May 09

Updated May 09


Just found a dog with a collar but no tags, wandering alone and wet on Natoma. If you know this pup, please contact us. It's a male, about 20 lbs prob, shaggy/terrier, grayish color. (Pic doesnt want to attach)

  • Reunited! Yay puppy! Lived on Wellington and ran away from the thunder!

May 07

Updated May 08

Lost Dog (Simba)


We lost our dog, Simba, yesterday (Sunday 5/6/18). He is small, has longish tan and white fur, and is very friendly.

Reward if found. Thank you!

You can contact me at 773-818-7013.

  • PetParent Founder of Pitter Patter Parenting

    I'm so sorry that your dog has gone missing. Any luck finding him yet? Is he wearing a collar with tags? Is he microchipped? Have you posted him on yet?

  • Thanks PetParent. Yes, he's chipped and has a tag. I think he's still roaming around somewhere. Someone saw him yesterday near Fullerton and Laramie

  • PetParent Founder of Pitter Patter Parenting

    That's great that he's tagged and chipped. Hopefully someone can get close enough to get him to safety and then call you with the info on the tag. I live very close to Fullerton and Laramie. I'll keep my eyes out for him.

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