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Added Jan 22 2018

Please help, if you have seen it or found it, please return to a police station :( It's my fiancee's mother's stone, I would be forever grateful if you returned it.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Thanks! Definitely offering a reward if found!!

  • Clean version of what the deleted post said please?

    Good luck, let us know if it turns up

  • Hi Brian nice to see you up north! !What did I miss?

  • Haha! Been looking for you up here. You haven’t missed a thing. We welcomed some new girl and a big debate broke out about censorship over here and that got up to about 30 replies, but that’s it. I appreciate the adding the extra neighborhoods tips. Fewer days go by now where “no neighbors posted” today. So that’s great!

  • 30 replies. .thats good! Here you will sometimes see Edgewater/Rogers Park sparring..a bit like West Side Story. As far as this thread I think the deleted post suggested offering a reward. I think it was very brief and polite..dont know why it was removed

  • Do you know the general are where you lost it?

  • Yes, right near 5354 N. Clark

  • Nan

    Did you alert all businesses in the immediate area? It may have bene turned in to one of them - and some may be willing to post a notice. Did you contact the police to see if anyone turned it in?

    I'm not sure I would reveal it's an emerald (maybe describe it as some other type of green stone) - and definitely offer a reward. Did the stone fall out of the setting, or did you lose the ring? (Just curious how you lose a ring unless you've taken it off for some reason). There are a surprising number of good and honest people around. I really hope it's returned to you.

  • I did, I searched all Saturday and Sunday, all local businesses were alerted, thank you. I called the Police as well. It's an emerald Cut, not emerald stone. No, the stone did not fall off unfortunately. Thank you so much, please keep thinking of positive vibes!!! Really appreciate everyone's thoughts and comments.

  • LOST! My daughter's (Indiana) Driver's License, and two credit cards. All three cards were wrapped in a rubber band. May have fallen out of her pocket while running...Thanks for any help!

  • 🤔

  • may be advantageous to start a new post.and give a general location where it may have been.lost.. (Hi Brian!!)

  • summerlife 19-Year Chicagoan GenXer

    I do hope you find it, but I'd probably morn your loss and let it go, if I were you. I agree there's a great number of honest, good people out there, but times are changing. Far too many people can't afford basic necessities like Rent and Healthcare. And that's when *character* changes across a nation. Picking up a ring off the street becomes "finders, keepers" just to get an MRI or refill of Crestor. :(

  • with that reasoning low income people are dishonest. SMH

  • Maggie neff

    I think you missed the point "Summertime" was making, 60660Gal. When You're hungry, or your electricity is about to get turned off, if your kid needs school supplies.. etc, people often do things that go against their own code of ethics when they are struggling to survive. It's not about good vs evil. Most people want to be honest.

  • DianeW just nosey

    Have you checked and posted on Craigslist? I saw an ad for a found ring but it's not from Clark street

    I hope you find it!!

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