Aug 13

Updated Aug 20

Bowtruss Coffee Roasters coming to Old Irving

Just happened on an article about Bowtruss expanding, and according to their About page, they'll be taking a spot in the new development at Irving/Avondale alongside Potbelly and Lou Malnattis.

Hope it holds true! They make some great stuff.

  • Aaron P-slight correction. The Bow Truss Coffee/Potbelly/Malnati's are in a separate building on the front of the lot. not on the first floor of an apartment building. There will be several apartment buildings at the rear of the lot. They torn down a three flat on Keeler to make additional room.

  • Tami, go back to making coffee out of a old shoe.

Jul 28

Updated Jul 29

Parkway Tree

Has anyone else had trouble having a tree planted on the parkway in front of your house? I have called and emailed the alderman's office for almost 2 years to have one put in and am told over and over, "It's coming." I'd like to plant one myself, but I'm not sure if there are specifications on what is planted.

  • dd

    My katalpa tree was destroyed by lightning the city came and tore it down. I called 311 they told me what I had to pick from two days later they planted it. It's a maple

  • Ten years ago, we waited 6 months max to get a tree planted in our parkway. They even asked us what kind we preferred, and voila, an oak was put in, as requested! I realize the city is in worse shape financially after the 2008 crash, but it is sad that neighborhood services like tree planting seem to be on the back burner.

Jul 28

Updated Jul 29

To the kids who stole my back wheel

I'm sorry you feel like you're in an okay place where you are good to steal a back wheel from a bike locked up at the Irving park blue line. It was my mistake to lock it up with just a u lock, I went out drinking and left my bike rather than riding it home drunk in the dark. It's an army green deep v wheel, you need to order a special tube for it online. You must need it more than I do.

  • How do you know it was kids?

  • They clearly weren't pro bike thieves or they would have taken the whole thing. Also they bent the heck out of my frame, I'd like to think any competent adult would not only know how to operate a wrench but also that stealing a bike wheel is an idiotic thing.

Jul 28

Updated Jul 29

Triangle Auto...FANTASTIC Auto Repair

I have to give a giant shout out, thank you, and wholehearted recommendation for Triangle Auto at 4060 N. Elston. What an amazing repair shop! Thank you so much to Brian for fixing my car. I will be back for future repairs. If anyone needs their car fixed, absolutely consider the fine folks at Triangle Auto. Such a great place!!!

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