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  • Linne Elementary School reviewed by a parent

    We've been with Linne for two years and couldn't be happier. Some of the other schools we toured were overly focused on testing and rigorous academic performance, including hours of homework at even the Kindergarten level. For our family, we wanted a school where academics was important but also balanced by fine arts and personal development. A culinary program, martial arts, ballet from the famed Joffrey, a jazz band, and a dual language program are just a few of the offerings at Linne. Most importantly, I find the entire staff to be warm, friendly and dedicated educators. I'm glad we made the choice to stay with a neighborhood school instead of travel to one of the "selective enrollment" schools that are further away and more crowded.

    Linne Elementary School (3221 North Sacramento Ave) Published on GreatSchools April 7, 2018 Comment

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