5 days ago

Found dog

I'm not the finder, just sharing to get this dog back home.

Oct 02

Updated 6 days ago

Cat Sitter

My current cat sitter is having health issues and is not available.
Does any one have a reliable service that they would recommend? Thanks

  • smartypants Be Nice

    Our friends have used April for both their dog and their cat for many years. Very satisfied.

  • Thanks smarty! Who are your friends? Shoot me a message if you want to be private! Or keep it secret..I'm curious who says good things about me to their friends! How nice!

Sep 05

Updated Sep 18

  • Rosa Vargas Padron Hi Im new signed up to help find our dog & connec.

    No not chip we had his appointment set up for this Friday....and montose & Cicero

  • Is there any good news.... Have you and your dog been reunited?

Sep 08

Updated Sep 10

Found Orange Cat

There is a long- haired orange cat hanging out on the 4400block of Montrose.

  • Yes in today's world nobody should let their cats roam.So many dangers and cruel people.Check for micro chip if caught.All my strays adjusted well to indoor life.Can you post on Lost Cats of IL? Thanks for caring

  • Thank you for helping this kitty. Many, many blessings to you!

Sep 07

Updated Sep 09

found dog - sparky

in case my neighbors across the street check here. i have sparky. note on your door!

Aug 27

Updated Aug 29

***LOST DOG NW SIDE // REWARD*** around Irving and Oak Park. Small black and white Maltese mix.

***LOST DOG NW SIDE // REWARD*** around Irving and Oak Park. Small black and white Maltese mix. Her name is Bella, just got a shaved hair cut. Microchipped. I know this is a long shot but if anyone sees her around the Dunning/Portage Park area let me know please.

Aug 24

Updated Aug 28

Pet dermatologist ?

I was told my cat needs a consult with a dermatologist. I was referred to medvet. They want $500-$900 for a consult!
Anyone seen one for cheaper?!

  • Didn't know that he was felv+. There are topical ear flushes with steriods in them that are safer. I would get an appointment in with a vet for a consult. The polyps can be very painful and if left untreated can damage the ear.

  • We were at the vet sat. He said flushes just irritate. This has also been my experience.

Aug 22

Updated Aug 24

Stray or Lost Cat- seems ill

There is a stray or lost white and gray cat that has been hiding under a bush in my front yard for 36 hours now. I'm afraid it's sick. If anyone knows of someone who will pick it up and take it to a no-kill shelter, please respond. We want to get the cat to the help it needs, but it hisses at us, and we are not experienced in handling distressed animals.

  • Thank you for caring and sharing, Many, many blessings to you!

  • I just mentioned this in another post..there is a Facebook Group called Chicago Community Cats..people on there have tons of expetience with feral and stray cats in case you see the cat again.ty for caring

Aug 22

Lost Dog

If anyone is missing their dog, I saw a dog running down the 4000 block of N Mason Ave when I was leaving for work about 6:45 this morning. Brown and white Spaniel breed I believe. He was very scared and took of when he saw me.

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