Sep 21

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I do have sympathy for the homeless. Many are down on their luck, are Vets, some have various illness's. But too many of them are saying "shelters are dangerous". They won't let me keep my dogs. If you can afford to feed a couple of dogs you should be able to house yourself. Or I don't want to leave my boyfriend/girlfriend. Between the two of you, you should be able to live somewhere. Too many lame excuses.

  • Marisa 20 year NW sider

    Mute, I still don't understand how an article about one person on the sex offender list has to do with all homeless people making poor choices. There are so many issues related to homelessness. Mental illness, lack of family support and safety net, substance abuse, child abuse. The street becomes their safety net if that is all they know. That is their community and it is scary to lose it. It takes a lot of support which is dearly lacking.

  • You are correct. There's just one bad apple out there. My bad.

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