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  • Burger Farm!! That's great!

  • Golden Flame was where the CVS is now, they reused the sign which explains the odd shape.

    At Big Top I order any of the egg dishes, their egg croissant sandwiches are great, and they have excellent gyros platters.

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  • Uhhhhhhh… no manager was on site because the owner passed away the day before this inspection. Wow—way to go, heartless inspector.

  • This is BS. They couldnt have rescheduled?

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    I'm sure everything will be ok next time, the inspector has a job to do, and he/she did it.

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  • Johnny Mayor of Milwaukee Ave.

    Mother Cluckers for ribs and such

  • at mother cluckers, i usually get the 10 oz pulled pork, mash potatoes and beans.

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