Jul 14

Updated 3 days ago

New Mexican Restaurant

Hey Everyone,

Noticed a sign a few doors down from the Binny's (in the old Pineda's Taco spot) that a Mexican restaurant is opening soon.

This little shopping center is really shaping up to be a great place. Looking forward to it.

  • joanie 20+ year Resident of Jefferson Park

    Good to know, thanks.

  • I saw a food truck parked on that strip. It was from Taco Grill and Salsa Bar. We tried it and enjoyed it. They have a salsa bar on board the food truck, yummy.
    www.TacoGrillAurora.com is their website for anyone interested in checking out. They do cater, it said so on their truck.

Nov 14

New Sidewalks at Chopin.

Wow the city actually used their brains this time, they were replacing some gas/sewer/water lines not sure exactly what it was under the road and at the same time tore up and redid the pretty bad sidewalks around the park.

Oct 25

Updated Nov 13

We don't need this.

Take this away. It is in front of Vitamin Shoppe.

  • Inactive user: my first big laugh of the day! However, it makes me sad that people have to resort to that sort of thing to make a point. Apparently a world full of garbage doesn't bother some people. If they're driving, it's even easier. They drop it in someone else's neighborhood and don't have to look at it. Then it looks like WE are the ones who don't care.

  • Mute Mute Me

    Kinda like the death penalty doesnt deter murder? Well it keeps me from killing people. Some people need a taste of their own medicine. Its been proven lots of people dont learn a lesson until it personally affects them.

Apr 19 2014

Updated Nov 08

Homeless Man On Six Corners

I haven't seen the homeless man that sits in the bus enclosure on Irving park near cicero for about 2 weeks now. He is the man that never begs and has been out there a few years now. Does anyone know what happen to him?

  • Kapel2 Neighborhood Resident

    Thank you Lindsey for being so instrumental in helping Joe and so many other local homeless folks re-integrate into a more normal life. You are truly a blessing to the community! As time allows I will send you and/or Gayle a note as to how my wife and I came to know about Joe and we will be sending another card for him and making a donation to HTH ministries.

  • Kapel Local Resident

    Hi Lindsey P L, I am getting ready to send a donation to HTH Ministries and was wondering if Joe is still in the nursing home and basically how he's doing. I will be sending a card for him with the donation if you guys still have contact with him.

Oct 30

Updated Nov 07

Central and Waveland

There was a question asked in another thread about what the status is at the empty lot at Central and Waveland. There was a meeting at Chicago academy in the spring about a Alzheimer’s memory development to be built. Is this one going to stay vacant as long as the Belmont and Narragansett site?

  • Maggiemay 45 year resident @ PP

    I'm surprised they haven't found any dead body in there yet. It's gonna turn into a dumping ground soon

  • This is another project just like the one at Belmont and Narragansett that just sits. It’s a shame there is no transparency with Villegas. Locking back it’s a good thing many residents got involved in stopping Villegas from pushing thru that section-8 housing development. Everyone should be Leary of what is going on with these 2 areas.

Oct 17

Updated Oct 26

Handyman Needed

Posting for a friend who is looking for a handy man. Needs someone who can reinstall insulation, not a big job.

  • Maggiemay 45 year resident @ PP

    Hi dave how can I pm u. I'm also looking for a handy man in the neighborhood hopefully

  • I just sent you a PM. Let me know if you didn't get it.

Oct 20

Updated Oct 22

Electrician Recommendations For Installing Cable Wires in Walls?

Hey Everyone,

I am buying a condo that has cable wired for the living room and the master bedroom. However, I want to move the cable hookup to the opposite wall in the living room and add a hookup to the spare bedroom.

Any suggestions/recommendations for electricians in the area who can do this type of work? I know Comcast would run the wires, but they won't run them through walls so that is out.

Also, anyone have experiences with this and roughly how much it cost? All answers appreciated.


  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Make sure you pull permits many contractors don't or cant because they aren't licensed electricians.You can't be quoted a price unless they evaluate the job.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    A installer I talked to said wireless is a good option, landlords can eliminate the swiss cheese look with many holes drilled for cables and to pay the high labor cost for a electrcian unnecessary.

Oct 13

Updated Oct 20

Shots Fired

Approx 4 shots fired this morning 4100/4200 N. Lockwood from a passing car. Nothing but trouble coming from that corner apartment building across from the school. Police were notified . Be careful out there & report incidents.

  • Weebis SWCC Vet. (Ret.)

    As this city, county, and state circle the toilet, Arena's 'Gangbanger Paradise' at 5151 N. Northwest Highway will be the crowning turd for the northwest side demise.

    Gunfire by violent felons released by Dart, not prosecuted by Foxx, coddled and celebrated by Emanuel and Preckwinkle will become the 'crickets of the night,' along with the sirens of responding ambulances and squad cars.

    Bravo. Shakespeare couldn't have written a better tragedy himself.

  • AprilsAngelsPets 12-year dog walking provider

    Segregation? Around 4228 n hermitage? Ravenswood area?

    They already claim there is housing in their neighborhood on some post somewhere around here!

Oct 09

Updated Oct 15

  • Sposato is terrible. He has no clue of what's going on in the ward. Doesn't support business. We need an involved progressive Alderman like Arena who supports art, new business, progressive infrastructure: bike lanes, community beatification, safe pedestrian walkways.

  • Annette? Annette Sposato, is that you?

Oct 14

Updated Oct 14

Boarded up apartment bldg on 3700 Central?

Does anyone know what gives with the boarded up apartments on 3700 (ish) Central. Looks like a gut to condo and they're waiting for all tenant leases to expire? Been this way for a long while now and is not a pretty sight.

  • If you are referring to the one on Byron/Central, it is a huge eyesore. I believe former slumlord had a ton of code violations that where tied up in court and never corrected and then home was foreclosed. Now it sits there as an eyesore. Hoping some developer buys it up and turns it into a nice rehab.

Oct 14

Updated Oct 14

St Pascal Haunted House Police and Ambulance

9:30 Friday night, police and ambulance outside the haunted house. Anyone know what happened?

Oct 13

Updated Oct 14

Fireworks near Laramie and Byron

Does anyone know who continues to light these things? This has gone on since spring and it is beyond annoying and my dog freaks out forever.

  • My dog gets scared with Thunder, fireworks, etc,. I’m just thankful they are not gun shots!

Oct 13

PPNA October Public Meeting: Canceled due to Jefferson Park Transit Center Meeting

PPNA Public Meetings are usually held on the third Monday of each month. Because our October Public Meeting date falls on the same date as a meeting to gather input on the redesign of the Jefferson Park Transit Center, we are canceling our public meeting and encouraging all residents to attend that meeting instead as the transit center is an important asset to the Northwest Side. The meeting details are as follows:

Jefferson Park Transit Center Community Meeting
Monday, October 16, 2017
6:00-7:30 p.m.
Copernicus Center Annex @5214 W. Lawrence Ave.

We hope to see you there!

Oct 08

Updated Oct 09

    Skip Haynes, who wrote Chicago anthem 'Lake Shore Drive,' dead at 71
    Skip Haynes, who wrote the Chicago anthem "Lake Shore Drive," died of cancer Monday in California. Mr. Haynes, 71, had been the last surviving member of Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah, whose performance of the jingly-jangly early 1970s song became a hardy perennial of radio.

Oct 05

Updated Oct 06

Update: Pedestrian refuge islands removed from 6 Corners to be rebuilt

Update: Chicago Transportation Department says the islands were impeding traffic the way they were initially installed. Construction of new islands is expected start next week. http://nadignewspapers.com/2017/10/04/pedestrian-refuge-islands-at-6-corners-removed-after-recently-being-installed/

  • Nice - so my main question is, who's paying for this? Is this coming out of the Alderman's budget or the city budget? With as much oversight and permitting and inspections required to do anything in this city, it just boggles the mind how this can happen. SMH....

  • Depends on who’s fault it was for being incorrectly installed

Oct 04

Updated Oct 06

Electronics recycling

I'm sure I missed any event lately to bring some old electronics to be recycled...Any coming up in the near futre?

Oct 02

Updated Oct 06

Please pick up your dogs' mess

Whoever is walking their (small by the size of the poop) dog in the alley behind the 5200 block of Dakin, please PICK UP THE POOP! I almost stepped in the mess left by my garbage cans this morning.

  • Maggiemay, is that your cat's photo? Cute!!

  • Weebis SWCC Vet. (Ret.)

    This ward has some of the dumbest dog owners in the planet. I know that's hyperbole, but quite close to the mark.

Oct 01

Updated Oct 03

Free Composter

I have a composter I do not need. I have put it in the alley behind my house. My address is 6119 W Dakin St. If you want it come grab it. First come first serve.

Sep 26

Updated Oct 02

First they came for my neighbor, and I did not speak out -Wake up Portage Pk; it's not just Jeff Pk

Arena wanted to expand the plan’s boundaries farther north, to include Jefferson Park and Portage Park. Burnett didn’t want to complicate the issue.
“When I’m dealing with developers who bring belligerence to the table and find every single way to get around doing affordable units on site … why wouldn’t you give us a hand in fighting that fight when you have the legal defensible position to do it in this case?” Arena asked.


    Emanuel's affordable housing pilot plan clears key committee hurdle
    Mayor Rahm Emanuel's plan to create affordable housing in gentrifying neighborhoods - on the Near North and Near West Sides and along the Milwaukee Avenue corridor - cleared a key hurdle Monday, despite fears that rents are too high for families to afford and the area covered is too small.
  • Weebis SWCC Vet. (Ret.)

    Danny, that will be easy, since I don't own either one of those pins.

  • Mute Mute Me

    Who wears pins? Oh wait Richard Spencer does but even he doesn't wear a confederate or swastika one.

Sep 29

Free Flagstones

I pulled some flag stones out of my back yard. Any body who wants them can have them. They are in the alley behind my house at 6119 W Dakin St.

Sep 29

Sunshine Activity Center

We were sad to read in the Nadig News that Sunshine Activity Center, a respite program in Portage Park that serves developmentally disabled adults, lost its state funding and will have to close its doors. We were unaware of this and contacted the center to ask if PPNA could help raise awareness of the good work they do and funds to stay open but it does not seem likely that anything can save the center. Center director Diane Gunaka used...

Read full message…

We were sad to read in the Nadig News that Sunshine Activity Center, a respite program in Portage Park that serves developmentally disabled adults, lost its state funding and will have to close its doors. We were unaware of this and contacted the center to ask if PPNA could help raise awareness of the good work they do and funds to stay open but it does not seem likely that anything can save the center. Center director Diane Gunaka used her own money to found the center 32 years ago along with Linda Williamson and we would like to thank them and all the employees at Sunshine for providing this very important service to the community for so many years. The center does have outstanding debts, including payroll, so please consider making a donation.


    Click here to support Save Sunshine Center! organized by Linda Williamson
    Since 1985 Sunshine Activity Center has provided high quality programming for hundreds of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through daily activities that help introduce and develop important life skills. Here at Sunshine, we firmly believe that our program is the key to hap...

Sep 29

Crafters/Vendors wanted!

Friends of Portage Park is looking for vendors for the first annual holiday craft fair to be held in conjunction with the annual tree lighting, Saturday December 9th 2017. The craft fair is from 10am-4pm and the tree lighting and festivities run from 3:30-5:30. Interested crafters can find an application at: http://friendsofportagepark.org/holiday-craft-fair1

Looking forward to seeing all the amazing goodies!!!

    Friends of Portage Park is looking for HAND made items for our first holiday craft fair. The spirit of the season will abound between vendors set up inside multiple buildings, and the excitement of the tree lighting, music, hot cocoa, and carriage rides later in the day. Be part of something special.

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