Oct 05

Updated Oct 06

Parking spot rental

I need to park my work van in a garage or a lot. If anyone has any ideas or has a spot to rent me please message me. Im will to pay up to 60 dollars a month. I live off irving park rd and laramie....thanks

  • I doubt you’ll find anything for less than $100

  • MomX4 We've lived in Portage Park a long time.

    Call Our Lady of Victory 773-286-2950

  • I used to rent a spot in Portage park for $50 in a garage 5 years ago.

Sep 17

Updated Sep 29

Two broken legs, abandoned by owner

I normally do only cat rescue but, on my way home from PAWS Intake on 26th Street, I came across a dog who had been hit by a car. I couldn't just drive past.

Please check out the story and help support my fundraiser by donating and/or by sharing to your social networks:


    Click here to support Two broken legs, abandoned by owner organized by Joann Seastrom
    Diamond suffered two broken back legs after being hit by a car on Friday 8/18. The driver slowed down to see what he hit, but he did not stop. The dog laid on the side of the road unable to move. A group of young men hovered over her, discussing what to do.
  • Weebis SWCC Vet. (Ret.)

    Great job Cat Wrangler!

  • Really GREAT to see her walking and looking so happy, safe, and content with life. Can't thank you enough for stepping-in to help her!

Sep 10

    Irma Response | Resources for Hurricane Irma Response, Relief, Recovery
    If you need to evacuate, click below to view the Shelter Map for open shelters in your area. If you're a shelter and need supplies/volunteers, click below to let us know what you need. Si necesita un refugio, haga click abajo para ver el Mapa con refugios abiertos en su area.

Sep 09

Updated Sep 09

Free Moving Boxes

Just moved to Portage Park and have lots of small, medium & large Lowes Moving boxes, several heavyweight. Also wardrobes, dish pack boxes, lamp boxes, etc. Free to anyone who'd like to come get them. Message me & we can make arrangements.

  • Can i pick them up tomorrow? We are by byron st as well. Near ATI, in front of lutheran services

  • Yes, we're here before 11am, then late aftn. Text me 724-316-4096 & we'll work it out.

Aug 20

Updated Aug 28

    Margarita Mark
    Found 2 days ago. Jefferson park area Chicago.
  • Great news Dusia. I hope he will be micro chipped and stays indoors.Thank you for helping him and I hope he has a wonderful life.

  • Perfect! Thank you so much for having such a loving heart. Many, many blessings to you!

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