May 20

4518 W. Irving Park (Next to Chicago Pizza on the east side)

Anybody have any insight into what is going into this building? I walk by everyday and notice they've been building and repainting. Fingers crossed for something good.

May 11

Updated May 14

Looking to find a hairdresser who specializes in hair color

I'm in need of hair colorist who knows how to color hair. My hair has a tendency to pull orange when I get highlights and I would like to find someone who can make my hair color ash/ cool and not warm or brassy. I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks

  • My hair also pulls reddish orange. Tory at t salon always makes it look right. I do fro red to sunkissed blonde. Good luck. I feel you.

  • Milindarose23 crafty chick

    I have a friend with who has a small salon in her home. She does amazing work. She took me from black to blonde to purple to the beautiful chocolate brown I have now. She is licensed too. Located by Belmont and Laramie

Apr 17

Updated Apr 25

Plumber recommendation needed

I live in 6 corners/Portage Park area & need a good & fair priced plumber. Any recommendations appreciated. Thx.

  • RLM

    Def check out Avanti Plumbing - 773-469-6330. Reasonably priced and very reliable. I've used them a couple times in the past.

  • Excellent, Stormy! They were great with me, too. I called them for a different problem at a later date and rather than try and screw me on something, the guy told me a simple fix that took 30 seconds instead of changing me a boatload like he probably could have.

Apr 18

Updated Apr 20

It's like DePaul..

I realize OIP is cheap rent, but my new downstairs neighbors have a kegger every weekend, complete with bad all night rap and people smoking horrible weed (seriously, if it's good, you're gonna take a toke or two) inside. My landlord doesn't feel the need to kick them out, but my roomies are residents at rush (pumping the stomachs of the dummies that drink too much rumpleminz downstairs) and the rest of the folks in the building are over this. Aside from calling the cops, what can we do?

  • The noise ordinance has an alternative if the police will not respond. What it takes is a set of at least three people living at different addresses (eg three different apartments) reporting the same noise incident (ie the type of noise from the same origin at the same time & date). The reports have to be notarized as true statements.

  • Doug1977 concerned neighbor

    Yep portage Parker is correct and will go to housing court and then landlord will have to act.Keep a journal with times ,dates and how many times 17th dist has been out.Good luck.

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