Oct 07

Updated Oct 10

Lost Dog

Please help us find our neighbor's dog, a 7-month-old, tan-colored, unspayed female shepherd mix. Her name is Alaska. She is missed very much! I don't have a pic, but hope to get one very soon! I've checked CACC;s Pet Harbor & Lost Dogs Illinois. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, in advance.

  • She's been found! Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and extremely helpful suggestions. I will bookmark this page for future reference (hopefully, never again to be needed, of course!). Thank you, all!

  • Omg what a happy story I am so glad you found her very few people find their pet when they get lost...I think she needs a very careful watch since she did this so it never happens again next time may not be so lucky god bless you and she always keep her near.....

Oct 02

Updated Oct 06

Found Kitten

On Sunday, October 1 I found this kitten in our building's courtyard at Argyle & Springfield Streets. A neighbor said she'd been hanging around all day. She's clean and very friendly so I believe she may have a home nearby. If you recognize this cat, please call me at 312-810-8620. I'm taking care of her at my place in the meantime. Thanks!

  • Thanks Renata...that is one lucky kitty!

  • Katie H. AP-er

    That is really wonderful for both you and the kitty. Thank you Renata :)

Aug 30

Updated Sep 28

FOUND KITTEN - Pulaski & Elston - Female, tortie, about 6 mos, no chip

Found this little girl howling outside of our office (storefront space) on Pulaski. No collar, but super social so I doubt she's a stray. Took her to Mayfair Animal Clinic and she has no chip. Will hold on to her for a day or two before we take her to a local shelter [no-kill].

Message if you recognize her? Share with friends?

border of old irving, albany park & mayfair

[xposted to irving park & mayfair]


    Do you know this pet's owner?
    Tortoiseshell kitten (about 6 months? very young) found howling outside our office. No chip. Very social and friendly.
  • NMuels nataliecmueller.com

    update - kitten rehomed

  • Heather Albany Park resident, condo owner, cyclist

    Thanks for finding her a home and the update!

Sep 11

Updated Sep 12

lost pet

have you seen her she's hopefully not far yet

Sep 02

Updated Sep 05

Lost Rooster?

We found a healthy rooster in our courtyard which is by the L between Kedzie and Francisco.

  • You might check with the house at the NE corner of Albany and Carmen (last house on the north side of Carmen). I have noticed a rooster walking around their yard and their gate is often open.

  • The rooster on Carmen and Albany is white and he doesn't actually belong to anyone in the neighborhood. He wandered in to the area last year around November and he has decided this is where he lives. He's a bit of a local celebrity as he likes to stroll the hood and show off for the hen that lives across the street from the tree he likes to roost in.

Sep 02

Lost Calico/Tabby Cat

Beatrice has run away and gotten herself lost. She hasn't been home since Wednesday evening, August 30th. We live near the intersection of Hollywood and Glenwood, just south of Ridge, between the Edgewater and Andersonville neighborhoods, Chicago, Il.

Beatrice is a calico/brown tabby mix, approximately 8 years old. She is microchipped (Paws #981020017770914).

She tends to nip when bothered, so if you've rescued her please be careful. Let me know and I'll come and pick her right up! Thank you.

Aug 21

Lost cat in

This black and white (belly, paws) domestic short hair was hanging out in my neighbors yard for a while. Near Wilson & Kedzie.

No microchip, and it's been outside for a while so not holding out a lot of hope to find the owner. Though I have been posting and reading lost animal posts.

We couldn't foster long term, so we took her (we think it's female) to Chicago Animal Care and Control (other shelters were full).

She is super sweet and loves attention. Very docile. Would be good with kids, don't know about other cats (it met ours very briefly).

Let me know if it's your cat or you are interested in adopting and I'll give you more info.

Aug 19

Updated Aug 21

lost my dog

My Dog Nina is missing
Old picture of her but she looks the same just got bigger & has some spots
Last seen in Albany Park
please help me find her!!

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