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No more parking on the boulevards

I didn't see any mention of this. I'm very happy to see Waugespack undo Colin's ham fisted maneuver but would hate to see anyone not aware get a ticket thinking it was still allowed.

    Free Boulevard Parking Ends in Logan Square
    LOGAN SQUARE - Free weekend parking on the boulevards has come to an end. Chicago Department of Transportation workers removed signs that allowed for free parking along most of Logan, Kedzie and Humboldt boulevards Wednesday. Former Ald. Rey Colon (35th) had implemented free weekend parking along one lane of the boulevards in 2011, but that issue has been contentious ever since.
  • HaveADay Life long Chicagoan, Logan Square for 15+ years

    I can tell you in the six years I've lived on the boulevard both before and after Colon's nonsense I've never seen any of the churches place cones or staff volunteers. I did note there were plenty of cars parked on the boulevard this morning and no tickets.

    One of...

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    I can tell you in the six years I've lived on the boulevard both before and after Colon's nonsense I've never seen any of the churches place cones or staff volunteers. I did note there were plenty of cars parked on the boulevard this morning and no tickets.

    One of the potential wrinkles to all of this is the fact that with the parking meter deal Laz contractors are now also writing tickets and don't necessarily know about unwritten laws. What, with them being unwritten and all...

    I do often wonder why so much energy is put into the city solving churches' parking challenges. There are plenty of other organizations, businesses and people for whom the city doesn't give a second thought to their parking.

  • Churches have a unique ability to mobilize large groups of voters if they want to. That said, I doubt the people parking on the boulevards live in the area or they wouldn't be driving.

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Shots fired last night

Does anyone know anything about the shots fired near Lawndale & Dickens last night, early evening? 5-6 shots, probably between 7:00-8:00 I can't be very precise.

  • pork chop ranger

    I walked my dog last night and gun shots went off around 10:00 pm last night by Sawyer and dickins I been hearing it a lot lately and cops never responded when you call

  • Watch Captain 34 Crime Fighter

    Every time I call the police 9 out of 10 times No Show

Feb 02

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Plants in the alley

Moving out and leaving the country for a couple months. I have a great jade tree (small) that no one wanted. I will put in the alley behind 1938 n. Humboldt Blvd. in the morning. if anyone wants to save it I would be grateful.

  • Paul B Paul B.

    Is it still there? I want to come rescue

  • I'll take it! Don't leave it outside in this weather. Can I meet you to pick it up?

  • Paul B Paul B.

    I tried to rescue tree, it was gone. Base remained

Jan 30

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Mama Mia's Pizza

What happened to Mama Mia's restaurant on Central and Belmont? They are closed down, with a revoked license sign in the windows.

  • Deb R 60641 resident 40 + yrs.

    Love that place, I hope this is only temporary.

Jan 18

Updated Jan 19

California and Elston

Does anyone know what are they building at California and Elston, across from Pork Shoppe? Thx

Jan 16

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Free kitchen stuff!

We are clearing out our kitchen and putting pots and pans, glasses, and misc items in a box in our alley. 2440 N Hamlin!

  • The best days of year to alley pick are right before April 1 and October 1, two days when a lot of leases expire and people get rid of usable stuff to lighten their move. You have to be faster than the scrappers though. Last month I found a sturdy broom in the alley and it brightened my entire day.

  • Achilles Flaneur ear witness

    recycling is great however there MAY be some bad mojo about recycling brooms. Check out this website. I visited this company a few years ago.


    Victor, Colorado is an old, almost abandoned gold mining town high in the mountains above Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak area near Cripple Creek. Definitely worth checking out for a few hours or so.

Jan 11

Updated Jan 12

Realtor needed

I have a good friend who needs some help finding a new place to rent. Between work and a baby on the way, she and her husband need some help. Can anyone recommend a good realtor who can assist with rentals?

  • My friend Kelly commented w/ my info yesterday. I've lived in Logan for more than 10 years and have 6 years of real estate experience, I'm more than happy to help! Margo Klein

  • Can also go to apartment finders.com and Domu.com. For a house to rent, IHRent.com.

Jan 11

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Burglar Targets " Nice White Neighborhood."

At around 12:00 AM, January 11, 2016, I was out following any breaking news for a New York News Gathering Agency. A male Hispanic approached me on a blue bicycle trying to sell me the bike that he claims he stole from around the Harlem Irving Plaza Area. He further stated that he walks around the alley's of the "nice White neighborhood" finding bikes laying around. This I was able to capture on hidden camera. He told me that he ttowould sell the stolen at the local stores in the area.

  • wow...I can't remember being called a 'Nice White Neighborhood' before...

  • I think he's referring to the area around the Harlem Irving Plaza the bikes were stolen from-- the Norridge and Harwood Heights areas.

Nov 11

Updated Jan 04

Found wallet

Found a young woman's wallet on Shakespeare and Humboldt while walking my dog. It has the credit cards and license still in it. Message me to identify. Address is from a suburb.

  • acs1967

    if I read this correctly,you said the license was still in the wallet.The police will deliver it or find person.Also for a couple bucks you can mail it to the person at usps .you have there address.

  • Loulu Me

    A license address may not be current.

Dec 19

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Dog lost on Friday December 18th around 6:45pm. We live on Richmond between Cortland and Armitage. Our little Dali got out of our gate please help if you have any information!! Thank you. I have two little kids who are heart broken.

  • thanks, Emily. maybe Dali just wants you to meet the neighbors. :) She may be getting out where squirrels, rats, or other animals are digging; so the location of the holes may change. welcome to the neighborhood.

  • This is such a wonderful area thank you for the welcome. Dali won't be going anywhere without a leash on from now on, not even the back yard!! :) thanks for the tip about the whiles moving I hadn't even thought of that.

Dec 29

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Dear Pan de Vida Church

I am neighbor of your building at Avers & Wrightwood and am disappointed that your sidewalk along Avers is not clear after yesterday's wintry mess.

Please be a good neighbor and clear your sidewalk.

Thank you.

Dec 19

Updated Dec 22

Looking to play Euchre in Logan

My boyfriend and I were looking for a couple people in the Logan Square area that want to meet up from time to time and play euchre! With the weather getting colder and our interest in actually going out on the weekend dimensioning we thought this would be something fun to start. If anyone is interested in playing with us or if anyone wants to start a "league" let me know.

  • Hi. I've been playing with this group I found on meetup http://www.meetup.com/ChicagoEuchreClub/
    They play "progressive" which means you switch up partners every game. Its kinda fun. I'd love to have something closer to Logan Square.

  • I looked into meetup after @cpl949 mentioned it and I think I'll try to out at some point! It would be nice to have something a little closer when it's cold out though...would anyone want to just have a pickup game or two at a bar one night?

Dec 20

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Hit and run on central park at Wrightwood

My husband and I were walking home crossing Central Park on Wrightwood and were struck by a truck going turning north on Central Park. Please message me if you saw or heard anything. We are both okay, but banged up.

  • Peter W. 20-yr Logan Sq Resident

    I am very sorry to hear this. I hope 911 was called and you had a chance to be medically examined.

  • Do you have any more of a description of the truck or the time it happened? Please call 9-11 and report this. There are cameras everywhere, and hit and runs deserve a serious investigation. Glad you are OK.

  • We called police and filed a police report with a description of the vehicle and I was able to catch a partial plate. It was a dark colored, perhaps Navy blue, pickup truck with a lighter colored trim around the bottom. It happened at 12:30 a.m. We did take a trip to the hospital and are very lucky our injuries were not more serious. Today we feel, well, like we got hit by a truck! Be careful out there folks!

Dec 14

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    Target Stores T-942 failed inspection (food inspection)
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  • And not the first time...how many years ago did they get CLOSED DOWN for 24? 48? hour period?
    You find 'fruit flies' on a regular basis in their closed baked goods.
    Yet, they are 'rumored' to be the highest grossing in their chain.
    Actually, they needed to be reported more!

    Thanks for posting this!

  • gerigirl I live and breathe this city!


Dec 14

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Power outage for less than a minute

Did anyone else have this happen at 315am?

Dec 11

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Looking for a local place to donate

I have a bunch of clothes for men and women that are prepped and ready to be donated somewhere. I would like to donate to an organization in need. We have pants, shirts, jackets, etc in adult sizes.

Does anyone know of a place in need within the area?

Thank you in advance :)

  • La Casa Norte comes to mind. There is also an event at Hairpin Arts Center on Dec. 18th where coats, warm clothes, etc. will be collected for distribution to area men and women who are homeless.

  • Cornerstone shelter in Uptown

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