Sep 25

Updated Sep 27

Artificial Turf

Anyone ever had artificial turf installed in their yard? I don't have much grass, but the grass I do have gets destroyed by my dogs, even with constant watering down and maintenance. I am thinking about getting a real-looking turf installed, but I'm worried it will feel hot or the dog pee will not drain well/smell bad. Let me know if you have any advice for dog owners and realistic turf installation/recommendations for turf companies.


  • Waveland_5400 Retired and loving it!

    This may be it:
    "Lawns that are stressed are more susceptible to damage."
    Mine is taken pretty good care of plus she's not too big.

  • Smartypants, who installed yours?

Sep 08

Updated Sep 10

6 corners progress on building old bank of america location?

its been months since they tore down the old bank bldg at six corners but I have not seen any construction crews or progress. Does anyone know what is going on and why it isn't moving along by now?

Aug 31

Updated Sep 02

Milwaukee / Kostner Overgrown Weeds


I noticed there are a tons of weeds growing on the city sidewalks along Milwaukee from Six Corners all the way to Belmont (at least). They grow between those metal tree grates. It looks like a dump. Does anyone know how I can get the city to come pick these and perhaps lay some stones under the grates to help prevent future weeds?


  • Joe

    Offer to pay more taxes. The city is always proclaiming how broke they are.

  • Call your Alderman. Make the office work for you.

Aug 28

Updated Aug 29

Irving Park Taco Shop

Anyone have some intel on newly advertised al carbon taco spot in the old Berrista space? In the last week a large sign in the window went up and there's an old phone booth immediately inside the door.

  • Met the new owner while strolling on Irving Park Road. says the name is CTA (Chicago Taco Authority). That was a couple of weeks ago. Not sure if that is going to fly with the Chicago Transit Authority. He seemed like a nice guy. No further details.

  • Botkin Kinch: the knife-blade

    I wonder how it'll fly with Chicago Bagel Authority.

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