Jun 22

Updated Jul 03

New restaurant/bar/store?

Hey there! Anyone know what's going into the space on the southeast corner of Milwaukee and Spaulding? I saw a building permit a few weeks ago and now they've taken down the wood coverings and there's some nice new windows in there.

  • Nope, that gallery is open now across Milwaukee from Hopewell.

  • Kristin #lifeinlogan

    Yes, zobearsky, I'm talking about that one! Directly north of the gorilla sushi. I saw the construction notice but they haven't made anything known about what's going in there longterm.

Jun 25

Updated Jun 27

Found kitten at Schubert and Spaulding

Super friendly and very affectionate. Need to return to owners or find new home. Will check for chip on Monday.

  • Jen60647 Kimball & Schubert

    That's ok! I understand. Do you know how long it's been since she escaped?

  • MISSfancypants Your friendly neighborhood cat lady

    I believe we had her around January/February.

Jun 20

Updated Jun 22

Looking for rain barrels

I know it's a long shot but I am looking for free rain barrels. Anyone have any sitting around that they want me to take off their hands? Let me know. Thanks.

Jun 06

Updated Jun 06

Helicopters and Sirens?

Does anyone know what's going on. I'm around Diversey and Central Park/Pulaski - Helicopter right above the house for the last 15 minutes and sirens?

  • Just so you know- when there is an incident and there is news coverage from a chopper- the chopper is NEVER going to be directly over the scene, but at an angle that is into the wind and not into direct sunshine.

  • Her...you know, her! Lifetime Chicagoan; new to Logan Square

    I was on Diversey just before they closed it. Police were all around that building and traffic was jammed. I thought it was b/c of the construction at Kedzie but as I got closer to Kedzie, saw the cops, with one appearing to talk to somebody in one of the apartments. Didn't realize the severity of the situation until I read the DNAInfo alert and then the news.

May 24

Updated May 26

Spring window cleaning

Looking for someone who can do a good, deep clean of my home's windows ahead of summer. Would like someone affordable and in the neighborhood if possible.

  • House-Frau Homemaker, mom, animal lover

    I think I heard about this guy on this site.
    "A Clean Look" Steve - owner 773.719.1728 or sam@acleanlook.com
    I hired him to clean my gutters. Reliable quick good&cheap!(how often does that happen?)
    I am going to hire him to clean my windows soon. He sez 10$ per window(!) I'm sure he will do a fine job.
    Good Luck!

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