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Added Feb 25 2018

TERRIBLE customer service - I called AMAZON - gave them all the tracking numbers - 3 days ago and the boxes and envelopes are still sitting at my house. 7 packages were found by me on the street - they must have fallen off your truck

  • Sheila A. Donovan Have been an owner at the Stratford since 2001.

    Glad to see an honest person picking up those fallen packages. Wow, Amazon hasn't contacted you?? Not exactly good business.

  • Apparently, from their POV, it's cheaper for them to send new ones, instead of getting one of their delivery people to come and get them.

    They have misdelivered to my building packages that belonged elsewhere more times than I can count and they never come to get them.

  • I would say there's a greater chance all those packages were stolen and left behind by the thief(s).

    Another point from the Amazon POV is that from the point the package has left their chain of custody, (from loss, theft, or whatever) they have a high chance of something else going wrong with the delivery, (broken parts, missing parts, etc.) so the wholesale cost of the package/delivery is less than the cost of the customer service to deal with the issues to come.

  • emj1900 bp

    I was delivered a huge box by Amazon....Wasn't even my address and the address that was on the shipping label didn't even exist....I called Amazon they told me to keep it... nothing I wanted all kids toys....I donated them to a local daycare....

  • Amazon delivery has a long way to go. UPS has been at it for 100 years and still has issues. But delivering packages ain't like it used to be. Depending on your location you're lucky to even see the driver. Drivers are too busy looking over their shoulders!!!!

  • I live on a cul-de-sac with only one way in and one way out....that's why in the 11 years I've lived on this street, no home has ever been robbed. Cul-de-sacs are avoided by thieves for that very reason. The packages were at the very end of the cul-de-sac - which leads me to believe that a large truck tried to make a difficult sharp 3 point turn to get out - perhaps a door did come ajar and thus the packages falling on the ground and under a bush - which SYD my dog actually discovered first. Since then - we have delivered two packages for a high school art department because they used social media to contact me having seen the post.

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