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  • Schubert Elementary School reviewed by a parent

    This is the worst school you could send your child to. There is no communication between the administration to the staff & parents. When my son started kindergarten his teacher was pregnant and taking maternity leave 2 weeks into the new school year. She never came back, the teacher that was her replacement was fired 7 weeks before school ended. They failed to let the parents know. I only found out because I noticed my sons teacher was absent for 2 weeks & I asked questions. They didn t give a notice to the parents until 2 weeks after the teacher was fired. When my son was in pre-k4, there was a child with lice... 2 years later said child still has lice & the principal didn t want to help the child because I can t force a parent to treat their child for lice poor child! During recess my son was punched in the mouth by another child. No one could tell me how my son got a bloody lip! I literally went to the school twice a day and demanding answers. After sitting with the assistant principal who is also disciplinarian, she basically told my how my child misbehaves, yet the entire school year never once was I notified about my sons bad behavior *incert eye roll* In my daughters pre-K 4 class (all day) there was a child who would hit & bite. The principal didn t want to remove this child from the classroom. The kid was a danger to the rest of the class, he slapped my niece & daughter because she said a strawberry was a vegetable and not a fruit! It wasn t until my sister & I went to the principal demanding for something to be done was the principal compliant. The pre k teacher had been pushing for months to get help for this child. Unfortunately it had to take an incident involving my family to get the child help. I just hope the the new administration can turn this school around.

    Schubert Elementary School (2727 North Long Ave) Published on GreatSchools May 26, 2018 Comment

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  • Reading Really Does Take You Places!

    Mrs. Stein is asking for $684.61:
    My students need a current reading program, Scholastic Storyworks, to keep them engaged and interested in learning through reading.
    Falconer Elementary School
  • Botkin Kinch: the knife-blade

    Teachers at your child's school, Funston Elementary, have completed 15 fundraisers using DonorsChoose, raising nearly $24,000 in the process. Here's the list. Go tell them to their faces what you think of them instead of shouting at automatically generated posts on Everyblock: https://www.donorschoose.org/school/funston-elementary-school/5751/?teachers=true

    We all know you won't.

  • @ Botkin- Nice try but you are wrong! Don't worry about what school my child goes to and just keep giving your money away to whover you want. Maybe invest some of all that spare $ you have laying around and find a hobby. Smh

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  • Permit issued for easy permit process


    5507 W. School St. Issued May 20, 2018 Comment

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