3 days ago

Updated 2 hours ago

Found Cat Tabby with white chest and paws male

Grace and Narragansett Ave. Very affectionate. Checking tomorrow if microchipped. Posting on Lost Cats Illinois - Facebook as well. Very nice boy - was very hungry. I bathed his chest and paws so his picture might not be a very good representation. In my home tonight and my own cats are in the basement. Let me know if you or someone you know is missing this guy.

Oct 12

Updated Oct 24

Found dogs

Sharing again, now 2 dogs found together....let's get them home.

  • @Chi-Girl Portage: "While opinions vary in animal rescue, with a proper socialization plan, kittens born outside have an opportunity to be socialized."

    just out of curiosity do you have any idea what the "window of opportunity" so to speak would be for a kitten to be socialized?
    for example, i have a now 1 year old cat/kitten who spent 100% of her first ~10 weeks of life outdoors, and has spent 100% of her life since then indoors and i've never noticed any kind of problems whatsoever.

  • @BelmontCentral, I don't. Tree House says it's ideal to begin socializing before 8 weeks, but there are many kittens who are older than that who can still be socialized. I think that the older they get, the tougher it becomes. I have heard of people bringing them in at four months old and still being able to socialize them, but it took a long time.

Sep 28

Updated Oct 02

Cat found!!!!!

Thanks so much for the response -we found our dear Bob late last night sure enough a black and a half away

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