Apr 10

Updated Apr 11

Blue angels flying today?

I think they are called blue angels?
I saw four of them flying together around 1pm in the Roscoe village area. Does anyone know what they're doing?

  • Looking for bad hombres to keep away from Wrigley

  • There were 4 F-16's, grey in color. The 93rd squadron based out of Homestead, Florida.

Mar 24

Updated Mar 27

Is Danny’s Egghead Diner Shut Down?

For two weekends we’ve headed over only to find it closed, no sign or message. Anyone know what’s happened.

  • Jane Spec North Center resident

    His father

  • I was never impressed by Danny’s. It is/was on the expensive side for a diner, small portions (for a diner), and the quality, while MAYBE on the better side for a diner, wasn’t good enough to make up for cost AND small sizes (I’ve had better food at other diners).

Mar 16

Updated Mar 20

Pedestrian hit @ Belmont & Leavitt

I saw a woman and her child (in a stroller) get hit by a car this morning at Belmont and Leavitt, I stayed with them after calling 911, but left to get out of the way of the Ambulance and EMTs. When I left they were both awake and talking, but in pain- I am hoping someone knows if they are okay, any updates would be appreciated!

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  • The car did stop right away, and stayed the whole time which was good.
    I think I saw the woman walking yesterday with a child, so that is good news, I am hoping they were not seriously hurt.

Mar 05

Updated Mar 06

Bangers & Lace Location - Opening March 19?

Just heard someone in the old Bangers and Lace say the new concept would be opening March 19. Anyone know what it'll be?

  • Taquitos. More bar concept w/light food. Space is too small for real sit-down dining, as evidenced by the three failures in the last 12 years.

Mar 04

Updated Mar 05

Riverview bar?

Hi, anyone know what's going on with the Riverview location on Damen and Roscoe?

Feb 21

Updated Feb 23

A woman was mugged at 3035 n Hoyne. The Criminal left her purse in a bathroom stall.

Some despicable, low life criminal stole a purse this afternoon. He then went into the public bathroom, dumped some of the contents into the toilet and floor. He left the purse in the stall. Probably stole the wallet with cash and cards. If he's not caught, hopefully karma catches up with him.

The victim got her purse back and thankfully keys were left in.

Completely fed up with criminals/thieves who target purses/backpacks to steal. Please be aware of suspicious behavior.

Thanks neighbors!

  • Description of mugger?

  • There was a Facebook post about this and my understanding is that it was not a mugging. The victim left her purse unattended by accident on a bench at Hamlin Park and it was stolen. She then found it with contents dumped in the toilet.

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