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Added Jun 16 2014

I'm sure this will get posted by others, but I had to share this inspired story about what business owners in our area are doing to inspire positive change to our neighborhood's image.

  • Canyon Humboldt Park

    Awesome article. We will be frequenting any businesses that open up in this area to encourage more of this. Cup and spoon is great. Also heard that someone just bought the "auto parts" building next to boulevards and it will be converted to a resteraunt (the building on talman and north)....not sure if that is true or not

  • Sarah RM dachshundist

    I've heard the same thing about the auto parts place. The plans sound like it's going to be a cool spot. Fingers crossed!

  • Emilie West Bucktowner

    Awesome new energy in much-needed spot. Will check them out!

  • Lynne McDaniel An Orange Moon

    Yes Matt. Hello again! I was told by Alderman Moreno that it was recently purchased and will become a restaurant/bar. I'm soooooo happy the neighborhood is gaining positive momentum!

    And if anyone out there is currently looking to open a business in the WOW DISTRICT, and if I can be of help, please reach out to me.

    My email is:
    Or swing by the shop and say hello!

    2418 W North ave.
    Friday, Saturday or Sunday, I'm on the floor.

    Lynne McDaniel
    Goddess of WOW!

  • Big Al WP Big Al, Your Neighborhood Pal

    Thanks Lynne McDaniel for forming the WOW district. I hope it not only spreads west on North Ave, but south on Western where I live and work as a CPA serving many of the small businesses in the Wicker Park, Bucktown and West Town area. I also serve as Treasurer on the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce which encourages business development. The WPBCC has a couple of members on the west side of Western. There are a couple of big vacant lots on my block that would be ripe for development. A strong business community is good for the neighborhood as it provides jobs, increases property values and decreases crime. If I can be of help, let me know. Thanks again for all your hard work! WOW is the word!

  • Love it!

  • Love love love this!

  • Sarah RM dachshundist

    Some people live in the now, we live in the WOW. (Sorry, couldn't help myself. I love a pun, good or bad.)

  • Lynne McDaniel An Orange Moon

    😊 It's catchy isn't it!? We still need a tag line. How about this? "Take a walk on the WOW side."

  • Sarah RM dachshundist

    I like it, except that it might have associations with wildness that you don't necessarily want?

  • Big Al WP Big Al, Your Neighborhood Pal

    How about "We put the WOW into your business."

  • Our neighborhood association, The United Blocks of West Humboldt Park, has been running a program called "Who's Hungry? Let's Eat in Humboldt ! " for about 5 years. It is basically our members and friends meeting at a new bar or restaurant to help welcome them, spend some $$$, and spread the word for them to attract new business. BTW, like us on Facebook plz. FYI our boundaries are Augusta, Central Park, Kedzie, and North Ave.

    We have been to Rangoli and "West on North" as part of this program, which are both in this target area. We have also been to Bullhead Cantina, Division street Bar n Grill, Zoku Sushi, Maiz, La Encantada, Brand Bar BQ, Marble, Etc.

    Having lived here (and traveling East to find bars and restaurants) for 20 years,I am so excited when new places open up. The new Richmonds on Richmond and Grand, The Boulevard Sports Lounge on North Ave., the highly anticipated Humboldt Haus, the revamped All-American sport Bar, and Sticky Rice on Western are just a few of the new places that we can now enjoy!

    Humboldt Park gets better every day!

  • Lynne McDaniel An Orange Moon

    Thank you Glenn! It's a great feelIng to walk, drive or bike to restaurants in Humboldt Park and it's surrounding commnities. It's sooo pretty around the park on breezy sunny days... Together WE ALL make it happen. Heading over to FB to friend your org stat! Keep up the fantastic work!
    Lynne McDaniel
    Goddess of WOW!

  • Lynne McDaniel An Orange Moon

    Had the pleasure of meeting one of the new owner's of the new restaurant coming to The WOW DISTRICT at North & Talman!!!!! And while its NOT TIKI, it will be incredibly awesome none the less. I'm not at liberty to say anything yet, but keep an eye out! The new owners report they have HUGE plans for the structure.
    Lynne McDaniel
    Goddess of WOW

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