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Added Nov 03 2017

Does anyone know why I'm still being charged the sweetened beverage tax?

  • KF

    It should stop December 1st

  • Thanks, KF!

  • DECEMBER 1ST is the cutoff date for this tax.

  • Tax will stop Dec. 1st but, vending machines already jacked up their prices. I'm quite sure that won't be moved back to pre-sweetened beverage tax price...great country!!!

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    I'm surprised many people don't know how to use Google or read the news which is really informative. Just a random idea from yours truly.

  • Agree, Cubshawksbears! The vending machines at my company jacked up the price "before" the tax was even approved. Then, when it was delayed, they still kept charging the tax. Now that it's been struck down, I'm sure they will still keep charging the inflated price.

  • Some places get around it. When I last ordered a combo meal from McDonalds on my receipt it said "Unsweetened Iced Tea" even though I said I wanted a Coke. So, some places are trying where able to subvert it even before the repeal vote.

  • David, that's awesome they did that.

  • Mute Mute Me

    Really nice to hear that about mc ds

  • I was charged Beverage Tax on Orange Juice in the refrigerator section. Is that correct?

  • @janu, no they should charge you at the register, not in the refrigerator section.

  • @Inactive User: :-) (Channeling Gracie Allen?)

    @Janu: It depends on what you bought. Tax is not charged on 100% juice, but if it is a sweetened orange drink, such as Sunny D, or Tampico Orange Drink, then yes, it is taxed.

  • @beeb, gracie allen is the best! just don't tell George, I don't want him to think something is going on.

  • You two are cute.

  • sorry George, I am taken...

  • Mute Mute Me

    You left out "happily" so you are still fair game!

  • sorry happily, I am taken...

  • I'm available, Mute.

  • Mute Mute Me

    Could we have a joint fb account?

  • @cubshawksbears, RUN!

  • The orange juice was bough from the refrigerated section but if doesn't show 100% juice. Next time I'll read the label more carefully because it looks like good orange juice but the small print says orange juice beverage with no artificial sweeteners less surgar.

  • Joint FB account, Mute...let's not rush things my dear. In due time.

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