3 days ago

Found Lawn Chair after Dead Poets Society movie in the park

Someone forgot their lawn chair at the park after the Dead Poets Society movie. If you can describe it I'll get it back to you ASAP.

P.S.: maybe next time they should run the DVD they're projecting from off of a Mac. Just saying.

6 days ago

Updated 5 days ago

Queen bed for sale

Selling my queen size headboard, frame, box frame, and mattress as a set. Headboard has two wooden posts and iron detailing in the center. Mattress is medium firm, platinum plush. Steel frame has wheels on the bottom. Willing to throw in egg crate bed topper for free. $120 obo. Contact me with any further questions.

  • Ashley114 Altgeld / Kedzie Resident

    Aimee can take priority over me. Put me down as last resort!

  • T, if you're interested in all the pieces, contact me at (909) 576-5464 so we can talk pricing and pickup.

Aug 18

Updated Aug 19


Hi. I'm looking for a full-time nanny beginning October 26. I live in Wicker Park/Bucktown. Any referrals would be greatly appreciated.

  • We have a wonderful person taking care of our children for 5 years. Highly recommend her as we are now out of the city.
    Not sure how to private message in EB. Let me know if you'd like her contact info.

  • Hi. I would love her contact information. My email address is amandanbeto@gmail.com

Aug 16

Do you want to run with me?

I am currently training for the marathon and I run between a 10 and 11 minute mile, but currently I'm training in my own and don't want to go all the way to the lakeshore to run with a group (I'm not much of a group runner). If you are in the same boat and would like to do long runs together on the weekends, let me know!

Jul 29

Updated Aug 13

Keys found

At Oakley & Armitage.

  • Daniel.S Bucktown Resident

    Sorry Scott but those items aren't on the key ring either.

  • Medill Logan Squarion

    Hi - do the keys include a flat brass key, a car fob, or a bike key? Thanks.

Aug 11

Updated Aug 12

New liquor store opening

The liquor store that closed a few months ago, Evolution, at 1704 N Milwaukee is being replaced with a new one called Garfields, I believe.

  • Jim I'm here aren't I?

    That's great news. Major work being done there for sure. Will be great to have solid store in the hood. Seems like this is them. http://garfieldsbeverage.com nice!

Jul 28

Updated Aug 05

Open hydrant - need help!

The hydrant on the corner of Campbell and Cortland has been open for six hours. I've called 311 two times to report it. Am I out of options to get the city to respond? Any advice?

  • The alderman's solution was to request that a custodian cap be placed on the fire hydrant to prevent it from being opened. Call 311 to request.

  • cortman NW IN raised / Chicago res since '03

    The one at Cortland and Rockwell has the custodian cap. One of the kids in the neighborhood has a "key" to open it, so that doesn't prevent much. All it does is make the, as Bill put it so eloquently above, big nut at top harder to get to.

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    The one at Cortland and Rockwell has the custodian cap. One of the kids in the neighborhood has a "key" to open it, so that doesn't prevent much. All it does is make the, as Bill put it so eloquently above, big nut at top harder to get to.
    I get the "it's what kids do in the summer to have fun and cool off" but when it's still open the next morning, that's way too far. There should be a code, if you open it, you're responsible for shutting it off.
    From the look of who I think has the means of opening it, hygiene does not appear to be of importance. When more than one is open in a few block radius, our water pressure is low which makes it hard to shower or bathe our kids.
    The hypothetical fire excuse takes a backseat, at least in my eyes, to the safety of the kids. I worry when cars are going by, due to poor visibility caused by the obvious, one of them not paying attention and getting run over. Plus, they're kids. Their actions are erratic.
    Back to OP's original question. 311 is absolutely worthless in these situations. I would suggest 911, or as silly as it may sound and was mentioned above, swinging by the fire station on California and talking to someone there.
    Good luck! I've learned to just deal with it but have no problem with someone taking issue to it. I can't even begin to imagine how wasteful it has to be.

Jul 28

Updated Jul 29

Landscaping Service

Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced landscaping service? Just moved in to a new home and the quotes in getting are outrageous.

  • Rudy's landscaping is affordable and can get the work done fast!

  • Thank you all for your help! The project isn't that big, 2 large planters in the front and some minor hedge trimming there as well. The back has a 12ft bed that will need to be dug up and replanted.

Jul 29

1st Rooftop Patio on Milwaukee, Check it out!

i don't usually post links to my own stories but happy to see this patio finally open! it's a nice quiet spot and raki is really cool, like the Greek's version of sake. my friend and i had a carafe. http://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20150728/wicker-park/wicker-park-strips-first-rooftop-is-serene-spot-at-taxim

    Wicker Park Strip's First Rooftop is a Serene Spot at Taxim
    WICKER PARK - The chef of an acclaimed Greek restaurant has brought a distilled liquor to patrons called raki, a drink introduction that coincides with the launch of a serene rooftop patio at Taxim. The patio is called "To Hayati," pronounced tow-ha-YA-tee, which means "To the rooftop."

Jul 17

Updated Jul 19

What Ward?

Sorry for the dumb question, but does anyone happen to know what Ward 1600 W Blackhawk is in? A crew of workers came by today and after having not touched the side of our street with a concrete wall separating our house from the Jewel in six years, decided today was a great day to just mow down everything, scoop up all my mulch and leave me with a pile of ivy and weeds that they didn't pull. they left their mask hanging from my fence and their rake sitting across the street.

Jul 10

Updated Jul 12

City Sticker

Does anyone know the hours of the currency exchange at 1938 W North Ave? Their listed phone number is disconnected. Thanks!

  • I agree with GWR, the one at North and Western us always where I've gone, just try to avoid getting it on the last day before expirarion as when I did, the line was out the door.

  • Thanks everyone!!!

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