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Added Oct 29 2017

Hi...looking for recommendations for boiler-furnace repair.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Our go-to HVAC guy is Skip Kruger 847-910-4995. Extremely professional, knowledgeable and meticulous.

  • Hi A Neighbor 2! Our current home has a steam boiler. We learned the hard way that most HVAC guys know, in theory, how a boiler works. But most of them have little to no experience working on steam boilers. If you've got a boiler, and not the furnace with forced air, you want someone that works on only boilers. Call The Steam Whisperer. We tried using a regular HVAC guy last winter, and he blew up our boiler, and nearly our home. Ended up needing a brand new boiler to the tune of 12k. Dave and Matt at the Steam Whisperer will get you sorted. They're not the cheapest, but the do the best work. We'd be about 12 grand ahead in life if we had just called them the first time around. Good luck!

  • francie portage park transplant

    I've used Brian for about 20 years for my boiler. Good guy, reasonable rates, knows his stuff!! Highly recommend!!

    Gas & Oil Burner Service (773) 774-4940

  • AlbanyParkMichael Home owner, parent, & Nelson Algren fan.

    Ofenloch Heating. 773-794-4990. We've used them for 19 years on our steam boiler and they are great.

  • A Neighbor 2 albany park resident

    Thanks all.. appreciate all the answers.

  • I love Emanuel Bros at Addison and Austin or Central - they are very good and have been around a long time - even quoted me a reduced price for a new furnace.

  • One piece of advice. Go with the established, family run businesses. Father & son joints. Places like Elm, Four Seasons, etc. have too much turnover as far as their technicians go. You never get the same one twice. Those companies are always trying to up-sell also. I had Four Seasons out to inspect & clean my furnace one fall. After taking my furnace apart, the tech announced he wasn't comfortable working on it in it's condition. After he left, I cleaned and reassemble it myself. I continued to do this myself for the next "seven" years with no problems!

  • linda kathryn connelly Andersonville resident for 30 years

    Most of the people we have had here over the last 30 years didn't really know how to deal with an old steam boiler. Murray Heating 312-401-6306 Bob has been keeping our antique running for the last 15 years.

  • Twinsmom 18-year Lincoln Square resident

    We just had TDH Mechanical here for our old boiler and steam radiators. They tuned it up and fixed a minor problem with the boiler. They were great and the price was reasonable (630) 200-5399

  • LG

    Be careful with 4 seasons, they always want to replace. Called somewhere else for second opinion and still working 5 years later after scare tactics.

  • I agree on four seasons told me my boiler was leaking gas had to replace. I called another company no leaks no need to replace. Hate being conned

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