Nov 04

Updated Nov 09

Illegal dumping

Has anyone seen a little silver four-door Subaru hatchback dumping trash, short white male dumping furniture and trash up and down the alley.

  • fnb

    This is not a random occurrence this is where there is one or two extra bags of trash in the cans this is a weekly problem they are being overfilled and trash bags are being left on the ground next to the cans where the rats are getting to them causing them to stay in the area and multiply as well as totally innocent property owners having to pay fines and clean up someone else's mess

  • Mute Mute Me

    Thanks fnb. Was in a bad mood yesterday. I think you can also get fined for loose dog poop in a trash can.

Nov 02

Updated Nov 05

Wooden Chairs stolen from front yard 4100 block of Mozart

Had some decent wood Adirondack chairs in the front yard for a couple of years - one day after Halloween they were stolen. These are heavy wooden chairs that would have required a vehicle to move. Who steals chairs?

  • smartypants Be Nice

    People stole our metal garden fencing (the tiny kind that you just stick into the ground.) Sad. I'm sorry this happened to you. We even had to drill our front planters into the concrete to keep them from being stolen. Don't give up. Just chain them down.

  • K in North Center longtime North Side resident

    Sorry to read this, Tom. Hope you are able to get new ones as well as a way to keep them secure.

Oct 24

Individuals Checking Car Doors - 4700 Block of N. Sawyer

Hi All - I know it goes without saying; however, I wanted to issue a friendly reminder to make sure your car doors are locked and nothing of value is left in plain sight.

My boyfriend caught three individuals looking into cars and checking door handles last night around 11:00pm on the 4700 block of North Sawyer. He yelled some not-so-polite things at the individuals, scaring them away from our block and he called the police; however, I don't know if there was ever any kind of apprehension.

Oct 19

Updated Oct 20

Loud pops in Albany Park

Gunshots? Firecrackers? I can’t tell. South of Lawrence and west of Kimball.

Oct 15

Updated Oct 17

2-3 gunshots just now at Montrose and Kimball

Called 911, dispatcher said officers were already on the scene. Saw a couple guys walking out of the alley.

  • What time did this happen?

  • I wonder if this has anything to do with the gang graffiti that was put on the building on the southeast corner of Kimball and Belleplaine? Gang graffiti was wrote in big letters with an arrow pointing down all down the Kimball side of the building. Terrible that someone thinks...

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    I wonder if this has anything to do with the gang graffiti that was put on the building on the southeast corner of Kimball and Belleplaine? Gang graffiti was wrote in big letters with an arrow pointing down all down the Kimball side of the building. Terrible that someone thinks it's OK to shoot and wreck property!! I think the gang graffiti was already removed. It was disgusting to stand by it to catch my bus. It looked so ugly. This building gets this every year and nobody sees anything as it would have taken quite a while to write the side of this building.

Oct 15

Updated Oct 16

Cars Vandalized

Woke up this morning to not only find my car covered in paint with a construction cone on the hood, but the next two cars across the street behind me were also splashed with paint. My windshield wipers were also mangled and my rear license plate bent up.

  • Wow, that's messed up!

  • Are you part of the Ravenswood Manor facebook group? There has been quite a bit of discussion about vandalism at that intersection. It seems to stem from people parking in a no parking zone. Although said zone is not marked by signs, rater just a yellow curb.
    I dont know if that is related to your issue, but it may be somewhat useful to check it out.
    Sorry this happened to you.

Oct 10

Updated Oct 10

Car Flipped on side (Belle Plaine and Monticello)

Woke up this morning around 1:30am to a car flipped over in the street (Belle Plaine and Monticello). Still a decent amount of small debris on ground. Anyone see or know anything?

  • I live on that corner and have been searching everywhere to find out what happened! I looked out my window and saw police everywhere. Have you heard anything?

Oct 05

Gun shots?

Heard some shots around midnight last night south of Eugene Field. Anyone heard anything about it?

Oct 02

Updated Oct 03

BOLO: "Bike" activity/loitering at vacant 4836 N Avers

4836 N Avers is on the vacant building registry, owner has had financial troubles going back years. It's been empty for at least 3 years now, prior to that there was a lot of "activity." Activity is picking up again, suspected drug trade. If you see any activity around this building please notify 17th District. Owner is AWOL, property is not secured.

  • City Mac head of security, paddy's pub

    ugh, the drug trade! so awful. but what kind of drugs do you think they're selling? i mean, it could be anything - would be handy to know just what we're dealing with here, and what their prices are.

  • PurpleHat Small biz owner in Albany Pk. Former Realtor.

    I am detecting a theme in your comments, Mac.

Sep 24

Updated Sep 26

Gunshots and car speeding away?

My Husband and I were woke up about 5am this morning (9/24/2017) by the sound of about six gun shots followed by a car screeching away in the area of Kimball and Sunnyside.

We reported it to the police, but I never heard sirens or anything so I guess no one got shot, or it just wasn't important. But I guess since there is a police camera on the corner of Kimball and Sunnyside they were able to check without sending a car out?

Did anyone else in the area hear this?

  • VPGirl New to AP

    Portage, please show me where that is the message...that anyone has said that when they kneel that means that 'police stand down or else get sued, suspended, or fired'. If you don't know what the reasoning is, don't make up stuff.

  • How's freedom of speech and expression anarchy. Google first amendment duuuuhhhhh

Sep 17

Updated Sep 20


I just moved to the neighborhood on Friday and witnessed my first shooting tonight while walking my dog near Jensen park. Is this common?? I'm freaked out because I was only a few feet away from 3 bullets. I really hope it was just an isolated incident.

  • There were 2 cars on the northeast corner of the park and 2 guys ran right passed me and my dog right after we heard the shots. I was so shaken up I didn't have time to process what the cars and the guys looked like. All I was focused on was getting us to safety right away.

  • PortageRules Love Portage Park!

    I wish the city would put up neighborhood watch photos/sketches and descriptions of the all these azz wholes on light polls like they use to.

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