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Added Jul 27 2016

I'm looking to replace my lawn care service because of poor communication issues. Does anyone have one they recommend?

  • Williams landscaping. They do several people in our block. They do a great job.

  • i hope it is not some of the more common communication issues:

    -make sure you get all the leaves this time

    ok, we will leave it this time.. goodbye thank you

    -something is wrong with my bill

    well, I hope he gets well soon

    -I need more gladious in my yard, can you help

    yes, "glad to know ya"

    -can you not blow the yard waste into the street or neighbors yard

    it's not me..... it is the machine

    -you cut the grass to low

    if you want to give tip, it is ok

    -can you put mulch around the house

    yes, I do "much" work around the house, make nice

    -is that your kid you brought with you?

    ehh, waiting for the maury povich, you think he looks like me

    -were where you, you are supposed to come every sunday

    yes, i come every some day

    -where is the cow manure you were supposed to deliver i told you to put it on my front porch?

    it is there, look there it is on the front of your Porsche

    -what is that white powder all along the front of my house

    yes, you say you want lots of flour along the front of the house, is good


    oh, you want the wheat flour, huh

  • Yeah, something like that!

  • I second Williams Landscaping! We have been having them work on our lawn for several years. They are very accommodating. Craig Williams is great to talk to and work with. Jean, the lady in the office, is also really friendly and nice to communicate with. Give them a call!

  • My neighbor has Christy Webber and they seem good. He had used Williams in the past but had problems with them. (Like many of the lawn companies, they were there about 5 minutes and then off to the next lawn. It was a volume vs quality thing.) Personally I'm happy about this because they used to "burn" spots into my lawn by either their hot leaf blower or lawn mowers or whatever else they left laying on it. They also blew leaves and junk onto my lawn. I haven't had any issues with Christy Webber doing any of those things.

    I do know that the Christy Webber folks seem to spend more time on his lawn (patch thin areas, treat for weeds etc and not just in the spring.) He did say he likes them better, but they're more expensive.

    I had a lawn company like the original poster's. I ended up letting them go and just cutting the lawn myself. No amount of don't mow that area (including a small fence with signs) deterred them. When they couldn't reach that area with their mowers, because of the fence, they just got out the weed-wackers. I forget who it was.

  • Hi all, I gave Williams a try and so far, so good. The best thing is that rain or shine, they come the same afternoon each week. If it doesn't work out, I'll move on to the other recommendations. Thanks everyone!!

  • I had someone come to do Spring cleanup and they mowed down all the prairie grasses. So now the yard is just dirt

  • Bluebelle, that's so sad. Was it due to a language barrier issue or failure to follow instructions? I know prairie grasses are generally left dormant (uncut) but do believe they have a deep root structure and will regenerate. (As they do after controlled burns in nature preserves.) Do you think that will be the case for your yard?

  • The woman spoke perfect English and set forth the instructions in Spanish - so I think the guy just misunderstood. That would be great if the prairie grasses would regenerate. I have an appointment with someone on Sunday to discuss possible avenues for regrowth or reseeding. Thanks!

  • If your someone coming on Sunday isn't an expert on native prairie grasses and you'd like to consult with one, you could try Monica @ Red Stem Native Landscapes

  • Thank you NW

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