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Added Nov 10 2017

I own a 3 flat in Logan Square and 2nd floor tenant wants deadbolt installed and french doors repaired (extent of damage is unknown).

I would like to find someone nearby who I could rely on for continuing, though infrequent, service.

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  • HP Mom Realestate Broker and Mom- List or buy with me!

    I have a great guy that has done plumbing, electrical, floor sanding, you name it. He does this as a side hustle but super affordable and more importantly, trustworthy. His name is Orlando. Tell him Carla gave you his info, referrals are the only way he sees new customers 773-370-8147. Great guy and good luck!

  • I do handyman work for several buildings in the area as well as Noble Square. Would be happy to stop by and take a look at the job. You can reach me at 312-623-4413. I would be happy to provide references.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Our family business is AIK Restoration & Repair. We work with several property owners on an on-call basis. Please send an email to aikrandr@yahoo.com https://www.yelp.com/biz/aik-restoration-and-repair-chicago?sort_by=rating_desc

  • I am a painter with 25 years experience. I started my company Mitchell’s Fine Painting 3 years ago. I also do carpentry, lite plumbing and lite electrical. I too own a greystone 2 flat on Humboldt Park. So I am well aware what these old buildings need. I am honest, clean and respectful. I will treat your home as if it were mine. My number is (312) 576-3611. My email is mushkow@aol.com.

  • A. M. Dogs are my life!


    I own a house and a business in Logan Square that we are always needing assistance for repairs... currently, looking for installation of a drop ceiling at my business.

  • Ron Holzner is my handyman and he is awesome! Very reasonably priced. He’s helping me rehab my two flat bit by bit. 773-704-0539. No project is too small for him.

  • Philip Independent Business owner ,47th. ward since 1968

    Great recommendations here but remember an uninsured, unlicensed person working on your property puts all liability on you .

  • Victor Perez small business owner

    Quality assurance contracting services llc
    Private handyman for dream town realty
    Licensed bonded and insured

  • Have used AIK restoration and been very pleased with them. Highly recommend.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Thank you, Irene!

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  • Achilles Flaneur ear witness

    consistent use of pro-biotic yogurts will help your handyman become regular.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Chia seeds, too (with an added bonus of lowering blood sugar)

  • @Bob1983 - Did you find someone you're happy with? - And if so, care to share their contact info?

  • Got it, Bob. Thanks! Really helpful - especially with so many of these old structures being a proverbial "can of worms."

  • Can you share with me as well???Please?

  • Achilles Flaneur ear witness

    maybe post here so all benefit? Thank you

  • Kittyhop & Achilles; sorry, no real news, boiled-down to being a more complicated, structural project that required more expertise (err, "a bigger boat" for JAWS fans).
    We think we have light work to do... but we could be wrong-O!
    Going to just dive in and start getting one little bit at a time knocked out.

  • Greg Real Estate Pro

    I recently used Fixer.com - a Chicago based handyman service - they were prompt and polite, allowed me to easily pay via credit card and have convenient online scheduling. They charge $94/hour and the handymen are all employees of the company.

  • Thanks Greg...so ..is that charge from when they appear at your home? Do they give you an estimate? Isn't that pretty high?

  • NW..appreciated the reference!

  • Kittyhop, $94/hr is more than a lot of our little tasks are worth. Don't know about yours, but maybe try A1K Restoration for a comp quote. Note Irene's reco for them in the thread up top. They've got good cred on Yelp! https://www.yelp.com/biz/aik-restoration-and-repair-chicago?sort_by=rating_desc
    And Robin's always ready to recommend someone where the job doesn't exactly match their services. Realtors are also good sources for fixer-upper ppl if you know any realtors.

  • Greg Real Estate Pro

    I would say $94/hour is a lot if you only need one thing done - but when you have a list of four or five things when turning over your rental unit, it is pretty convenient. They also only charge for the time they are working, not for the total time at your residence. I have been charged way more by other so called handymen for way less work.

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