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High Property Taxes? Here's Why!

City of Chicago Salaries. Remember ... this isn't including benefits.
Since most folks in Chicago have short attention spans, I will keep posting this until the next mayoral / municipal election!

    City of Chicago :: Current Employee Names, Salaries, and Position Titles
    311 City Services Administrative Hearings Animal Care & Control Aviation Budget & Management Buildings Bus. Affairs & Consumer Protection City of Chicago TV Civilian Office of Police Accountability Cultural Affairs & Special Events Emergency Mgmt & Communications
  • PortageRules Love Portage Park!

    Zero party alternative. The last serious alternative option for mayor was tony pereica and even he was viewed as cooky. This city would rather watch itself burn to the ground than vote red.

  • Politics Chicago style...don't forget the patronage that occurs...jobs...jobs...jobs. it's an industry unto itself.
    County lost some employees recently...Sec of State magically "created" security guard positions soon thereafter.

    During this election cycle (beginning in March) do a FOIA on those credentialed to work at your precinct polling place. X-reference that with govt employees and u will see these "volunteers" are beholden to the horse traders who trade jobs at a state/county/city level.
    These guys are essentially the Directors/VP'S of HR for all levels of govt in the state.

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