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Bethany Emmanuel Church: another building to bite the dust?

Has anyone heard anything about the church at 1244 W. Thorndale being razed to make way for condos?
Currently the church provides space for the Chicago Friends School, but, for 31 years it was the Rogers Park Montessori School. And, for those 31 years, I was one of the teachers there. Lots of great memories!
I will be sad to see it go even though it is far less than state of the art.

btw, for any of you devoted followers, I'm the mom whose daughter posted about losing her license and credit card. Thanks for all those supportive comments!

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Parking was very difficult.

I spent two hours trying to park. 5700 block of Winthrop. Ive been reading previous posts, and will try Broadway and the other side of Broadway as well.

  • What time of day was this?

  • Sandy in EdgeGlen EdgeGlen since 1987

    Almost impossible to park in "the Corridor." Narrow streets, all apt. bldgs., few if any garages for residents of those bldgs.

  • I wish the school would let people park in their lot at Granville and Kenmore on the weekend.

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Hellas Gyros

It looks like Hellas Gyros is a goner... Green sheriff eviction sticker on the door and boarded up windows. Does anyone know any details?

  • MSA

    Actually, after their recent inspections, they went to a lot of trouble and expense to fix all the problems. The interior had been completely redone; it was clean and modern, with a small bar in front. I work in the area, and Hellas was one of our favorite spots. I'm going to miss the Merkt's Cheddar Burgers.

  • Budacki's makes the best gyro in the city.

Jul 06

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Candea Development?

Hi all a friend of mine heard about a developer called candea that was featured on DNA Info doing a new 39 unit building in edgewater soon and asked me if I knew anything about them as he's looking to move back up to this area. I asked around and one friend who said (through hearse though) which is why i'm inquiring, that they dont communicate once you sign on the dotted line and will screw you over.

Since it was hearse, does anyone have any direct info on this developer?

  • Newer here but I do know someone who bought in one of their buildings and one in one that is under construction. They both have had different experiences and I recommended both of them to come here and post their experience first hand. In short though they both said the...

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    Newer here but I do know someone who bought in one of their buildings and one in one that is under construction. They both have had different experiences and I recommended both of them to come here and post their experience first hand. In short though they both said the buildings seem solid but the quality of finish work is not worth the price. Lots of issues and the sales guy disappears once signed and they consistently send people to their lawyers. Sign and dump. I'll try to get one of them to sign up here and put their first hand. 39 units next WOW!

  • Sue

    I nearly bought in a Candea building that was 3 years old. Inspection uncovered structural problems. The inspector stated that he saw the same problem at the clark and Lawrence developement. I would stay away.

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LOST! Driver's License and credit cards

LOST! My daughter's (Indiana) Driver's License, and two credit cards. All three cards were wrapped in a rubber band. May have fallen out of her pocket while running...Thanks for any help!

  • David B New in town, want to get to know Edgewater/R.Park

    Very well said! I quickly learned that there are some petty and mean-spirited people around here who seem to delight in belching out baseless negative comments while under the cover of anonymity.
    Best of luck!

  • brandon Edgewater Fan

    words of regret are the reason you should ALWAYS think twice before you speak......

    Because no matter how sorry you are and not matter how much you apologize...

    even if you are forgiven, those WORDS can never be UNSAID!

Mar 08

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Thinking of Moving to Edgewater- Winthrop and Catalpa

Hey everyone, my husband and I are currently renting in Lakeview and are considering buying a condo in Edgewater near Winthop and Catalpa. Just wondering if anyone on here would be willing to share your thoughts about living in the community! We do not have any kids right now but are thinking of starting a family in the next few years. We'd love to hear about how you feel about the sense of community there, things to do nearby, and also your thoughts on crime as the crime maps we have checked are a little vague!

  • Sandy in EdgeGlen EdgeGlen since 1987

    Try to look for something west of the Red Line tracks, west of B'way if you have a car (better parking). Catalpa has two Thai restaurants on the Michelin Bib Gourmet list kitty-corner from each other. Shopping is great. Bus lines galore. Houses of worship of all three monotheistic religions--and...

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    Try to look for something west of the Red Line tracks, west of B'way if you have a car (better parking). Catalpa has two Thai restaurants on the Michelin Bib Gourmet list kitty-corner from each other. Shopping is great. Bus lines galore. Houses of worship of all three monotheistic religions--and other faiths as well. And Edgewater's nightlife & social scene is populated by grownups...who happen to be millennials. I'm almost tempted to discourage anyone from moving here lest we be "discovered" any more than we are (but we'll welcome you nonetheless). ;)

  • headsup not available

    east of Broadway offers more public transportation "at your door" - Sheridan Rd transportation includes 3 buses -2 run every 10 minutes - and the El stop is 2 blocks away. so if public transportation is important - worth a consideration. The Edgewater High rises offer many amenities - doorman, garage, and often retail.

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Dentist recommendation

I'm new to Edgewater/Rogers Park and need a dentist. Looking for recommendations.

  • Dr. Mark Swayer, DDS. Lakeshore Dental Western and Fargo. Nice Denist and friendly staff. I highly recommend him. You will not be disappointed. His office number is 763-761-7442
    7428 N Western Ave. Chicago

  • Patty in Edgewater Indigenous Journalism Professor

    Thanks to everyone who provided recommendations. I made an appointment with Northside, but if that doesn't work out I now have other good options.

Jan 22

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Lost Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Please help, if you have seen it or found it, please return to a police station :( It's my fiancee's mother's stone, I would be forever grateful if you returned it.

  • I think you missed the point "Summertime" was making, 60660Gal. When You're hungry, or your electricity is about to get turned off, if your kid needs school supplies.. etc, people often do things that go against their own code of ethics when they are struggling to survive. It's not about good vs evil. Most people want to be honest.

  • DianeW just nosey

    Have you checked and posted on Craigslist? I saw an ad for a found ring but it's not from Clark street https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/laf/d/ring-found/6524936557.html

    I hope you find it!!

Mar 09

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Winthrop at Berwyn

Anyone know what is going on at Berwyn and Winthrop?

Mar 06

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Apartment maintenance question

Whose responsibility is the batteries in the smoke detector and supplying and replacing the bulbs in the track lighting? I thought the smoke detector was supposed to be hard wired? The track lighting they have up is on the ceiling which is 9 feet or more above me so there is no way i can get to it.


  • I had to call the fire department to change my battery in my townhouse in Alexandria VA. it was at the top of my 22ft ceiling. While I had a ladder to reach it I was too afraid to take both hands off the ladder to pull off the smoke detector. I called at 7am one day thinking they would make an appt. They came over right then and there in a hook and ladder truck!

  • I had no idea Fire Departments anywhere did this!

Mar 05

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One Computer for Every Student!

Chicago Math and Science Academy has launched a Giving Tree campaign to bring one-to-one technology to our school. This means that every student would have their own chromebook.One-to-one technology has the potential to reshape classroom learning and open up extraordinary possibilities. According to a recent article by Education Week researchers found “One to One Laptop Initiatives Boost Students’ Scores” (May 2016).

Mar 02

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Mystery Business in Broadway Bank

Anyone have any idea of what is happening inside this former bank. The northern ground floor portion has been occupied for a couple of months, but no one seems to know anything about what is going on inside. Strangely, no announcement from the Alderman's office. The shades are always drawn on all the windows and the door is covered with opaque material. It is not construction. The secrecy would lead me to believe that it might be an activity that does not conform to zoning. Given the reputation of the owners, the disgraced Ginulious family, it would not be a surprise.

  • headsup not available

    It is private property - done of our business is someone is running a business in that space. The Chamber should ask them to allow artwork in their windows to make the pedestrian way more attractive.

  • headsup not available

    whoops -
    It is private property - none of our business if someone is running a business in that space. The Chamber should ask them to allow artwork in their windows to make the pedestrian way more attractive.

Mar 04

    Edgewater: Apartment Complex Janitor Burglarized Six Units, Taking Jewelry, Cash, And Watches, Cops Say
    It has happened again. A man who worked as an apartment building janitor burglarized apartments in the complex, taking cash and jewelry, according to prosecutors Similar charges were filed against an Uptown man in February and a Lakeview condo building maintenance worker in January.

Mar 01

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Anyone know of a handyman with references who could do a small bathroom tile job in the area?

Mar 02

Park near Rosedale & Glenwood

Hi all,

I am looking for monthly parking near Rosedale and Glenwood. If you know of anyone leasing a spot of a good place to search, please let me know!

I've checked Spot Hero but the spaces it offers are more than 1/2 a mile away, which is a bit too far.

Feb 27

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Everyblock emails

I'm wondering if anyone else has recently stopped receiving EB emails? I've checked my email settings (no change - still has me receiving a daily email) and have used EB's feeble feedback process (no reply after two days).

If this has happened to you and you found a way to resolve the issue, I'd appreciate any advice.

  • Like someone said to me once on EB.. this is what the thread is about so if you don't like it move on and they were right...and I did..no offense of course...

  • I've noticed that they bounce around my inboxes. Sometimes I get nothing for days, sometimes 2-3 in a day. No rhyme or reason to it that I can figure out...

Feb 26

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Looking for volunteer opportunity, hopefully with refugee children

I was a preschool teacher for 42 wonderful years and have been retired for 2. I'm looking to volunteer with children who are refugees or disadvantaged for a couple of hours a week. Does anyone know of an organization that I might contact?
Thank you!

  • Care for Real is in Edgewater and works with refugees.

  • I just want to say thank you! I feel it is a wonderful thing you are doing!

Feb 04 2017

Updated Feb 28

Looking for good tax service

Does anyone have a company they have had good experiences with for getting their taxes done? We usually do it ourselves but feel like we need more help with 2 grad students and married now. Thanks!

Feb 27

Updated Feb 28

Looking for recommendations for intercom repair

Hello all! I need someone to repair an intercom/call box for a multi-unit condo building. Prefer someone in the neighborhood or nearby. Have perused listings for locksmiths and electricians on Yelp, but very few reviews are relevant. I'd rather work with someone who comes recommended for resolving a similar issue (buzzer/speaker not working or barely audible in some units). Thanks in advance!

Feb 23

Updated Feb 27

Rental renewal

Just asking if your leasing company offers to renew you and you except. Can they come back and not renew your lease even thou sending you the renewal offer?

  • Are you asking if they can rescind the offer? If you haven’t signed a new lease, then they could change their mind and not renew. If so, they’d have to provide you with a written notice 30 days prior to the end of your current lease date. What date does your lease expire?

  • Just found out they are behind in getting leases out but will be getting it

Feb 13

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Apartment Forced entry

I was involved in an home invasion earlier this morning around 5:30AM. 3 Latino men dressed in winter gear from head to toe(and ski masks) was able to open my apartment door with keys or some other tool to let them in. They rushed in, grab me and threw me to the floor, ziptied my hands and feet, asked if there was cash, took that and phones then left.
Police and building management were called

  • Exactly how do you think Eric would know why the phones were abandoned?

    Thank God you are alive and unharmed Eric. Winthrop and Kenmore have always been shady, if not dangerous areas. Maybe you should consider moving just a bit West?

  • I wasn't asking Eric.
    I was WONDERING.
    Wondering why they would take them.in the first place to just abandon them. I have also been wondering if he..as others have mentioned was targeted. In which case it wouldn't matter where he lives.

Feb 23

Updated Feb 24

Tax prep recommendations?

We're looking for a local experienced and capable tax preparer with fair and reasonable rates. Our 2017 joint returns will include Illinois and Wisconsin state tax filings, home selling & buying, a home-based business retirement, but otherwise pretty standard details. Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

  • I download my bank transactions into Quicken, compare my registers to items and identify, for example - "insurance premium" and then run category reports. I also have an XLS of all biz expenses by type....and then use TaxAct or TurboTax.

  • I have a home based business and have used Steve Rabin at Core CPA in Northbrook for over a decade. It's just off the highway in Northbrook. Very reasonable prices for the work. I did interview reputable accountants in the surrounding neighborhoods here just last year. I wanted to have...

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    I have a home based business and have used Steve Rabin at Core CPA in Northbrook for over a decade. It's just off the highway in Northbrook. Very reasonable prices for the work. I did interview reputable accountants in the surrounding neighborhoods here just last year. I wanted to have some other accountants look through my returns and I also wanted to compare prices. No one gave me nearly as good a price and all approved of how my accountant was doing my taxes. Steve also has a great manner about him. He's very warm and makes us feel like family.

Feb 21

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    Andersonville Barbecue Spot Pork Shoppe Shutters After Two-Plus Years
    Sad news for barbecue fans. After almost two and a half years in Andersonville, Pork Shoppe has unexpectedly closed. The restaurant's telephone is disconnected and there's a sign taped to the entrance reading "closed 4 good" - complete with a frowny face - at 5721 N. Clark Street.
  • d3 NOH

    It was weird they charged more at this location than the other. They must've had high rent.

  • No loss there! Over price for a pile of poop! Good riddance!

Feb 19

Updated Feb 24

Edgewater Tacos 5624 N. Broadway is now open!

Hello! Im born and raised in Edgewater and my brother and I just opened up our taco shop. All our food is homemade, from the Horchata to our carnitas. We have been welcomed with open arms and invite you all to try our delicious food.

Feb 22

FREE Moth Style Writing Workshops

I have lived in Edgewater for the last four years. I am a storyteller (27 times Moth Slam Winner) I am offering a FREE Moth Style storytelling workshop. If interested please send me an email my contact information is on my website:

Feb 19

Updated Feb 20

Where are Meetings Held?

Hi we are in beat 1821 and new to the area and I would like to know where The CAPS meetings are held. Thanks ahead of time.

  • d3 NOH

    Why not?

  • Tammy Schrader Mom on the Near North Side

    d3 the police department currently has an acting Commander. My husband found out this morning from the 18th Police District but there are no plans to have that person resume Coffee with The Commander at this time.

Feb 16

Updated Feb 19

Need a Recommendation for a Bathtub Tile Contractor That's Reliable and Reasonable

I am looking for a person to replace the tiles and glaze the tub, does anybody have a recommendation in the area. I really appreciated it. Thank you in advance.

  • Jeromy is great! You can reach him at ‭(269) 547-0286‬.

  • Phil L. property owner/lincoln square

    I recently had some glazing and tile work done recently, I won't tell you who originally did the work, as they made a mess of it. But the people who "fixed" it all would have charged half of what I paid and did a wonderful fix.

    Grout Experts 847 356 6928 they are professional and experienced. Free estimates
    web address: chicagogrout.com

  • headsup not available

    @phil - thanks

Feb 15

Updated Feb 16

    Edgewater Bike Theft Bust: 13 Bikes "And Parts To Many, Many More" Found, Cops Say
    Cops recovered at least thirteen suspected stolen bikes "and parts to many, many more" during the arrest of an Edgewater man, police said. Sean Ahern, 25, was arrested at his home in the 6000 block of North Paulina after Area North detectives and 20th (Lincoln) District cops identified him as the man who twice broke into a high-rise apartment building's bike room, according to court records and a statement from the police department.
  • do you have any stats, live or are you just pulling a Bono?

  • WatchFUL40 Captain Logic

    Maybe it would be a good idea for the city to install bars where people could safely lock their bikes. It could be a permanent lock, that one pays for, to make the money back.

Jan 22

Updated Feb 12

Indoor Basketball?

Anyone have any leads on access to an indoor basketball court in Edgewater or Rogers Park? I tried the Broadway Armory, but access is limited to Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30pm-9pm...even as a member of the park. Having a membership to a public park paid for with our tax dollars is already a questionable practice...let alone the public not having access to a public park. I went in there hoping to have a morning shoot around. Totally empty, yet I wasn't allowed to shoot around. Anyway, I don't mean for this be a rant...just kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Just looking for some indoor basketball recommendations!


  • Warren Park on Pratt and Western has men's basketball Tuesday nights beginning at 7pm. Maybe more nights, I'm only there Tuesday to see.

  • Just wanted to revisit this post and say I've gone to the open gym at The Armory quite a few times sine posting this and I love it! If you're looking for a great place to play basketball in Edgewater, this is the spot. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30pm to 9pm for only $5. $22 a month gets you full access to the workout facility and free access to every open gym. Pretty good deal!

Feb 10

Updated Feb 12

The Malibu Convenience Mart is closing at the end of the month.

They have been there for over 20 years and the landlord isn't letting them renew their lease. The owner has no idea why. The bank, dry cleaners, and other business in there have closed, not sure what the plan is.

  • This thread is quite conflicting and confusing. The store owners didnt have their lease renewed but didnt know why not? They didnt ask? They seem to be sweet but overpriced..yet throw in free items? Maybe if they didnt give away free things their prices would be lower.One person says its sad in there..another said bustling. Sarah are you the tenant there or is this someone elses report?

  • Sarahdonis Nearly 30 years in Edgewater; love RP & A'ville

    D, right??? IMHO, residents in either building who don’t know what is going on are not reading either newsletters nor postings.

Feb 03

Updated Feb 10

Is this legal?

My landlord is redoing our back porches which is great because there were pretty much falling down. They have nailed the doors shut for safety reasons while they were building the porches. It has been over 3 weeks of being locked in our apartments, the porches are complete but not all of us have been let out of our apartments. Our landlord insists that they will be done "soon". I just wonder what my course of action is here.

Feb 07

Updated Feb 10

One Year it is!

Great input. I was going to add the, one year gift giving, etiquette rule, but it is obviously common knowledge. As for the timing, certainly send before the next wedding. At the very least it will be your conversation starter when you see them. They will want to thank you.

Jan 08

Updated Feb 03

Moving to Edgewater

Hi! My wife and I are looking to buy our first condo, and we we're wondering what the general opinion is of Ardmore between Ridge and Clark and if there is anything we should be aware of. Thanks!

  • Congrats Scott! This is awesome. Admittedly I don’t know a whole lot about anything north of Irving park from a social perspective (aside from streetfests, I’ve got 20 years of history exclusively in 60613,14, and 57), but I think this is great and wish you all the best!

    If we can ever assist you with any other decision making, don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll take good care of you

  • Yeah Scott! Brian..come join us in Edgewater!

Jan 30

Updated Feb 02

Is Loyola making RogersEdge progressive again?

Something strange going on around here.
What a field-day for LAZ
A thousand folks in the street.

Streaming songs and gif with emoj's.
Mostly spread, hate for one side
It's s time we stop, hey, turn that around.
Everybody fix whats going down.

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

    It was inspired by the young woman texting and walking as she stepped onto Devon and into traffic.

  • Rob

    Thank you for the insight into your lyrics Bruce. I would not have gotten that meaning from them otherwise.

Jan 24

Updated Jan 28

    Kindred Chicago Lakeshore allegedly collected scans of employees' fingerprints without consent
    CHICAGO - An employee has filed a class action lawsuit against Kindred Chicago Lakeshore alleging the hospital violated a state privacy law by compelling employees to scan their fingerprints for use with an employee punch clock, without first obtaining written consent. Corey Heard filed a complaint on Dec.
  • Jeffrey Littleton Authenticity is the coin of the realm.

    I had to submit my fingerprints for an FBI background just to be studio security for the Oprah Show back in the day before Harpo.
    That was a weird job.

  • Jeffrey Littleton Authenticity is the coin of the realm.

    They say people do not hold grudges...grudges hold people.

    Try meditation?

Jan 27

    Moody's Pub founder John Moody Kahoun, dead at 84, built a life on burgers, beer
    John Moody Kahoun founded the original Moody's Pub in Old Town when Dwight Eisenhower was president. It was a generation before the area around North Avenue and Wells Street evolved into the Chicago equivalent of San Francisco and drew hippies with flowers in their hair and years before Old Town was prime real estate.

Jan 18

Updated Jan 25

    Second phase of Metra's Ravenswood station construction plans unveiled - Chicago News Globe
    Nearly three years after Metra opened its outbound Ravenswood station, the transit agency unveiled its 30-month construction plan for the station's inbound track. Metra originally announced improvements to the Ravenswood station and UP-North bridges in 2010. At the time, officials gave an anticipated completion date of 2018 for work on both sides of the track.
  • Nan

    What an odd comment. I guess people tend to think their neighborhood is more desirable. Rogers Park is nice, but I don't personally know anyone living in Edgewater who would rather be living in Rogers Park. And BTW, Edgewater and Andersonville have a close, happy relationship - and whatever 'boundaries' separate us are generally blurred.

  • HarleyGrrl Why YES! People actually DO live on Clark St!

    RodgersEdge I love it!

    I preordered and had a rideshare look right at me and my tiny suitcase and cancel me as I was ready to roll over to his car early one morning. Thankfully another one was nearby.

Jan 19

Updated Jan 23

Looking to rent ASAP

We are looking to rent a condo by owner or apt closer to downtown. 2 br, 1.5 bath & we have a medium size dog., need to move soon as our lease in Edgewater is up end of Feb.. any ideas? Thanks

  • I am a realtor, and can set up an mls search for you if you want. Email me Tedi@atproperties.com telling me what you want and where, and I can send you results to your email.

  • HarleyGrrl Why YES! People actually DO live on Clark St!

    I have something in Andersonville that will be ready- but I don't think that is closer to downtown than you already are

Jan 19

Updated Jan 22

CPS Families In Transition Has Rent For Landlords

Are you a landlord with vacant units? The CPS Families In Transition Program (FIT) pays rent for qualifying families. Fill out this survey to find out more https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NoMoreHomeless The program pays rent 3 months at a time.

    Chicago's Partnership with Private Market Landlords to End Homelessness Survey
    Web survey powered by SurveyMonkey.com. Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates.
  • Wait... isn't CPS having trouble finding enough money to fulfill their primary objective of providing a good education for the children in the district?

    Now they are paying people's rent too?

    CPS needs to stick to their primary tax payer funded mission and let the other community resources do what THEY do best. Wonder how much CPS is diverting in benefits and salaries to administer this housing program that overlaps with other city and state programs?

  • The money for the program comes from the City of Chicago Housing Trust Fund. CPS is just identifying families that are homeless but still managing to send their kids to school.

Jan 20

Updated Jan 21


I found some graffiti or possible tagging on the fence of our building today--not too legible in the dark but I'll try again tomorrow. Anyone else a target of this around Hollywood and Glenwood?

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