Jul 05

Updated Jul 06

Marisol knocking on doors tonight

Thank you EveryBlock for the years of warnings! The famous Marisol knocked on our door tonight. My husband answered it and came upstairs asking for a few dollars for her. She told him she lived the next block over and her baby daughter died so she was trying to collect money for her funeral. Thanks to EveryBlock, I knew exactly who it was and avoided the scam. Hope no one else fell for it!

  • You have to be pretty low to make up a story about a dead baby. Karma . . .

    What was the location?

  • BG83 Old Irving resident

    If it was indeed Marisol, she's been using the same story for years, sadly. We're near Addison & Milwaukee. Found a post on the Nextdoor app after I posted this, and it looks like she's been making the rounds through a few of the surrounding neighborhoods over the past week. Some of the posters reported a male pushing a stroller making the rounds with her. If you see them, let them know that neighbors are posting all over social media and everyone is on to them.

Jun 24

Updated Jun 24

Install faucet

Any handymen or plumbers in this group that might available to install a kitchen faucet today?

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