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Added Mar 13 2014

Anybody know if Logan Sq. is in line for any new grocery stores? I would think that Mega-mall on Milwaukee south of Logan would be an ideal location for a Whole Foods or Mariano's. Strack & Van Till is pretty good and getting better but it would be nice to have a better selection of meats and fish.

  • Tom Vlodek

    Typo alert! I meant "Grocery Stores". Website will not let me correct.

  • The Mega Mall is still in business. Tony's on Fullerton is great.

  • Unfortunately, none in the pipeline that I've heard of. The perfect location for one, at Diversey and California, is being turned into an L.A. Fitness. Tony's is pretty disgusting, especially their meats.

  • I think Tony's has a great and affordable produce section. If you aren't picky about your meat being organically grass-fed and love when alive, it has a pretty decent meat counter as well.

  • Sure, their produce is cheap. But their meat going bad before the expiration date is well-documented...unfortunately, I and others I know have anecdotal evidence to support the Yelp reviews that mention the same.

  • Personally, I've never has an issue with the meat. They also just rearranged their produce section so its easier to navigate.

  • My wife and I have always said the old Max Gerber location would be an ideal location for a Trader Joes. Something close to public transportation.

  • Tom Vlodek

    Funny, I just drove by the old Gerber's and you're right. It would draw from Logan, Bucktown and Wicker. That Mega-mall is still in business, true, but I bet the owner is just waiting for an offer. It's such a dump now.

  • ht ...

    Megamall is not going anywhere. People tried to buy him out before the market turned, and nothing.

    Also, it is alleged that a developer tried to burn it down to drive the owner out... Didn't work.

  • Tom Vlodek

    Wow! Guess I better get used to it. Thx.

  • Trader Joe's is looking to expand into West Town (on Division, between Ashland and Damen) but there is a lot of neighborhood push back. The location is across from a school, they will need a revision to sell liquor, parking will be tight, traffic concerns, etc.

    It will be interesting to see if/how the development proceeds. The Max Gerber site is so ideal.... not on top of residential like the Division street parcel. Close to much more public transit (California and Milwaukee buses, plus the Blue Line within a block or so) as well.

    At least we know now TJ's is looking to expand west. This would be their first city parcel west of Ashland, which gives us hope they will continue to look for more opportunities but it might still take a few more years :-(

  • Chicago Al Lifelong Chicagoan, documentarian, & time-traveler

    Hey Tom good to see you here. (Another cameraman)

  • Jen

    It's actually not their first one west of Ashland (tjs). Just in this area. The people in WP are right, TJs doesn't fit there very well. They should put it over here instead ;)

  • Jenny L. #TeamWestTown

    They're putting in a Mariano's at Ashland & Webster!

  • Gloria M.Q.S. Alert and trying to help the community

    3021 N Cicero Ave

  • Gloria M.Q.S. Alert and trying to help the community

    The website is not up, but they are OPEN (Chicago meat market)
    They have a huge selection! chicken,beef,pork and more.

  • Tom Vlodek

    True about the Mariano's on Ashland but that's still a schlep from where we live in Logan Square. I love where I live but wish I could walk to and from a grocery store.

  • In its heyday, Mega Mall was the jam. They had really good fruit smoothies in the food court area and it was a good place to get my high school uniforms. After developers started cracking down on them they had to close to bring the building up to code. They were closed for like 2 years. They finally reopened and then it "mysteriously" caught fire. I gotta hand it to the owner for standing up and not allowing developers push him around.

    I wonder how much the rent is on retail space. I think it could be good for folks looking to sell goods without wanting to rent out a store front.

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