Nov 18

Updated Nov 20

Hit and Run last night

Last night (Friday) a little after 7:00pm my husband was hit by a car while crossing the street at California + Cortland. The police came, and he was taken to the hospital with a concussion, broken nose, and pretty badly beat up. We are grateful it wasn't worse. Regardless, the video from the liquor store wasn't enough to see a license plate. We think it was a red Ford SUV. If anyone saw anything could you let me know? Thank you!

  • krw

    And I am so sorry this happened to you and so glad its not worse. Take care.

  • Douglas Raul Williams Family history in Logan Square since 1970

    Positive thoughts to your family. If you get more information on the vehicle please post it.

Nov 10

Updated Nov 10

    Logan Square Affordable Housing Communities Among The Habitat Co.'s 498-Unit Portfolio Acquisition
    Habitat Co's acquisitions ensures that affordable housing will be available in Logan Square for the foreseeable future.

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