Nov 08

Updated 4 days ago

Coming to the space that was The Catalpa, Logan and California.

You might have seen reports that a NEW Mexican Restaurant is going to be coming to this space-- I can confirm that- I spoke to the new owner, she says it will be Mexican Food with a splash of Spain....

She was super nice, and her family has been in the restaurant biz for years, she lives in the area with her husband, and hopes to open in February of 2017. I wish her good luck, and hope to enjoy her cooking soon. What a great space and outdoor patio.

By the way she had no idea about Every Block.

  • That's great! Thanks so much. I've sent an email to coordinate pick up.

  • Welcome to EveryBlock Diana. We are looking forward to trying your new restaurant. The neighborhood is most definitely rooting for you to succeed in this excellent space.

5 days ago

Updated 4 days ago

Wild Out West cable and internet?

I saw them setting up in my neighborhood. Anyone have anything good or bad to say about them?

Nov 15

Updated Nov 21

100' Digital Billboard at 2742 N. Rockwell

A digital billboard is planned to be constructed by the Green Exchange at 2742 N. Rockwell. DNAInfo has had a few articles about the digital/ electronic billboards going up around the city.

It will be quite the eyesore for all of the condominium buildings nearby. Also, billboards have been shown to decrease property values. (

This falls into the 32nd Ward, Waugespack voted against the plan.I guess all of the homes nearby the 50+ billboards are taking a hit for the greater good.

Map of planned billboards -

DNA Info Article -

Nov 05

Updated Nov 07

Huge explosion?

Any one hear a large explosion sound this morning at about 512am? Anyone know what happened? Woke us up and didn't necessarily sound like fireworks. Over around Kimball Milwaukee Diversey area

  • Probably a transformer, they make a hell of a noise when they go.

  • I don't know about this one, but I was outside at Kedzie and Belle Plain last Saturday and a massive explosion when off under a car. Looked like some people took off down an alley. It didn't seem to do much other than set the alarm off. Some kind of large firework I imagine. Someone said somebody has been planting these under cars and then running off. I had heard a similar noise outside of my apartment about a week before. Keep an eye out.

Nov 06

Updated Nov 07

Gun shots

Anybody hear gunshots around cortland and albany last night around 3-4 am?

  • Thanks!! for calling!

  • I chatted with a CAPS officer today about this, since a few other of our neighbors near expressed concern. They had 911 calls around 1:30 a.m. for shots near Cortland / Whipple / Albany and then around 3 a.m. at Wabansia / Kedzie. I asked if the police had looked...

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    I chatted with a CAPS officer today about this, since a few other of our neighbors near expressed concern. They had 911 calls around 1:30 a.m. for shots near Cortland / Whipple / Albany and then around 3 a.m. at Wabansia / Kedzie. I asked if the police had looked at footage from the new police camera at Cortland / Albany. They had not (they only do if there is an injury or property damage, evidently) but the officer said he would take a look. Thanks to all the neighbors who called in!

Nov 05

Updated Nov 05

Armitage west of western

There are lots of fitetrucks and police and ambulances one block south of armitage, a couple blocks west of western. A couple news vans too. Anyone know what is going on?

  • Two houses were on fire in 2600 block of homer. Someone wrote 5 taken to hospital for smoke and burns.

Oct 29

Updated Oct 31

Baby chickens

A couple of young chickens have found their way into my garden. Is anyone missing them? Or know if there's a coop in the St Louis/ Medill area? Thanks :)

Oct 30

Updated Oct 31

Car fires

I woke up Saturday at 2am to a car on fire on Drake street. Thought maybe someone left a cigarette butt in their car and after calling 911 went back to bed. i was awoken at 530am to a car on the same street that was lit on fire! 2 cars in one night.

My wife overheard the cops tell the fire department it was the 7th one of the night in the neighborhood. Anyone know of any other details about who did this??


  • My car was set on fire Saturday morning around 5:30 am at 2130-2190 n drake :/

  • Melissa peck armitage and Central Park

    I have never heard of this happening! I'm so sorry to everyone who has had to deal with this!

Oct 29

Updated Oct 31

Alderman Santiago has some explaining to do.

Alderman Santiago, who I voted for in the last election, has brought some very disappointing attention to Logan Square. Alderman, I hope you see this post and offer your constituents an appropriate explanation for your actions.

  • Roast 'er next election. Then she can watch the Cubs on TV like the rest of us who don't make over 100K for part-time work. Her sense of entitlement is astounding.

  • She should be ashamed of herself, I hope voters in her ward - most of whom make nowhere near her paltry $116k a year - remember whose side she really is on come elections.

Oct 23

Updated Oct 29

Trick or Treat

Does anyone know what night and time trick or treating will be? We want to make sure we're prepared with goodies for any kids that come by. Thanks!

Oct 24

Updated Oct 25

Birch logs/branches

I need some birch logs or large branches for decorative purposes. Any ideas regarding where I can find some?

Oct 23

Updated Oct 24

Gun Shots near Walgreens at Armitage and Milwaukee

Did anyone hear gun shots or see anything odd around 7:00 or so at the Walgreens??

  • No didn't hear- I'm nearby there. However, on the Logan Sq Neighborhood Watch page on FB, there was posting that there was a shooting by Logan Theater on Milwaukee. "Car blew through the intersection, no lights on, turned right on Wrightwood after cutting multiple people off. Silver Scion, no back window." about an hour ago

  • I haven't seen any articles, but there was chatter about this on the Bucktown neighborhood watch page on facebook.

Oct 11

Updated Oct 12

Found an ID

I found a picture ID for a Marissa along the 2500 block of N. Harding Ave. Looks like maybe for a nurse or student. Message me if it is yours.

  • Maybe you can try searching Linkedin to see if she has a profile there? Or Facebook? I recently returned a wallet to a foreign exchange student by searching the Internet and was able to find an email address for him.

  • if it is a driver's license or state ID, you can actually put it in a mailbox, or take it to the post office, and they will deliver it to the person on the ID.

Oct 11

New EveryBlock app?

Does anyone know if there's an upgraded version of the EveryBlock app? It's still asking me if I want to thanks people rather than thumbs up or thumbs down a comment (the thanks button doesn't work and inbred my thumbs down ready to go ;) )

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