Jan 17

Updated Jan 18

Licence contractor needed

Hi everyone,
Doest anybody can reffer me a reliable trustworthy contracotor?
I really appreciate because I have been looking for with no luck

  • Victor Perez small business owner

    Quality assurance contracting services llc

Jan 12

Shooting ??

Does anyone know anything about several shots fired around the 1900 block of Tripp around 4:30 pm on Thursday night? I always call the police whenever I hear anything but yesterday I was not sure, however within a minute or two of hearing the sounds there were police cars with lights no sirens in my alley. Wondering what the scoop was.....

Jan 05

Updated Jan 07

5 gunshots heard

I live near Armitage and Karlov and just hear 5 gunshots, shortly followed by police sirens and ambulance sirens. Does anyone know what that was about?

  • Lugo 30+years Logan-Hermosa

    There was a car stolen, threw a gun out at Kostner and wabansia. Keep going chase went down by Pulaski and Wrightwood. And there was someone shooting armitage and karlov. Man shot.

    This was copied from a Facebook post from Hermosa Coummunity Forum
    If you have Facebook and live in Hermosa this is a great page.

  • Thanks Lugo, I'll check it out.

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