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Added Aug 01 2017

Found on 7/21/17
They were together in Chicago, IL. 60618. Contact me with proof of ownership. Thank you.

  • DianeW just nosey

    Thank you for helping these two cuties! If you haven't already, please post on

  • Yes, I have posted to every page I can think of. It's been almost two weeks and not a word, I'm starting to think these were released by the owner...

  • I saw a flyer posted about lost green birds on the Bike trail along the river on Sunday. It was around Foster or could have been a little further north. It was either in Ronan Park or Legion Park. Maybe they flew south???

  • DianeW just nosey

    That's sad, but possible, Stephanie P. Thanks again so much for caring.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Maybe they werr chipped ask a vet

  • Thanks for taking them in and keeping them safe. They are beautiful birds, I hope you are able to find their owners.

  • how in the world does that happen? Like did you find them in a cage or just flying around together and you were able to capture them?

  • They are pretty; I've not heard of the type before. Good luck and I hope that they weren't "ditched" by the owner.

  • There are signs around Petersen Park for a lost green bird. If I'm over that way I'll get a number for you

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Does it say pretty boy, not in a racist way.

  • Thank you for taking care of them and trying so hard to find their home. Conures are special birds, I'm glad they were found together. I have my fingers crossed for you!

  • Stephanie, are you able to keep them for awhile? I understand that once they get out they can travel a good distance? Are they doing ok?

  • Here is the number for someone who posted flyers around Peterson Park for a lost green conure. 773-816-4881

  • Lori B. Resident and Business Owner in 60625

    I'm confused. The flyer at Peterson Park has the same number and contact person saying that they lost "Pidgey." Stephanie has a poster saying she found these birds. It has the same contact number and name.

  • Lori B. Resident and Business Owner in 60625

    I have the Peterson Park poster. How do I attach the picture?

  • Hi Stephanie — back in June, you posted on Red Door Shelter's Facebook that one of your conures had escaped. And now you're posting that you've found two conures. People here are very kind and eager to help, but it would be appreciated if you were upfront about what exactly is going on here.

  • I was at Legion Park yesterday afternoon and saw the same flyers...but it's only for one conure? Sounds like something is fishy - sure hope those beautiful birds (if they're even "real") are okay. Red Door Shelter has a very good reputation, perhaps they can help you resolve this problem.

  • Am Imo

    I used to have a conure. Sweet, funny, very smart birds. You are lucky if you get to keep them.

  • KF

    And you are offering a reward for your lost conure on Same name and contact info.

  • PLSS Bowmanville

    There are birds like these that live in the trees in Hyde Park, is it possible they migrated?

  • Thank you for all your support and sharing. Sorry I have not been actively responding but I've been very busy. To clarify, I lost my singular Bird, Pidgey, in June. A neighbor saw my post and called me saying she saw a similar bird flying around her street. I went there with high hopes but saw there were Two of them but neither were mine. I was able to catch both of them and am currently caring for them, Pidgey is still lost.

  • I have been "Upfront" since the beginning of the tragic loss of my baby, and I appreciate everyone's help in continuing the search for Pidgey and now the search for these two found babies owners.
    I am hoping the owners simply haven't found my posts yet and not that they just released them into the wild cause they didn't care anymore, I can continue fostering them until around sept. 1st (College starts again) but then I will have to consider placing them in a shelter or another foster home. Thank you.

  • Stephanie...thanks for sharing @ the confusion and sorry about Pidgey.
    Please keep us posted on the progress, esp if you need a foster in the future.

  • I have several people interested in fostering and adopting, but I am very protective over where or whom they go to because of my lost bird experience.

    I am unable to keep them because I still have Pidgey's cage mate and the two found birds attack/bully her, otherwise wish I could keep them. I will everyone updated!

  • DianeW just nosey

    Stephanie P, have you found Pidgey?

    I saw what I believe is a green cheek conure's molted feather on the 1900 block of Wellington, in the street today.

    Just a heads up that there must be a lost one out there somewhere around there.

  • DianeW just nosey

    I'm not sure how to post a pic of it but it's a maroon tail feather

  • Hello, Pidgey is still missing but suspect that someone has her, due to the fact that there hasent been one sighting or call since she went missing.
    I have seen some Conures went missing in Chicago recently.
    No one has called for the two Conures I found either.

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