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Violin lessons

Any recommendations for violin lessons for a four year old in the area? Unfortunate, ACM only has one teacher in their Logan Square/Avondale location and it hasn't been a good fit.

  • Check with DePaul University. My niece had lessons there when she was younger.

  • k-dad West HP homeowner

    Music House! They're on California near Augusta and have great teachers, great group and individual classes, and a great vibe. My son started there when he was about 4 and still loves it.

  • The school I work at has a partnership with Bucktown Music. We have had good experiences with them. http://www.bucktownmusic.com/

5 days ago

Updated 4 days ago

Two dogs spotted by Central Park & Palmer: Tuesday 8:30am

I spotted a light apricot colored curly haired dog, medium sized, laying in the grass in the sun.

Near the dog was another smaller dog, looked to be dark chocolate brown with perhaps some lighter tan spots. Maybe a larger chihuahua?

Just a PSA. I always stop for lost dogs and couldn't grab them today. They weren't running so they were safe and lunging at the moment.

  • Ellenf owner of apartment build. We need dog park

    can you catch them?

Mar 07

Updated May 22

Congress Pizza Property Sold ?????

I've been told that the Congress Pizza property at Milwaukee Ave and Campbell has been sold. Today I noticed a large drill in their parking lot and that at least 2 holes where drilled. I assume that the drilling has probably something to do with sampling of the soil such as was done on the site of the twin towers. I'm wondering if anyone in the neighborhood has any idea what is happening at this site.

May 20

Found ventra card

ERIN ziniel I have your ventra card. If you need it back reach out to me on every block

May 15

Updated May 17

Prescription eye glasses

Hi, I'm looking for a place to buy my 17yo son his prescription eye glasses. I have the prescription already from his eye Doctor but I want some place where they'll make recommendations that best suit him. TIA!

  • Tw Hermosa is for Lovers.

    If you go to Warby Parker, there's a SEE across the street fro there.

  • You all are awesome thx for your input

May 12

Updated May 13

Boys Youth basketball for summer - help?!

Hi there! I'm looking for a boys basketball camp for the summer, 2nd / 3rd grade (for a 12 year old) --- there were a few online when I googled but I have no idea which ones are reputable and would rather go off the fine folks of EveryBlock than my googling skills..... Any feedback would be so appreciated. If there is one located closer to downtown/loop that's even better... But anything helps!

Thank you :)

May 01

Updated May 01

Looking for someone to connect natural gas BBQ

We had a contractor install a natural gas pipe on our deck and am now looking for a qualified person to connect it to a webber natural gas bbq. Any suggestions please?

  • Doesnt the grill have a quick connect line? I can plug/unplug mine from the line any time. Or did the contractor not install the quick connect adapter?

  • Victor Perez small business owner

    I can take a look at it for you.
    you just need the proper adapters.

  • TaskRabbit.

Apr 27

Anyone find a drivers license?

Did any kind soul happen to find a drivers license on Wednesday (4/27/15) along Western near Fullerton, Fullerton to California or California to Milwaukee? Bonus points if you found it at Revolution Brewery. Please contact me if you happened to stumble upon it. Thanks!

Apr 20

Updated Apr 21

Logan square cleanup party

Plz join!

  • Good! I feel like There has been garbage everywhere lately

  • Really looking forward to this event. Do we know if anyone from the Alderman's office will be present? A serious discussion needs to take place on the current open-top garbage cans located throughout the neighborhood. They are constantly overflowing with trash and obviously a huge part of the problem. With...

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    Really looking forward to this event. Do we know if anyone from the Alderman's office will be present? A serious discussion needs to take place on the current open-top garbage cans located throughout the neighborhood. They are constantly overflowing with trash and obviously a huge part of the problem. With solar trash compactors and other solutions out there, it's insane that we still use these. It's also very upsetting that lazy MFers insist on stacking their trash on top when there is already a mountain spilling over.

    Sorry, but this topic gets me heated!

  • Jeff Linden Pl

    call / write and invite scott W

Apr 16

Updated Apr 16

Shooting Drake and Lyndale

Does anyone have any info on what happened last night around 2 am on the corner of Drake and Lyndale. We woke up to what sounded like several gunshots and police cars...

  • Mark L Logan Square homeowner

    My wife says she heard shots too (we are across from the YMCA) but neither of us know what happened.

  • any such name live, walk, & cook in logan square

    I live right there and was woken up from a dead sleep a little after 12am (probably 12:10 or 12:15); I have been working insane hours so was very disoriented and had no idea what I'd heard, I assumed it was a car crash. But it definitely was not at 2am, it was a couple hours earlier.

  • Thanks I have a family member that works for CPD I asked them to look into it. I'll keep you posted.

Apr 09

Updated Apr 12

Protests and cops by California and Milwaukee

Saw a protest and a LOT of cops. Any idea what is going on? Milwaukee is shut down with cops circled around the protestors

  • ld2

    So well organized they waited until these things were nearly complete to protest. I'm sure they'll stop construction and head on home....

  • Makeithappen myth buster

    Make Chicago Great Again!

Apr 02

Updated Apr 03

Alleys are streets?

Any recommendations on how to curb alleys being used as streets? High speed traffic and honking in alleys between Western, Milwaukee and Fullerton.

  • Milli Lawyer, mom, Logan Square resident.

    Speed bumps made a huge difference in our alley. About 50% come to a complete stop before crossing and through traffic has dramatically reduced.

  • Tony Jones esq "Long block" resident

    The alley behind our house has speed bumps and connects to the Foremost Liquors parking lot at California and Milwaukee. I cannot say for certain, but those facts may be connected. They certainly deter a quick getaway from the liquor store. Aside from the massive potholes of course.

Apr 02 2014

Updated Apr 01

New Humboldt Community Garden?

Does anyone have any info on a new (what I think is a community) garden on Humboldt Blvd one half block north of North Ave? I live nearby and am wondering if I'll be able to use it, and who I need to talk to. It appeared over the weekend!

  • Sam and Janielle, I have added you to the richmond community garden email. Let me know if you don't get email.

  • Hello! Is this garden still available to join in on? I was planning on joining in on the garden next to FoodSmart but it doesn't look like they're operating anymore. Would love to know any details to get involved.

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