May 09

  • Lincoln Elementary School reviewed by a parent

    I honestly regret having to write a negative review about a school we've now spent 7 years attending, but the truth is the school has changed over the past 2-3 years and it needs to brought to the leadership's attention. When we first started at Lincoln it was small welcoming school and everyone from the principal, teachers, and families all teamed together with a goal to create a safe, caring and academically advanced environment - one where all of our children could prosper. While today the academics have continued to excel at Lincoln, the welcome community feel of the school has changed dramatically. It's hard to pinpoint the exact cause, but the open and welcoming feeling of families interacting with an aligned goal has now been replaced with groups / clicks all strategizing to better each other it s starting to feel like a private school disguised as public. It's just no longer the friendly place it once was and is missing the community feel of a true neighborhood school. Some suggest the Principal is on the retirement track and no longer is personally involved and only is concerned with test scores. Others blame the current fundraising group (FOL) for acting more like a high school click than a group who should be welcoming and friendly to all. As enrollment has risen dramatically in the past years, actual parent involvement in events and fundraising has decreased, relying more and more and the same groups of families to fund the CPS budget shortfall. It s a shame, it s being talked about openly, and it's a problem, but no one seems to be doing anything to address the issue. I hope changes are made so new families moving to Lincoln Park can enjoy what we cherished so dearly when we started at Lincoln. Return to your core values Lincoln... you can do it!

    Lincoln Elementary School (615 West Kemper Place) Published on GreatSchools May 8, 2018 Comment

Apr 28

  • Lincoln Elementary School reviewed by a parent

    Staff is Very Rude and Condescending and leadership supports this type of unprofessional behaviour. Yet, they are always ready to raise money from whom??? The people who can barely get a cordial greeting when they walk into the Main Office. Hopefully, my child doesn't experience this!

    Lincoln Elementary School (615 West Kemper Place) Published on GreatSchools April 27, 2018 Comment

Mar 23

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  • Francis W Parker School reviewed by a parent

    The high school experience at FWP needs an overhaul. With some recent upgrades in the math and science faculty academics are less of an issue (although if you have an exceptional math or science student this still isnt the best option for you). Culture is the main problem. First there s clear favoritism towards certain students (offspring of board members, mostly). Second the unrelenting emphasis on diversity turns off the very kids who could benefit most from exposure to other cultures. But the focus seems to make certain teachers and administrators feel better about themselves. Finally, the high school looks the other way on the question of extra time. Whereas nationally students with learning disabilities that require extra time on tests and the ACT are 2% of the population, at FWP it s closer to 40%. Parents can easily buy a diagnosis of a learning disability and the school readily accepts it. It s cheating, pure and simple. Everyone knows it. Disadvantages the kids who play by the rules who look on in disgust as that group gets as much time as they want (sometimes over several days) and post scores that are abnormally high. FWP does not reveal which kids have extra time on college applications. But conversations suggest that many college admissions office suspect that the system is being abused and assume that ALL FWP students have extra time. That seriously disadvantages the honest kids and there s not a thing that they can do about it (other than change schools but by then it s too late). So if you send your child to high school at FWP you d better decide early whether you re going to encourage cheating ( because everyone else does it ) or whether your values are more important than an inflated ACT score. The topic is absolutely taboo at the HS because the teachers, board members, and administrators with kids enrolled there often engage in the dishonest behavior themselves. And just because the colleges don t push the issue (frightened by the prospect of litigation I m sure) doesn t make it right. FWP sends all the wrong signals to these kids, all the while sanctimoniously bragging about their commitment to diversity and their anti-AP test mentality. I m a Parker parent and my kids go to prestigious colleges, so it s not sour grapes on my part. I just think it s important for other parents to understand the culture there.

    Francis W Parker School (330 West Webster Avenue) Published on GreatSchools March 22, 2018
  • all these things don't matter later in life. once those kids get into the real world and their boss won't give them "extra time" because of their "learning disability", they will be at a disadvantage compared to kids who had to work under normal constraints. they will sink or learn to swim. things even out.

  • None of this surprises me.

    The school has not been a good neighbor to those that live nearby. The parents dropping their kids off behave like inconsiderate privileged brats.

    We have to confront parents using our private parking space as their own.

    Mostly it's the daily rush of illegally parking...

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    None of this surprises me.

    The school has not been a good neighbor to those that live nearby. The parents dropping their kids off behave like inconsiderate privileged brats.

    We have to confront parents using our private parking space as their own.

    Mostly it's the daily rush of illegally parking on the streets, often across crosswalks, while they wait for their kids. Many leave their cars with the hazards on to walk their kids in.

    I've had to jump out of the way of SUVs barreling down the street because they're busy navigating around the other double parked cars and not paying attention to what's in front of them.

    This winter was bad with the snow as parents treated our alleys as an opportunity to engage 4WD and romp over the curbs and snow piles. Yet one more thing to be aware of while walking around. During the warmer weather they double park along the streets and lave the car to chat with another parent.

    We regularly write complaints to the alderman's office, and they reply back that they're going to address the issue, but the behaviors don't change.

    Sometimes after these complaints I'll see an increased presence of what I assume is the principle, walking around with a fluorescent vest in front of the school, cooly turning his back whenever a parent behaves obnoxiously.

    To learn they've figured out a scheme for test taking is just another example in a basket of behaviors with Francis Parker parents setting poor examples for their kids. Whether it's teaching them how to game the system, that laws don't apply, or that consideration of others isn't the way to get through life, it all just reinforces the lesson that the rules simply don't apply to them.

    Let's not make any mistake that the school is a business, and like any business, money talks. There is no incentive for the school to address the problem by coming up with a better solution, and certainly no incentive to address the issue with parents for fear of upsetting their clientele.

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