Sep 21

Updated Sep 28

Blasted Skunks!!

Family of skunks having a party in my front yard!

  • George... whatever you've got that's HOT; cayenne, crushed red pepper... and reapply as needed. Unless you use something with a pepper oil base it easily dilutes/washes away with weather events.
    There's standard market products too, such as "Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce" (primarily used to coat bird feed; birds have no "heat receptors" while mammals do).

  • VPGirl New to AP

    I have all that...but the Sriracha I am keeping for myself! :)

Sep 12

Updated Sep 24

Peoples Gas bill

My gas bill seems like it went up a bit. Did anybody else notice this?

  • If you don't use your cell a lot, Pay-As-You-Go is the best! I have so many rollover minutes it's ridiculous. I gave up my land line because I got tired of seeing all the new fees & taxes every month.

  • 4.1 Therms for me.

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