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Added Jun 28 2017

Please help, my dog Lilly and I are new to the area. She is a small 5 pound Shih Tzu, BLACK WITH WITH CHEST AND PAWS. EXTREMELY shy. She is afraid of loud noises like thunder and fire crackers and hates being on her back, so no belly rubs. We are lost without her. PLEASE ANY INFO WOYLD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

  • Also let famous Fidos on Irving park near trip know. Supply your contact info too so they can reach you if they get a call.

  • Ok i may have borderline stalked a woman and her dog at Jenson Park cause it sort of looked like a dog like Lilly from far away and wanted to get a closer look. It was not Lilly or a shitzu. And I'm pretty sure a guy walking his dog near by thought I was looking super suspicious.

  • Lisa Central park block

    Rachel, I have done the same thing, what a even worse is I'm walkinking alone, no dog so it looks even more suspicious. One thing I can say is with me, she always stayed slightly behind me on my left and I had to walk slower because she's so low and has short legs. From afar, she looks just black. She doesn't approach anyone or any animal. I would have her at the park off leash and she would just lay about a foot or two away and watch.
    Suzanne, i will head over to fidos today.
    And just a heads up my signs keep getting taken down in montrose and central park. Keep hanging them and within a day they are down.
    Thank you again everyone. I know someone has her and with weather and fireworks would have no problem keeping her inside for the most part. Only time she wanted to walk was to be with me. 😔

  • Ellen K. From the far NW side and now back.

    Suzanne, I posted twice about 16th dist and Garrido but she didn't even know what police station she went to THREE x. (17th)

  • Lisa Central park block

    Ellen K,AS I STATED, I JUST MOVED HERE. The dog owners at Jensen park made me aware of the police station down on Wilson and pulaski. No I don't know the district number i just know its the closest one to my apt. And now i was just made aware of the officer on foster whom i called as well. Not sure what that comment meant but if it implied i am not doing everything possible it's a VERY FALSE statement. I work nights and spend more time looking for Lilly then sleeping and taking care of my self. Forgive me if after 3 weeks I don't know every avenue of Albany Park, which is why I joined everyblock AND albany park neighbors. So please, that was an unkind and unfair statement.

  • Lisa Central park block

    And i am so sorry but I'd like to add. I work in Norridge graveyard shift, I do not have a car, so every single day I have hung signs to and from work. All the signs, from irving to Lawrence and Pulaski to Kimball have been hung by me on foot. I'm exhausted but will not give up hope. I've had her since she was 8 weeks and she just turned 4 yrs in March. She's my baby and no matter what is implied, I love her l, miss her and follow ALL of the suggestions posted, including going down to CACC on western.

  • I don't know them by their district no either. But you can look up by vaugue location in this case on milwaukee Ave near foster Ave. It is called the Jefferson park pd station. Welcome to the neighborhood but I don't recommend you share too much personal info about yourself, i.e., work location, hours, etc. as someone could trace your location by some of your comments on any of these sites. I've noticed that some of your posts appear to have been taken down too. I will keep an eye out for Lilly. I thought I did see someone walking a dog similar a few weeks ago but I'm not certain, this was before I saw your post. It would have been around Wilson montecello sunnyside and lawndale blocks. I'll pray to st Anthony too. Is she chipped or w an ID on collar?

  • Plus if someone contacts you saying they found Lilly don't go by yourself to pick her up. Albany park isn't Kansas sorry to say. The person I think I may have seen w a dog similar was a 20 to 30 light complected thin Hispanic looking male walking w a young girl w long black hair maybe 5 to 6 years old.

  • future alderman future alderman

    did you post this elsewhere suzanne? i remember a similar comment and description

  • Future alderman someone else commented to a similar sighting I think near Hamlin and Leland or Eastwood I'm not sure and of a similar description of both parties.

  • Saw posting on FB Chicago police department w 2 dogs found tied to fence @ 2400 w balmoral. One looks similar to yours the other is white in color. Ph no listed to contact at 20th pd is 312-742-8714.

  • If there seems to be a particular area the signs are being removed maybe hang around the area? Maybe the person who has her is taking them down so she isnt recognized. I had wondered if there is a ton of signs if the person who has her would avoid taking her out. Hopefully with all the signs if they do go out she will be recognized or whoever has her will decide things are too "hot" and turn her in.

  • I just saw the cpd post. The post from cpd is from the 5th fyi Lisa. I hope it's her!!

  • Lisa Central park block

    Right at Monticello and hamlin is where we were separated. I've been going over there towards the park multiple times a day. When I showed some kids my sign, they laughed so I got the feeling they knew or saw something. ANY ideas as to a time this guy was there? I tried just about every 2 hrs but like I said she's not a fan of the storms we've had nor the fireworks. I've even sat in Jensen park for hours but like I said, I don't think timing has been on my side. Again, thank you all very much. We will all have to get together, I would like to thank you in person if at all possible.

  • I only remember it was bright out, I usually don't walk my dog late in the day, it can vary, depending on weather, etc. I think it may have been mid morning or mid afternoon because I think more people were out. I'm just guessing but maybe walk on eastwood the half block cut off by the park. Yes, sometime we can meet, possibly along w the others that feel your pain. Did you have any luck w the cpd no that found two dogs, 1 that looks like yours, or w Lt. Garrido? Some of the kids in this area are rough but not all so that response isn't surprising. Plus fyi there are gangs in the area so beware.

  • CC.

    Could this possibly be Lilly? I know it says owner surrender and schnauzer but thought it sort of looks like your pup?

  • Oh maybe drop off something at Petco on Pulaski and Mayfair animal hospital on Elston

  • Nevermind about petco just saw your one there

  • Drove by Eastwood and down 1 alley just now didn't see lily. Will keep looking. So she doesn't have a chip, right? Lmk

  • It was Anne that saw someone similar to
    myself walking a dog like lilly as noted above. I thought I saw another more detailed description similar to mine on another post maybe Nextdoor

  • Wow CC that does look like Lilly. Hope the owner follows up.

  • Let us know if the cpd posted dog or the dog cc posted about is lily! I have my own lily (my dogs name is also Lily) so this is kind of near and dear to my heart

  • Lisa Central park block

    I was notified of the 2 dogs tied to a fence and no neither one was Lilly. And the link for the schnauzer from CC wasn't her either. Yes I've been to petco and the vet on elston, Mayfair. Both have the flyers and I also spoke with the doctor at the vet and groomer at petco as well. When I was out walking yesterday I saw a neighbor who I have spoken with and she notices my signs keep getting taken down, she thought I found Lilly. I told her about the sightings, and yes one has been at hamlin and eastwood and another at Lawndale and wilson then one more neighbor said Wilson and monticello. So eyes are looking and I hope the more I get out and make the neighbors aware of this man and the little girl, I can figure out if in fact it's Lilly. Doesn't seem like he's taking out for too long though. Oh, and no Lilly's not chipped Suzanne.and when i gave her a trim I put on a smaller collar black leather Harley Davidson collar with just a bell and took off the one with an Id tag that had her name and an old phone number of mine.

  • Lisa, I am so sorry you lost Lilly. I know firsthand what it's like to search for a missing pet night and day, how physically and mentally exhausting it is. I got my cat back after a month with tips from It has recovery tips for dogs, too, as well as behavior-specific tips (based on the animal's personality). I promise you won't regret checking out this site. Good luck! Hoping to see a post that you have her back soon.

  • Yesterday saw a man, Hispanic middle age w large abdominal girth w a black dog recently groomed like yours w white front paws at Wilson and Monticello NE corner w dog on a leash at 630p. Sorry I wasn't able to take time to pull over traffic at time w time restrictions. Today busy as well but wanted to let u know. The dog was pulling ahead of him. But he only stood at the corner not seen walking the dog.

  • Lisa Central park block

    Some else called this morning stating they saw her on Lydale and Lawndale by herself with a red harness. I've walked around there all morning calling her and nothing. The woman who saw her said she ran a cple door's down in a courtyard bldg when she walked down there she was gone so she thinks maybe Lilly is in the building. I'm going to post a bunch more signs within an hour.

  • Hi Lisa, We met yesterday through my window when you were calling Lily's name. In the event that I see her, is there anything she is drawn to like treat jar shaking or squeaky toys?

  • Lisa Central park block

    She's so skiddish however I would say cheese. I call her Lilly Bee, so crouching low and saying that may help too.

  • future alderman future alderman

    I think your posting of signs may be counter-productive in this instance. If someone is actively trying to hide/keep her they will avoid being seen in public with her, it's not like she's a big dog that HAS to go out. you will find her-it will just take time and it looks like she's being cared for so that's good. Have you joined rockwell neighbors or any other fb groups?

  • Lisa Central park block

    Future alderman, I am thinking the same. I'm on Pet harbor lost dogs of Illinois CACC paw boost lost dogs of north and south Chicago albany park neighbors...u name it I joined. However didn't join Rockwell. Will do that now.

  • Lisa Central park block

    Just an update, I'm taking the advice of future alderman, as well as everyone else's who had suggested to slow down on hang the signs and see what happens. So that's my plan. Please don't think I've given up. So far possible sightings have been at lyndale/lawndale, wilson/Monticello and hamlin/eastwood. All around the park. So please let me know if you happen to see or hear anything. Thank you all for your time and caring hearts.

  • Lisa Central park block

    Suzanne and Anne, can u please e-mail me if possible. I'd like to send a few pics of a person seen ripping down my signs. For obvious reasons, I won't post here. My email is
    I'd really appreciate it, if not I'd understand.

  • future alderman future alderman

    lisa-i REALLY hope you get lily back-prayers being sent for you and her

  • Kodi&chloe

    I just saw a post on Nextdoor regarding a found dog in the area of Spaulding and Sunnyside that looks a lot like your Lily. It was posted by Kim Mohiuddin. Another poster directed her to check Pawboost to locate owner. I hope it's your girl.

  • Lisa Central park block

    I checked pawboost. The post isn't on there. Please I need the number...

  • Kodi&chloe

    Kim did not put her number on her post but someone passed your number on to her this morning. I hope she's called you by now & it's Lily.

  • Lisa, check Irving Park Neighborhood news on FB
    Someone posted a found dog that looks just like her.

  • It's the same dog-Sunnyside and Spaulding. They're looking for you.

  • Kodi&chloe

    T60625- Thats the same dog that Kim posted. Lisa is aware of this dog but for some reason is not going to meet her to see if it's her lost dog Lily.

  • Wow.

  • I don't know how to post photos on here, and maybe this has already been checked out, but this lost pup looks a lot like Lilly:

    Here's what the post says:
    "Is This Your Lost Dog? #Chicago #IL #AlbanyPark (Spaulding & Sunnyside) Female Shih Tzu.Black/White/Grey Call 312-806-8125 Email to identify. This dog is not for adoption - finder will only accept calls/emails from the actual owner .Found 08/04/2017. Cook County. 60625."

  • future alderman future alderman

    whatever happened here?

  • Kodi&chloe

    Last I heard Lisa decided not to take the time to go look and see if it was Lily and would not return calls to the finder. There were several people willing to adopt the little dog but I don't know who did. Appears that Lisa was on some bullpoop.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Lisa Central park block

    You all are terrible. I went to acc, I went to the woman on spaulding. The woman did not offer me an option to adopt. She was eager to find the true owner. I have since rescued a putty that was tied to a poke on the 4th of July weekend. We are still eagerly looking for Lilly. So please stop saying mean things about me. You do not know all the facts.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Kodi&chloe

    @ Lisa - This is post from "Nextdoor" website regarding the finder of the dog that very closely resembled Lily:
    Aug 9th - "Lily's mom wasn't able to come by yesterday, so we don't know for sure. I kind of think not... I promise to update here once I know anything."
    Aug 10th - "Also, I don't think Lisa is the owner. She has not followed through on coming to see the dog."
    Aug 10th - "UPDATE: No owners yet. I have a couple of good families who may be willing to adopt her if her owners are not found. I'll keep updating until her situation is resolved. As to chasing down Lisa, as you all know, disappointments or no, you would drop everything and go see if this was your dog. I think showing up to see if this is your dog, a mile away where a stranger has rearranged her life to take care of said dog, is a low bar to prove ownership."
    The woman on spaulding say's you never came by. If it was your dog why would she even have to offer you the option to adopt.
    What is a putty tied to a poke??
    I stand by you being on some bullpoop.

  • future alderman future alderman

    "people suck" -keifer sutherland-designated survivor

  • Lisa Central park block

    4455 n Spaulding ave. No bell. Call when you get here

    She had two children that we're dying to show me a giant sunflower and their garden in the back yard. The dog was not lilly, barked at me the whole time and would not cone near me.
    I adopted a pitbull, from a rescue on fb called lost & found dogs of northwest Chicago. Sandra Amador and Yasmine Garcia are the two women who united us. And also the women who posted the story about the pitbull, I saw it, said I can provide a home but when Lilly comes back and if they don't get along, I will have to rehome the pitbull.
    I still look for her every single day and listen for her bark. So please check ur facts. You are all terrible for claiming to know all the facts. You're all just starting horrible rumors.

  • future alderman future alderman

    so how come u haven't posted?-what are all the facts?

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