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Two Loose Pit Bulls 3400 Block Kolmar

I went to walk my dogs this morning and was greeted by a pair of chunky looking dark grey pitbulls wandering loose on my block. They didn't seem aggressive but they were definitely interested in coming towards me and my dogs so I didn't want to find out. One of them appeared to have a collar and the other had white markings around its neck. I called 311 but if these are your dogs, come over to the Kilbourn park area and fetch them before they get into any more trouble.

  • They are from the 3500 block of kilbourn the police were following them 10 minutes ago as I drove by. They are outside of their gate trying to get back in. I hope they don't get shot. 😕

  • Yeah I wouldn't want to see the dogs get hurt. That said, whoever owns them needs to be more responsible and keep them somewhere they can't get out.

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