Oct 04

Updated Oct 06

Incident in alley@ 10:20 pm

In the alley between Roscoe in Henderson an SUV with at least two guys in it and one guy walking with a girl his arms around her I heard the girl screaming called 911 the cops came the SUV went down through the alley it's a dead end and I seen the guys jump out of the car, and jump a fence by the train tracks, does anyone know what happened?

  • Checked the scanner. Call came in around 10:20 for battery in progress in the alley 4300 block of Roscoe. When cops showed up everyone was gone

  • Thank you for calling 911. Too many people ignore these sorts of things and/or assume someone else is calling.

  • Weebis SWCC Vet. (Ret.)

    But remember the politicians and their lapdogs in the local msm tell us all the time that "Crime is down."

    Take the red pill people. Listen to the police scanner frequencies for the 16th and 17th Districts. Crime in the area is omnipresent.

Sep 28

Updated Oct 02

Shots fired

12:50 a.m. Sounded like maybe five or six shots in a row. Then brief silence and another few shots. Didn't sound like fireworks.

Around Irving and Central. Anyone have a police scanner on tonight?

  • PortageRules Love Portage Park!

    it's the dutch gangs I know it.

  • Weebis SWCC Vet. (Ret.)

    Just a bunch of Amish kids out on rumspringa.

    A good hint would be to look at the gang graffiti in the area.

Sep 29

Updated Sep 30

Anyone hear gun shots around Montrose/Central this morning around 4:30AM?

Maybe I was dreaming? I live West of Central/Sunnyside and thought I heard, Pop, pop, pop but ??? Hard to say which direction but seemed like it was toward Portage Park.

Sep 26

    Gentrification & Crime
    "Cabrini-Green Tear Down" (2006) by Payton Chung is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Publications: Smith, Chris M. 2014. "The Influence of Gentrification on Gang Homicides in Chicago, 1994 to 2005." Crime & Delinquency 60(4):569-91. Abstract In this study, the author examines the effects of three forms of gentrification-demographic shifts, private investment, and state intervention-on gang-motivated...

Sep 06

Updated Sep 11

What happened around Patterson and Menard? (1:00am~ 9/6/2017)

Heard individual loud bangs from the distance from Melvina at around 1:00 am. I went on the police scanner and police said there were a bunch of calls of shots fired in that area. any clarification on what happened?

  • You probably heard the retaliation. They must of missed. Nothing else reported in the area on the 6th

  • It was fireworks. Retaliation? Lol I hope that was a bad joke.

Sep 08

Attempted Kidnapping

I saw on WGN news that there were 3 attempted kidnappings- one of which was right at Addison and Cicero. A 14 year old boy was waiting for the bus and a white SUV asked for directions then attempted to lure the boy into the car. Be on the lookout!

Sep 04

Updated Sep 07

Where you robbed or had ladder stolen on 9-3-17 @approx 8:20?

Robbed or Ladder stolen on 9-3-17 @approx 8:20? Linked video taken from IP camera showing 5 teenagers dumping wooden ladder by my garbage can. Chances are ladder was stolen or used for vandalism?

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4m7XUCUxmkc"; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Portage Park Chicago 9-3-17 alley camera
    Where you robbed or had ladder stolen on 9-3-17 @approx 8:20?
  • Eric from 60618 Lifelong NW sider, business owner and deplorable.

    Looks like dumb kids doing dumb things with a crappy ladder

  • granny: Milwaukee/Hutchinson/Berteau

    Lupe: It is a Hikvision dome ip camera (4mp?). Operating system is Zoneminder.

Sep 01

Updated Sep 05

Theif in portage park

I knows it's nothing major but it really stinks when you take care of your property with flowers, nice plants and someone thinks it's ok to just steal something.
So if you have a neighbor that now has a fern like one in photo and they didn't have one yesterday. They're a thief!

  • Back when they were popular, I had a concrete goose (dressed!) on my front porch, that was stolen. That thing was pretty darn heavy and up 6 or 7 steps from ground level Somebody's mother must have been having a birthday.

  • cheesecake chick i want to be the person my dog thinks i am

    lol my neighbor used to make seasonal outfits for her concrete goose, but they kept getting stolen!
    the yellow raingear and the Bulls uniform she made were gone in a week!
    they couldn't take the actual goose though, because her husband had figured out a way to "fasten" it to a heavy base.

Aug 29

Updated Aug 31

Helicopter circling at Belmont and Laramie

Does anyone have any information as to why a chopper would be circling for nearly an hour at 12.30 am?

  • Kapel Local Resident

    This went on until shortly after 1am. There was no noticeable Police or Fire Department activity in the area and no spotlight on the chopper so it seemed doubtful that is a Police unit searching for a criminal. If it was a Emergency Medical unit it wouldn't have hung around...

    Read full comment…

    This went on until shortly after 1am. There was no noticeable Police or Fire Department activity in the area and no spotlight on the chopper so it seemed doubtful that is a Police unit searching for a criminal. If it was a Emergency Medical unit it wouldn't have hung around for an hour. This helicopter seemed more like a TV News chopper, but not sure what they were so interested in for over an hour. From our 2nd floor roof windows we had a very clear view of the chopper as well as a terrified cat :-) but it was too dark to read the markings on it.

  • Any updates? I have a friend very near there.

  • Kapel Local Resident

    All I've heard about this is folks are speculating it was a practice flight for a news crew. I kinda doubt they would do this at midnight.

Aug 19

Updated Aug 22

backyard invasion

Hi all,
I am having an issue I need advise on.
We have found in 3 different times, dog poo in our backyard and we don't have any pets. I am looking at getting a camera to record the invader and report to the police but before I do that I wanted to know if any of u know of my options legally. Thanks in advanced :)

  • My dog loves to roll around in random feces he finds in our yard. I just had to bathe him this morning before work because he was wearing it like a necklace.

  • Cameras, motion activated flood lights are good ideas, also for detecting the random human trespasser. The neighborhood is loaded with possems and racoons. I saw a very large one in my neighbor's yard just a few weeks ago, my dog went crazy. Also, I saw three coyotes (I think) marching down the alley. The were all tan, so assume they weren't dogs. One was the size of a small lab. If you have a fenced in yard, I would put simple padlocks on the gates as well.

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