Apr 08

Updated Apr 16

Sabitha still missing.

Possible sightings between Ashland and Greenview between Pratt and Estes. As far west as 2700 block of Estes. Lost since 3/9 /

Solid grey body with white belly and paws. 6 years old, spayed, has claws.

  • This is not going to be very helpful, a week ago I saw a cat by the tot lot at Senn Park. I saw the cat from a distance of a half a block at night, so its not reliable, but the cat looked grey. Since that time I saw your flyers and have kept an eye out. I will continue to and let you know if I see a grey cat again.

  • Ab New to rp

    I believe this cat was in our Farwell alley between Ashland and greenview. She was very scared and let us get about a foot before running. Haven't seen her in a few days and think someone took her in. Hopefully they will call

Mar 30

Updated Mar 30

Still Missing

Sabitha was last seen March 9 near the corner of Greenview and Lunt. Please call 773-793-6752 if you see her!

  • I will keep an eye out..I see your signs ..good luck.. don't give up hope one of my cats ran away once and I got her back probably 2 weeks or more later just keep the signs up

Mar 21

Updated Mar 22

Mother And Daughter's Lost Cat

I believe it's your missing cat who comes to our backyard to eat. You spoke to our neighbor, and
he told me about your lost cat. It sounds like yours from the description. Please reply with a description and its name. I hope you can be reunited.

  • Kelly Teacher

    My cat is Sabitha,, ,she is a grey and white tuxedo cat. She is light grey colored, with a grey fur nose, and pink skin, white feet. No stripes.

  • Kelly Teacher

    7737936752 if you see her again, I will come by and see her

  • Sorry, Kelly, this is not the cat I've seen. Believe me, if I see her I will
    get in touch with you.

Mar 11

Updated Mar 13

Lost Cat

I lost my cat, Sabitha, Friday, 3/9 after she escaped after one of her housemates died. I was wondering if you can keep and eye out for her and post some fliers. Thank you. She was last seen running out the back door at pratt and greenview. She is very shy and doesnt like people, so I am hoping more for sightings than someone finding her and catching her.

Thank you for all your efforts and help. If you have any other ideas of what I should do, I am happy to do it!


  • Keep us posted!

  • The Hammer Telling it like it is!

    Have you posted fliers, or checked with local pet stores, shelters, animal control, etc.? I really hope you find her! She is a beautiful kitty!

Mar 10

Updated Mar 10

Lost Dog- last seen in Rogers Park Area

Mimi- Toy Poodle, 8 lbs, brown, very shy. Got away Friday (3-9-18) night around 10:30pm near Pratt and Clark. Last seen heading north on Clark. She lost her collar. She is chipped. If found please bring her to a nearest vet or call Homeagain at 888-466-3242.

I am posting this for a friend. Thank you in advance for your help.

  • mike Return Chicagoan circa 1996

    Mimi was found!

Mar 06

Updated Mar 07

Stray Dog near Ravenswood and Wallen

This dog is running free in the area of Ravenswood and Wallen. Soooooo friendly! No collar. It has run off now. Went east through the alley north of Wallen. I did call animal control and VCA Animal Hosp on Devon.

  • Thanks for posting and caring. I suggest posting on Craigslist as well

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Posted elsewhere that this dog was taken to the police station.

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