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Wed, Oct 3, 2012
6:00 pm

Added Sep 11 2012

Do you have a dog and live between Western & California and Armitage & North?

Whatever we call this part of town, the West Bucktown Neighborhood Association has arranged a meeting with some folks from the Chicago Parks District to discuss the possibility of a dog park!

Come to Maplewood Park Fieldhouse to learn about how to get involved in creating a place where our dogs can play safely and legally in our neighborhood.

Message me with questions or for more information!

  • Bex Runner, dog owner, food lover in the 60618

    Multiple thanks!!! Not sure if I can go though, so I may message you for a recap.

  • Nothingtoseehere

    Thanks for posting this for us, Naomi!

  • So we actually live just west of California but would still be very interested in a dog park. Can we attend if we're outside the boundaries?


  • Nothingtoseehere

    Samantha, I would say yes. There's a good chance that at least one of the ideas on the table will be to put a dog park in the northeast corner of Humboldt Park itself, so to me it seems like you'd have an interest in attending as well.

  • Gary E Near Whipple and Armitage

    West Bucktown? No such place. Be proud you live in Humboldt Park, which is a lovely place to walk your dog on a leash.

  • Jim Day New.

    Is there any dog parks around Logan Square thats fenced in and I can take my two small dogs to? I'm new to the area and these guys need to run around asap so they can calm down! Help me out friends!

  • Mr Castro Logan Square resident since 2000

    Hi Jim,

    Welcome. I think I saw a that there is a makeshift gate at the dog park located at the very east end of Logan Blvd/Western on the north-side of the Blvd.

  • Naomi and all other dog friendly and park interested parties:

    As a resident, my wife and I have been collecting signatures in support of a dog park in this exact target area. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

    Please contact me if you are interested in coordinating efforts!

    I attended last months Park Advisory Committee, and was ambushed by one of its members. The others were some what sympathetic, but i was told that we would need to form a Committee and do it ourselves and that this would mean raising over $100k on top of locating and purchasing a lot in the neighborhood. The P.A. Committee currently has over 350k in funding lined up, and the intent is to use it to renovate Lucy Flower Park and make it another 'no dogs aloud' area, as they have now done with Maple Wood Park. Be warned, in our efforts collecting signatures, we have come across multiple dog owners who have recently been fined, and many more who have been threatened with fines.

    Despite the Committees hard work to improve our neighborhood, they have to date ignored the interests of the extremely large dog owning population.

  • "allowed", but aloud works too LOL

  • Nothingtoseehere

    Respectfully, there's a lot of misinformation going around the neighborhood. We've attempted repeatedly to correct that misinformation, but not 100% successfully. We remain hopeful that the planned meeting in the Maplewood Park field house will help to get everyone squared on the facts -- and directed toward a common goal.

  • Ravi, you and your wife's displeasure with the West Bucktown Neighborhood Association and the Maplewood and Lucy Flower Parks Advisory Council has been duly noted many times over. We get it -- you think you are being ignored, and I am not going to waste my time here trying to convince you otherwise. Plenty of more knowledgable and articulate folks before me have tried and failed.

    Instead, I would just ask that anyone who is truly interested in having a dog park in the West Bucktown area PLEASE attend this meeting. As Naomi indicated, there will be a representative from the Chicago Parks District on hand who will be able to explain in great detail what we can and can't do as a community to make this happen. It is not nearly as simple as redirecting funds from the Lucy Flower renovation project, as Ravi's post would seem to imply.

    There are many wonderful volunteers out there working their butts off to make our little corner of the city a better place for EVERYONE, and that certainly includes the dog-loving community. I just don't understand how this kind of divisiveness is helpful in advancing anyone's cause.

  • Why is it called the West Bucktown Neighborhood Association when the area in question is clearly Humboldt Park?

  • Nothingtoseehere

    Kevin, you're actually not correct. While part of our neighborhood is in Humboldt Park, part of it is in Logan Square. Both of those community areas are huge swaths of land encompassing many neighborhoods. We live in one of those neighborhoods. To call ourselves "Humboldt Park" makes little sense. There are people miles away who can say the same thing. Thanks for the question. I hope this provides an answer so you can now get some rest at night.

  • Ha, thanks Brad - my apologies if the tone came off as I did not intend it to. I assure you I will sleep like a baby.

  • Nothingtoseehere

    Lullaby, and goodnight.... :)

  • I admit that I feel strongly about this issue.
    Regardless, I made a great effort to remove my emotion from my post. I do not mean any disrespect toward volunteer efforts to improve our Community. I just want to be permitted to enjoy that community as well.

    What I stated was factual.

    1) We have been collecting signatures in support of a dog park in this exact target area. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

    2) I attended last months Park Advisory Committee, and was confronted by one of its members screaming at me, once she left the conversation became civil.

    3) I was told that we would need to form a Committee and do it ourselves and that this would mean raising over $100k on top of locating and purchasing a lot in the neighborhood, by both the PAC and the Park District.

    4) The P.A. Committee currently has over 350k in funding lined up, and the intent is to use it to renovate Lucy Flower Park and make it another 'no dogs allowed' area.

    I will amend my statement as the removal of leashed dogs may not be an intended goal, but is currently a stated plan. In fact I saw 2 dog owners told to leave by an Officer last night, even though the sign still clearly allows leashed dogs.

    I apologize for directing this comment at the entire PAC directly, as I do not believe it is the entire Committee's position, but it is definitely the position of at least one vocal Committee member, and currently dogs are banned on or off leash, and tickets have recently been issued to this effect.

    Brad, how is notification being sent to the neighborhood?
    Who has been notified of this meeting, I received this as a forward from another dog owner?

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Naomi

    Let's try to stay positive here! I think that we can do a lot to get the word out about this meeting and organize to make a dog area in our neighborhood happen (whatever you want to call this neighborhood).

    As I'm sure is true for many of you with dogs, I mostly know the other people that have dogs because we run into each other all hours of the day while we're out walking our dogs.

    I'm planning on talking to my other dog owning friends in the neighborhood and encourage them to attend. Please do the same. Word of mouth is really powerful.

    At some point, there will be a flier for this meeting (a WBNA volunteer is working on one right now), and I also plan to put it on the houses that I know have dogs. I can't commit to doing the entire neighborhood, but I'm pretty familiar with my little corner and will do what I can.

    If anyone else would like to flier, please let me know, and I can forward you the flier when I have it.

    Additionally, feel free to share this Everyblock notice with your friends via Facebook.

  • A few more details:

    The folks who attended our summer block party and signed up to learn more about forming a neighborhood dog park initiative received advance notice of the meeting earlier this week via email. But there will be a general announcement to the community in the WBNA email blast later this week, as well. (If you are not already on our distribution list, you can sign up at We will also post the information on our Facebook page as the meeting date gets closer. And finally, had Naomi not already created this post, we would have advertised the meeting here as well. Our goal is to get as many interested and energetic volunteers as possible at the meeting.

    Ravi, your point about the confusing signage at Lucy Flower is valid -- it's a problem at many parks and playlots across the city, and we've been asking to get the signs updated for some time now. But let me be perfectly clear here: the fact that dogs are not allowed at Lucy Flower, even on leash, is a Chicago Parks District rule, not something the WBNA or even MLFPAC pushed for. Similarly, we have had nothing to do with the increased ticketing of dog owners in our parks. (That said, let's try to remember that a child was bitten by a "friendly" dog at Lucy Flower just last year.) So if you want to challenge the rules, I encourage you to attend this meeting and let your voice be heard by the people who actually MAKE the rules, rather than continuing to butt heads with the neighborhood association. We are merely the messengers here.

    Naomi, thank you for taking such a proactive lead on this initiative. I look forward to meeting you at the Oct. 3 meeting.

  • sledge365 WBNA Board

    Hi Ravi, we haven't met but wanted to chime in. I did post this to our WBNA Facebook page yesterday. I'm very excited to have you interested in heading up the dog park initiative. I have 2 dogs (as do several of our board members) and I wish I could take this on, but am swamped as it is. I look forward to hearing more about how it goes!

  • For those interested I created an Evite invitation that you can share via email to neighbors or simply RSVP so you can receive the reminder days prior to the meeting:

  • Kathy Corbin

    I am very interested in being part of this and was planning to attend the meeting but I just got notice of another meeting I need to attend. Is there anyway someone could update me on what was said at this meeting. This is something I would love to be part of and would really appreciate anyone willing to update me with what work needs to be started.

  • Monica Over 15 years in the 60622 zip code

    Why not team up and push stronger to get a dog park in Humboldt Park? Efforts have already been started there, it has the most optimal space and the Advisory council is aware of the demand so let's keep that momentum going. To focus on trying to get a dog park in one area with boundaries that cross Humboldt and Logan (I just can't call it West Bucktown no matter how much you try to convince me) and not in the nearby obvious location of Humboldt Park does not seem very productive.

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