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Added Apr 20 2018

...the victim's home during an attempted robbery at 10:47 p.m. in the 500 block of West 44th Street, police said. During the incident, Blake shot the 46-year-old man once in the...

...was taken to Stroger Hospital in serious condition.Investigators later recovered a weapon from the 4500 block of South Wentworth, police said.Blake, who lives in the South Side Bridgeport neighborhood, was expected to appear...

Original article
Date published
April 20, 2018
    Man charged with Canaryville shooting
    A man has been charged with shooting another man during a robbery attempt last week in the Canaryville neighborhood on the South Side. Eric Blake, 23, was arrested Wednesday and has been charged with felony counts of aggravated battery with a firearm and unlawful use of a weapon for the April 11 attack, according to Chicago Police.
  • Bronzeville Curmudgeon Bronzeville Conservator

    If we are not mistaken, the shooting and robery occured in the Fuller Park community, not in Canaryville. Canaryville is geographically located west of the B & O railroad tracts at Stewart avenue 500 West!

    Fuller Park and Armour Square two traditional African American communities are geographically located within the Black Metropolis National Heritage Area!!

  • Mike Bayne Dunning area New to the area and have 2 children.

    Wrong, this happened in Canaryville.

  • Historically Amour Square is a white Italian-American and Croatian working class neighborhood however in recent years is made up of mostly Asians.

  • emj1900 bp

    Bronzville......You need to check the current "updated" CITY maps of the neighborhoods. Looks like Fuller park actually starts to the East side of the tracks, not to the west. Actually according their map of TODAY, Canaryville, is now called New City...According to their map as well, Bridgeport splits at the River. 1/2 is Bridgeport other half is McKinley Park. No clue where you get that Armour Square is a Traditional African Community. There, you couldn't be more wrong....On this earth for 62 yrs and NEVER saw it as nothing but Italian-Americans and Croatians..Today,there is many Asians there as well. Pretty soon it will be renamed "The New Chinatown".

  • Bronzeville Curmudgeon Bronzeville Conservator

    Born in Bronzeville back in 1942, as a man child in the promised land always new from a survival perspective that the dividing line between the racist white Irish community and the victimized African American community was the B & O railroad tracks at 500 west in the most segregated city in America! You gotta bring up the history of the demolition of the original White Sox Park and the destruction of the north end of the predominantly African American community at that point in time! Chicago is still the most segregated and racist city in America in 2018!

  • Mike Bayne Dunning area New to the area and have 2 children.

    So, everyone in Canaryville is a racist, or according to you, was one back then? Check! Says more about your character, and now has me ignoring anything else you add to the conversation. As someone who was born and raised in Canaryville and has parents who were also born and raised in Canaryville, I can tell you that your statement is false and not worthy of any more attention. Have a great day being that "victim" you speak of.

  • emj1900 bp

    Bronzeville Curmudgeon 1942 OMG.. this is 2018 incase you didn't know it... case closed.....Bronzeville, you have real issues with white people... Maybe even PEOPLE in general.....MUTE is a wonderful thing.....

  • Bronzeville Curmudgeon this shooting was at a house in the 500 Block of West 44th St. Between Normal and Canal which is West side of tracks in CANARYVILLE! Stewart is East of the tracks. The "wall" or viaduct separates the two. The weapon was found near 4500 S. Wentworth which is Fuller Park. Wentworth is EAST of CANARYVILLE! Got it, Good! End of this Conversation!

  • Bronzeville Curmudgeon Bronzeville Conservator

    Thank you Jean, for focusing on is actually the beginning of a constructive conversation! Working collaboratively with a civic engagement assocate Harold Hall in the Fuller Park/Armour Square predominantly African American community between 39th and 47th, to create "bottom-up", inclusive cultural heritage tourism, economic development and outdoor recreational opportunities for local residents, who because of the Dan Ryan expressway are somewhat isolate from the broader Black Metropolis National Heritage Area:

  • Bronzeville Curmudgeon Bronzeville Conservator

    Let me assure you political and cultural neophytes that I am not a racist!


    Harold L. Lucas

    Bronzeville Curmudgeon and "native son" operating in the spirit of Walter Lee Younger and Bigger Thomas!

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