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Does anyone have an opinion on flooring with large dogs? We bought a house in Logan and we need to put new floors in. I was considering doing the wood look porcelain tile for durability. Has anyone put it in their house? I've also heard bamboo floors are very tough. Looking for something that doesn't scratch easily. Thanks!

  • Melissa peck armitage and Central Park

    Thanks everyone! You've made my decision easy!! Porcelain tile it is!

  • Agreed with everyone else above-- we had bamboo and laminate wood before and both were atrocious with both dogs and anyone who enjoys wearing high heels--- the flooring is way too soft. Divets and scratches galore. I will only do hardwood or porcelain now, way more durable!

5 days ago

Lost keys

Please let me know if anyone finds my keys lost between Milwaukee/Spaulding and Drake/Spaulding.
Key ring has a JAV tag and a Logan Square Fitness tag.

Sep 13

Rash of thefts 2100 spaulding

Yesterday, Monday, between 11am and 1pm someone broke into my car and took the radio. They knew what the were doing to. No damage to the dash or to the door. They hit the window with some kind of tool on the side and it shattered it. A neighbor saw a car similar to mine sitting in front of it with loud music playing, she couldn't see anyone due to a tree blocking her view. Last weekend our neighbors house was burglarized. Saturday night a car was stolen and a few weeks back someone broken into a number of garages.
Becareful out there and if you see something call the police

Sep 11

Gun shots

I called in 3 gun shots at about 8pm near North avenue and Whipple. Haven't heard any sirens so hopefully no injuries

Aug 30

Updated Sep 10

Lindsay Saviola

******* I am begging all of my family and friends to share the hell out of this post. My son is missing!!! *****

My son, Seth, has been missing since saturday August 27th. He was last seen on the south side of chicago. He is 16 years of age. Has brown eyes and brown hair. Approximately 5'8 and 130 pounds. He took his father's car a 08 Hyundai Tiburon GT. Please if anyone knows where he is or has heard from him please contact me immediately. I want my son brought home safe and sound!

  • good news he was found!

  • chicagoon Short-term memory loss

    Hello john from west loop, I know this is family beeswax, but curious, what did he say for not comunicating 3 days ?

Sep 01

Updated Sep 10

Has anyone else experienced this?

My wife was home alone when a 12-14 year old boy knocked on the door. He asked to pick up paper (pointing at the paperless grass) or cut the grass in slightly broken English. My wife said no thanks and he ran off down the street seeming to yell for someone he was with. Seemed curious so I am interested if anyone has witnessed this. Thanks.

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    can we get some general location details on where these things are happening?

  • cityfolks ----

    Fullerton and Pulaski

Sep 02

Updated Sep 08

Shooting on W Palmer

Anyone have any more information? I was home all day yesterday and live 1 block down and didn't hear anything.

  • Middle of block
    Between Drake and Palmer. White suv drove through and shot at young man running. He appeared to be hit but not
    Critically. My husband was waking our dog on opposite side of street. Police told our neighbors it was gang related. Not sure about any other details.

  • My 11 Year old witnessed this from our 2nd floor apt ... And it's so scary how in bright daylight this is happening ... This gangs need to be reported every time they are seen they are not welcomed on our neighborhoods and a lot of these thugs don't even live in the area ... We need to be very alert and call police even if it's the smallest things so we have more cops on our area ...

Sep 04

Updated Sep 05

Loud music and gun fire

I live in the 2700 block of N Drake.
I called 311 & 911 at 12:30 -1:30 am regarding loud music and gun shots. I made 4 calls and never once did the police show up.
It makes sense why crime is so high in Logan Square.

  • Steve I East Logan Square since 2005

    If this is happening, call a couple of your neighbors, too. Usually it takes 911 calls from two different people to get them to show up for nuisance complaints (loud music, etc.).

  • Steve I East Logan Square since 2005

    Living in the 14th District, it might take more than that... a neighbor of mine had a 24-foot boat on a trailer parked in the alley behind his garage for four days over a holiday weekend. Four days! When an officer showed up on the fourth day, he thought it had been there for a few hours or maybe overnight.

    After we explained that it had been there for days, it was gone in a matter of hours.

  • Sorry..and sometimes 911 doesn't even answer but please keep calling ..it does work...

Sep 03

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Our guy was outside all night. His name is Phil and he's black and white and furry. He has no collar.

Please call/text Sam with information (815) 404-1274

Aug 31

2400 N Spaulding police activity?

Does anyone know what's going on right now (6-7pm) on the 2400 block of N Spaulding? Tons of cars, lots of men. I asked what's going on and they claimed to be the police who just made an arrest. But they are unmarked cars and not uniformed. Called 311 and they said there's nothing going on in this block. Hmmm

Aug 27

Updated Aug 28

Not sure what to do...

We recently look down a smallish tree in our yard ourselves. We have tons of branches to get rid of. New to this homeowner game, do I just bag them and throw them away, or are there services to pick it up? Thanks!

  • Steve I East Logan Square since 2005

    This changed recently - Homeowners need to call 311 to have landscape waste picked up.

    It is a separate pickup so that it gets composted instead of going to the landfill. I have done it in the past and they are pretty responsive - usually a day or two. I don't know about trees but it seems likely the 311 operators will have some info.

  • Oh wow Steve I, when did this change? Because I recently (I guess it was in late June) cleaned up some small weed trees and put it out in the alley in bundles as previous and it was gone on garbage day.

Aug 09

Updated Aug 24

Anyone missing this bird?

I think it's a Guinea. It showed up in our yard this morning.

We are near Diversey and Western.

  • Its a Guinea Fowl and I saw it in the area of Diversey between Maplewood over to Talman. No one around here knew where it came from either. It was even up on top of one of the garages for a while. Beautiful bird though. It wouldn't let us get near it. I hope someone was able to get it somewhere safe.

  • So strange

Aug 21

Updated Aug 22

Found young grey cat

Cat looks like a Russian blue with a Siamese body probably about a year old and does not appear to have front claws. Found in the 1700 block of n Washtenaw. He she was super friendly on the sidewalk but now is a little spooked being indoors will post photo tomorrow

  • Btw, my profile photo is NOT the cat we found

  • Cat Wrangler happy Humboldt Park resident

    Did you take her to a vet to have her scanned for a microchip? I think any vet will do it for free or, if it's after hours, go to MedVet on Clybourn. They will also scan for free.

  • Hi CW,
    Thanks for the note, not all people know about that. Sadly no chip :( Posting again and on CL and FB

Aug 20

Updated Aug 21


At least 5 ambulances, 3 fire trucks, several police cars headed west on fullerton past Kedzie. Anyone know what happened.???

Aug 14

Did you lose your keys?

Found on the 1900 block of Albany Ave. If these are yours, let me know and identify the one key not in the photo!

Aug 12

Updated Aug 13

Lost cat at palmer and sawyer

his name is knight. he is a domestic short hair. grey and white. he has a brown spot below his nose that looks like a mustache. short legs. last seen august 12th at 1am in the apartment. woke up to him missing.

  • They actually make pet screen that is more durable!

  • So glad he's home. And it's hard when they break through a screen or something. They sure can be determined when they want to get out.

    So interesting about him finding his way back in the quiet of the morning by scent. I will have to remember that. I never...

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    So glad he's home. And it's hard when they break through a screen or something. They sure can be determined when they want to get out.

    So interesting about him finding his way back in the quiet of the morning by scent. I will have to remember that. I never let mine out either, except for supervised outings in the yard, but just this morning he scooted past me out the open door when my back was turned, and I just barely saw the wisp of his tail in my peripheral vision as he rounded the outside door. Otherwise I would have locked the door behind me and thought he was inside. (Outside, he proceeded to run from me in a big circuit around the yard every time I tried to shoo him toward the door.... Lots of fun in the morning hours...) :-) So even with your best efforts they can sometimes get out. So, so glad you found him.

Aug 12

Missing Cat!

his name is knight. he is a tabby mix. he has a brown marking like a mustache on his face. my roommate came home at 1 am and he was here. i was already asleep. in the morning he was gone. at palmer and sawyer.

Aug 10

Updated Aug 11

Gunshots or fireworks?

I live on the 2500 block of North Francisco. I thought I was listening to fireworks, but then shifted gears and wondered if I heard gunshots? A neighbor, who lives on the corner of Richmond and Logan, texted me and asked the same thing. Did anyone hear this? Either way, I called the police to ask them to check out the area. Really hoping that it was fireworks. But these days, you cannot be too safe.

  • Abigail Burns Ridenour Graphic Designer new to Logan Square

    It was definitely fireworks. I was freaked out too. Heard them very close at Sacramento and Willets Ct. We thought someone was being shot in our back alley. Got up and saw fireworks and the dust from them settling. What an inconsiderate thing to do for the sake of some twinkly lights.

  • Thanks to all of you for responding. Relieved to know that we all heard fireworks. It's so disappointing to be so worried about guns all the time. Things need to get better. For all of us. Thanks again.

Aug 06

Updated Aug 06

Found a dog

Found this little guy on Belden. Anybody recognize him?

  • What should I do with him? I'd rather not keep him overnight.

  • Put signs up and post on lost dogs Illinois. That seems to be the most common way people get their dogs back.

  • Nevermind, he booked, he's out there on his own again. It was great while it lasted. :)

Jul 30

Updated Aug 05

Wifi thread

I live on Palmer right between Central Park and Lawndale. I finally had enough of AT&T's awful service. It kept going down and I always had to restart the modem. I switched to Comcast for just Internet and not only did my bill go down to $19.99 a month but It is way faster. I go a modem from Amazon and used a old 5g router since I have hardwood floors. Anyone near me if your fed up with AT&T switch to Comcast for Internet you won't be disappointed.

  • Melissa Stanley local realtor and business onwer


  • I called Comcast about twice a month for two years before I finally cut the cord. I've been with AT&T for only two months, but haven't had a single issue. We'll see how long that lasts. But Comcast- now that I've cut both internet and cable from them, I'm a lot happier now and saving a ton of money overall. F COMCAST.

Jul 30

Updated Aug 01

Com-Ed power outage notice

Did anyone else receive the notice for a power outage scheduled for next Thursday? The notice said 8 hours, which seems excessive, especially since we're supposed to have more hot weather next week. We have a new born and breast milk stored in the freezer, among other perishables. Research indicates food is only good for 4 hours in a fridge / freezer without power, less if you're opening the doors. Any way we can get this shortened?

Jul 29

Found Keys underneath the Blue line on Moffat

On my morning dog walk, I found a broken large key ring with 2 keys (they look like standard front door keys). Keys were found on the sidewalk on Moffat St. (Between Milwaukee & Winnebago) basically underneath where the blue line passes overhead.

Key ring has a small charm/tag of an animal - non profit fund.

Message me if lost your keys

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