can do for you; ..."

    Hi EMJ1900,

    I misread your post and I agree with your last statement.


  • emj1900 bp lifer

    Billywood...... Their human right's? Maybe that is something they need to take up with the President of Mexico actually. I am not going to let you bait me into this. Sorry! No one said they were not hardworking etc. So, you know for a fact that their kids are not committing crimes? It's eveyonelses? Oh ok. Police can only help, if they are given information so they can help. Too much Hear no evil, See no evil ,Speak no evil going on in some communities today. If it's NOT reported it, didn't happen. CPD can not do it alone. Change starts when people want change. It all starts with one. In all of your 19 years, you tell me what really has changed, seems to me it's just gotten more out of control. The article was about the robberies in Brighton Park and Back of the Yards, not Englewood actually....You have a good day.

  • Easy Money "Ask not what your country can do for you; ..."

    Hi All,
    This country is at a breaking point.

    We all know that we can no longer afford to support the generations of Free Loaders. Look at the mess the states of CA, TX, IL etc. are in.

    I know a guy named Juan O***z who has never been gainfully employed but has six kids by three different women.

    He now has baby momma number four who is expecting his seventh child. All of these women are on Public Aid.

  • emj1900 bp lifer

    ".Demilitarize the police..."??? Now there's a "clever idea"... let's just get rid of CPD altogether.....and sit around holding hands singing kumbyyeah and do jello shots...

  • Welfare is not the answer to poverty.

    @michael... "poverty pimping"... Yes, that is it EXACTLY. Never could coin a term but this is absolutely right. And everyone knows it too but yet it continues.

    Enough is enough! Seriously, what is it going to take to end this treacherous path our youth and our country is on?? Some people march, but not enough to be heard or taken seriously. I truly don't know where we are heading. Terrible. Absolutely terrible.

  • emj1900 bp lifer

    Muskateer..... OMG! Nice way to put it actually. So much I would like to say but.... I will only be reported. People just can't seem to handle the truth. I will say his, with what was going on here last nite with 10 people shot and what 3 stabbed.....people need to start putting on their BIG BOY PANTIES and come out of the woodwork and demand change and take a long hard look at their own's quite full of what they help to create and it is spilling over.......can't always scream POVERTY.....not today not in this day and age.....that's an overused term for people who choose to collect the government dime and have for years without having to lift a finger to change their own lives.... yeah can't blame the CPD for this mess....

  • It looks like we are all on the same page,,,,,
    Now what? Do we hang out at the local D&D drink coffee, gripe and act like the woman on "The View" (i hate that show)

    I never thought past my front yard until I moved to Brighton Park and had to deal with Thugs on the block. Personal experience...Caps works. Not as fast as I would like but it worked.

    Im in beat 911. (seriously) beat 911 and 921 meet the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm. Im willing to listen to ideas on how to make things better, but I think we need to start locally. 1 block at a time (Your block, my block) get people involved (phone trees) and when the number of people attending increases, well...thats when our alderman shows up.

    Not a very exciting plan....
    If you have an Idea please share

  • emj1900 bp lifer

    Michael.....Our CAPS meeting was Tuesday nite. This new officer running it UGH! Makes one feel like it's all our fault and we are bothering him actually. I miss our other guy. Sad he retired, Maybe he was the smart one.

  • Custodia Bandera Custodia Bandera

    And its Ray lopez Alderman of Back of the yards

  • Custodia Bandera Custodia Bandera

    1.first raise alcohol to age of 30 years.
    2.find those stores selling alcohol to minors.
    3.Be really hard laws to who ever buy,give alcohol to minors.thats the start.

  • emj1900 bp lifer

    Meanwhile, it's ok they fight for our country at 18? Alcohol is really NOT the issue.. 30yrs old? really...... laughable at best....and they will get it by simply asking an older person to buy it for them... good grief....

  • emj1900 bp lifer

    And there are 'hard' laws.....they get shut down and their liquor license pulled if caught selling to minors . And that applies to all with liquor licenses bars,stores and even eating establishments. Now if they pay another person of the legal drinking age to buy it, how is the store expected to know that?

  • Custodia Bandera Custodia Bandera

    For 30 years,,its just a comment,,does not mean that is going to happened,,like I said is just a comment,,my point is this kids need help,,and we all need to figure out,were is the problem,were nothing is helping them every time gets for vilence and crime ,were is the error,,thats my point,,and we can make a comment solutions,and I am not saying sothing so them misunderstand me,,this kids aree going many years to jail,and we as parent do not know how to help,,dont get me wrong,,like I said.

  • @custodia bandera..." need help.." Where are the parents?? That's where the problem is!!! I understand these kinds of problems in the black community which continues to be shafted and ignored by our political leadership. Poor schools. No jobs in the community. Dilapidated housing. Poor city services. Families without a father-figure also contribute to the problem. It is sad and yet there isn't enough outrage it seems by the general public to effect any kind of change. However, this problem in the Hispanic community I do not understand. Hispanic families are very family-oriented, with father figures in tact. Opportunities and support in the Hispanic community abound. Neighborhoods with a Hispanic majority such as Brighton Park schools, jobs, etc. What is it that you think we still need to do? It's time for parents to take charge of their children. That's the solution.

  • Muskateer, you got to be kidding me. In black communities they have the same opportunities that Hispanic communities have. If not more! Alot of people in those neighborhoods choose not to chase after these opportunities!

  • emj1900 bp lifer

    I worked in a office and did hiring in my day. So many issues with hiring today's youth. Biggest issue is lack of a basic education. When one can't even read a basic employment application that's an issue. I had a youngman who thought SEX was a yes or no question and wrote details. I didn't know if I should have laughed or cried it was sad. Just shook my head. Now, add in drug testing and background check. Many have anger issues and cannot even follow basic verbal instructions. Good lord, the pants hanging off their behinds is NOT gonna get them hired. Reread Muskateer's comment. Maybe instead of just handing out benefits make them work for it or train to do something.Our welfare system is a big problem as well. Seems there is NO endgame put in place. By that I mean, they should be told they are expected to get training, educational classes and parenting skills classes. The system itself needs to change and not just toss a check and link card every month. It has become a way of life and that is NOT what it was intended for. IDK....Whatever happened to good old fashioned PARENTING. Taking responsibility for your children. Too many today are and have become society's problem. This has got to change and it start's with PARENTING...Not just popping out kids one after the other....

  • Great comment emj1900.

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