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Added Mar 03 2017

Strack and Van Til is closing its Chicago Logan Square location by the end of April. Usually my third or fourth choice, but a shame nonetheless. What will replace it I wonder? Ha Trader Joe's?

  • LD

    FYI, S&VT's closing has nothing to do with that location and everything to do with the failing of the parent company, who is closing all their grocery stores. I am very sad to see S&VT go, while I agree that their produce has been looking pretty questionable the past couple months and that their wine selection was abysmal, they have gone from a place I would never consider going to when I moved to LS in '08 to my go-to when I needed stuff from Home Depot and Petsmart. REALLY SAD that the landlord doesn't seem to think that location to be a viable one for a grocery store - I think they are wrong and greedy (maybe we'll get ANOTHER mattress store - eyeroll). I do love Fresh Thyme but it's not a replacement for chain grocery store that carries brand-name staples. S&VT had some of the nicest staff ever and I hope they land on their feet. I have a bad feeling that the jewel in the megamall a) won't be ready before 2018-19 and b) will be a shtshow with traffic/busy-ness. Guess I'll have to change my tune about the Cermak Produce on Diversey/Pulaski (meh) or keep waiting (and waiting, and waiting WTF!) for the CoOp to move already. Sticking with Aldi on belmont and Windy City Produce on Pulaski for now, glad i have a car.

  • catlady for the love of cats, lets get along!

    Well LD, you can also try Stanley's on Elston and North Ave. They have farm fresh produce.

  • That sucks. This store is great for stocking up and meats. Since Fresh Marketplace opened nearby, I haven't gone as much, but I'll miss it.

    Seems we're either stuck with expensive Whole Foods/Mariano's type store or smaller stores with less selection. I hate to think of having to go to Target for many of the items I'd get at Strack.

    I hope some other no frills grocery opens in the area in the future.

  • You forgot Pete's on Madison and Western. A lot of people like it. There's a Chase branch and Walgreens there too.

  • Was over at Strack and Van Til this morning (Wed. March 15). The liquidation sale right now is 10% to 30% off shelf prices, with most grocery items 10% off. I think wine was 20% off, but don't know the % off liquor. I didn't see anything for 30% off, but they weren't finished putting up the signs yet.
    Meat is 10% off and price is marked on the package.
    All sales are final. :-)

  • Thanks for the update Beeb. Gonna keep an eye out for those liquor prices.

  • Doubt they'll slash liquor prices to beat what you'd find at Costco. Have scored amazing discount-bin booze finds at jam-packed grocer spaces such as the Jewel on State/Ohio. $25-50 bottles for $5-12 (Vodka, Tequila, etc) when they want to clear shelf space for another product.

  • Was in there yesterday (April 2). The window says up to 50% off, but most things are still 30% off. One great deal was frozen turkeys and turkey breast are .79 cents a pound. They had quite a few of them.

    At least some wine seemed to be 50% off, but don't know if that's all wine and liquor or even what they have left.

    A sign on the door says they are closing on or around April 18.

  • Michael McDonough Resident of BelCragin

    It takes the store closing to bring the prices more into my budget range

  • Grabbed our favorite flavored coffee creamer a couple weeks ago -- Not much of a sale! Since no other retailer has it, stashed some in the freezer. :-)

  • They have to be completely out of the location by April 30th. The corp company is NOT any way...their employee find other employment. This Indiana corporation is the worse.....

  • Not even letters of recommendation? ... Kittyhop, that's awful! :(

  • Nope...but the union..those in the union...are helping all they can...

  • Last week one of the long-time cashiers told me that nearly all of the employees have found replacement jobs. I will miss Strack.

  • But not all...and not all could get full time even..I think it is sad.

  • Be careful what you buy there. I stopped in last night just to see the despair and bought a few things. Many items on the shelves are expired and I did check almost everything i bought. Except the canned mushrooms..i checked two of them and them decided to get a few more which i didnt closely check... the few more cans were expired in 2015 so i ended up buying them, bagging them and then throwing them out once i got home. Also, the retail prices are inflated so taking 30-40%off might give you the same or even higher price of the same item on sale at Jewel or everyday at Costco. I did get a few bottles of OK wine at a value but a lot of the wine is fairly low end stuff. It was painful to be in there, they should just blow everything out at 90%off and close today.

  • Thanks for posting William B..expiration dates are the key and yes, the prices...yipes...

    Question? Do they still take coupons?

  • William B. FWIW re Canned goods: Most expiration dates on foods in cans range from 1 to 4 years—but keep cans in a cool, dark place, undented, in good condition, and you can likely safely double that shelf life from 3 to up to 6 years.
    Check can seals as well as exp date; liquid-packed can contents should slosh when gently shaken about (if they don't slosh, it might indicate poisonous contents/off-gassing from bacteria). Eggs that don't stand-up or float when submerged in water, but lay sideways are likely safe to eat. No food poisoning for us yet.

  • kittyhop..yes they do still take the coupons. there were coupons attached to a couple of items i bought and the cashier peeled them off and redeemed them for me. i would have forgotten about them if not for her. are probably right but i am one of those paranoid by expiration dates. If I knowingly ate something from a long expired can, i would probably induce a psychosomatic illness from it. Stupid i know but that is just how it is for me. I might change if there was a zombie apocalypse but probably not until then.

  • Can we watch when you 'zombie'??? ....and as 'they' say : BetterSafe Than Sorry....esp when it comes to your stomach.....Don't read me wrong..I think expiration dates are SO IMPORTANT and I check EVERYTHING 'good on you!' Not worth to risk..not i this day and age...

  • This news comes too late for the closed Elston store or its employees. But for anyone who's curious ... Jewel-Osco is buying Highland, Indiana-based Strack & Van Till for $1Million and says it will keep the 19 remaining Strack & Van Til and Town & Country stores open and retain most of the employees.

  • Oops! Jewel-Osco is buying Strack & Van Till for $100Million (not $1M).

  • Aren't they already planning a Jewel at the megamall site? That'd be locations at milwaukee and logan, kedzie and addison, western and belmont, and right across the river from the old strack on clyborn there is a jewel osco too.

    I know the usual comment is wanting a trader joes but I was hoping for a pete's.

  • Maybe ppl in the area have info. Pete's would be great. We visited Strack for a few items only they carried. Meijer in Melrose Park is closing May 17. That was another fav for a few items.

  • I believe they are only purchasing the closed S&VT Indiana stores.

    Also, the Jewel going into the Mega Mall site will be a new prototype I believe. All of those other locations are at least a mile away from the store that will open in Logan Square sometime in 2018.

  • Michael McDonough Resident of BelCragin

    Isn't the store closure due to the property owner not renewing the lease because they want to convert that space into several smaller stores that was one of the stories l heard being talked about

  • NWI Times, May 10, 2017: Strack & Van Til owner $225 million in debt, eyes three more closings. Strack & Van Til parent company Central Grocers, which is going out of business, revealed in a bankruptcy court filing...
    Jewel-Osco bought it for $100Mil.

  • C. M. D. Avondale Triangle resident

    Here we are in January, and the whole place is still empty. The Starbucks has moved across the street, and the entire complex looks terrible.

  • I want Cub Foods back!

  • @chi techie: "I want Cub Foods back!"

    Yeah, me too. I used that store a lot when it was there, and was sorry when it closed. I was okay with Strack and Van Til when it was there, although I didn't shop there as much as I did when it was Cub. But now I really feel the loss of a grocery store there.

  • three. Thyme is still 'down the road'....

  • There's a Cubs out in Freeport, about 120 miles NW of Chicago.

  • Actually, I buy a lot of food at Target. They've remodeled the Elston store, groceries are in the front close to the entrance.

  • Michael McDonough Resident of BelCragin

    The CVS location on Milwaukee and Maplewood that was mentioned in a previous post at one time was an A&P food store I grew upon in the Armitage and Western neighborhood and that was one of the stores my parents shopped at when l was a kid

  • National Tea and A&P were the major supermarkets when I was growing up, then Jewel and Dominick's. My aunt shopped at Butera because it was on her way home from work. Edmar used to have stores in Chicago too. Cub Foods pulled out of the Chicago area completely. Most of these stores have been bought up by other chains and renamed.

    But then, the nature of grocery stores has changed. Costco, Target and Wal-Mart sell groceries too. Almost all of the local mom and pops that were on every other block have gone out of business, except in the poor neighborhoods. Sometimes they've been replaced by 7-11s.

  • Does anyone know what the plans are for the old CVS at Milwaukee and Maplewood that Michael mentioned? I used to go there a lot, now don't go in that area much
    Also, speaking of the old Strack and Van Til location does anyone know if they still have plans for a Chick Fil-A in that general area? A few years ago I read plans--on Everyblock or DNAInfo--that a Chick Fil-A was going to build a restaurant in that corridor after the roadwork was done. The roadwork is done (and is great BTW) but haven't heard anything about a Chick Fil-A.

  • @Randy in Bucktown: Oh, you must have missed the wonderful political posturing move by Proco "Joe" Moreno to prevent Chick-Fil-A from building on Elston near the Home Depot, because they are "homophobic." It was a lovely example of the Leftist totalitarian state at work.

    Here's the link to a news article about it:

    Know what's there now? A Value City furniture store. I really wanted the Chick-Fil-A.

  • Chicago is not the only city objectint to Chick-Fi-A's support of antigay groups.

  • I don't care if they think the Earth is flat and the Sun revolves around it, their chicken is delicious.

  • I'm sure it is. I told one of my gay friends about the controversy, he said, "I don't care, their chicken is delicious!'.

  • Beeb, I knew about Moreno preventing a Chick-Fil-A in his ward near the Home Depot about 5 years ago. I'm talking about a couple of years after that there was talk of doing it near that same spot but in the 32nd ward under Waguespack, who has a lot more sense than Moreno. Here's a link to what I'm talking about. Unfortunately I never heard anything after reading this link. Hopefully it's still in the plans.

  • Randy, I hadn't seen this at all. Thanks for the link. We'll see if it actually get's built. Thanks for cluing me into this.

  • MillieNeon Person

    Personally, I'd like to see a King Spa move into the old Stract's.

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    Michael - I spent some early kid years at Milwaukee & Armitage where I lived with my family above their restaurant. I also remember going with them to the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company where CVS stands now. Lots of memories from there. There used to be a fish market on Armitage right about where the alley is east of Walgreens. I was maybe 8 years old (1961) when I discovered the joy of fresh Blue Point oysters there! There also was Bargain Town USA, Main State Bank, Edward Fox photo studio, Toby's linoleum store, Purdy's TV Repair, etc., etc.

  • Benjamin Lipsman 37 y.o. Logan Square resident. Web designer.

    I also remember seeing that a Chick-Fil-A was going into the island created by Elston re-route.

    That CVS on Milwaukee has closed... I wish Trader Joe’s would go in there, even recommended it to Moreno at a community meeting he was at where that parcel came up. He said TJ’s was not interested in going west of Damen currently, but he was in contact with out of state landlord to drive redevelopment of that property.

  • Trader Joe's is very particular about where they locate their stores. That intersection is too isolated, not enough foot traffic.

    A few years ago, they wanted to open one on Division in Wicker Park. Would you believe that some residents objected to it? People are begging for a TJs in their neighborhood and these dumbbells said it would bring too much traffic to the area, which was a block from a school. TJ finally gave up.

  • I'm puzzled as to why Chick-Fil-A would open across the street from Popeye's.

  • Fiat124 Logan Square Lifer

    Because the quality of their food far surpasses Popeye's, probably.

  • The original plan for Chick Fillet was the old brewery lot next to Home Depot where Value City "furniture" is now. Supposedly Proco Joe didn't like some of the views of their CEO and created a scene for publicity and used his famous third world thug tactics to halt them. The site across from Popeyes is a better location for a drive through so Moreno may have benefited them.

  • Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes are different. Chick Fil A doesn't do proper fried chicken, just cutlets and nuggets. I find them vastly overrated, but to each their own. There are several others in town now as well, so if you really, really want to pwn the libs you can just go downtown and have at it.

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