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Added Jan 25 2013

Looking to join a gym/fitness place in the Logan area. How's the McCormick YMCA?

  • Molly R Marshall Logan Square Resident

    They have an open house tomorrow from 11am to 5pm. I'll be checking it out then. There are few options in Logan Square for gyms, unfortunately.

  • Colemeister Avondale Concerned Neighbors

    They have opened so many new gyms in the area recently but I have been a member of Xsport Fitness for years and love the convenience of 24/7. Basically, no excuse that you can't make it to work ! There is also a new gym opening at Belmont/Pulaski and they are probably offering great deals for new members. I am not familiar with the YMCA.

  • You should check out the Humboldt Park Field house...the equipment is very well kept & clean...they have good hours...and it is super cheap...just take a look. it is the Park District. Walk in the front doors, turn right, go to the back by the windows...great view actually while you are working out.

  • I really dig the Y. Been going there a year now. Not sure what your expectations are for a gym, but remember, it's a Y, not a David Barton gym. There's no pool, so if that's important to you, you're out of luck. But... McTrib has a great staff, it's clean, there's a parking lot, a good number of classes (mostly free for members), a good amount of equipment so there's usually not a long wait even at their busiest time. If you have kids they watch them for you while you work out. It's really a good resource to have in the community.

  • We moved into the neighborhood in September and I joined in December. I'm really happy with it. It's low key, non pretentious. There are a lot of great classes from 6 to 9 each night. I was a member of x-sport for years and never really loved it. I had belonged to the New City Y years ago and loved it but then they closed down. Guess I like the vibe of a YMCA best. And it's a block and a half from our house so I can walk there.

  • Stacey & Tom: I was a New City YMCA member until it closed, too. I like the McCormick-Tribune Y, they are a little short on treadmills but you can still find an open one most of the time.

  • onthewing Outreach Programs Coordinator, PAWS Chicago

    I used to be a member at McCormick Y and LOVED it. Everything's brand new, they have an excellent steam room, parking lot, it's CLEAN, and cheap. Definitely check it out.

  • Marcy Capron Live @ humboldt/armitage. Work @ north/artesian.

    I am hoping to give the Y a shot at some point (at least for sake of price), but currently I am at Midtown Athlethic Club (fullerton/elston) which I LOVE, as it's very very clean and lovely. Even smells good.

    I was a member at logan xsport for 2 years and for my needs, it failed so miserably that I grew to legitimately despise it. You could not pay me to set foot in there (and I'm sure it would take 20 minutes of parking space hunting just to do so).

  • CG some guy

    THe McCormick YMCA is a wonderful place. It's clean, the machines are well-maintained, it's never too crowded that you can't find a spot to exercise, and the community-oriented feel of the place is wonderful. It's the most relaxed and comfortable gym I've ever been to and I recommend it fully -- nothing is lacking.

  • Go to their website and you can print out a free 1 day pass to give it a try

  • Carlos Munoz CostaRicaCarlos

    Great staff, clean, love to shoot hoops to warm up, lots of free weights & almost never having to wait! Best of all is the Eucalyptus infused Steam room!!

  • You should join the Y. I joined over the summer, and it's sort of awesome. For the same price that I was paying monthly for myself at a Bucktown gym, I am now paying the same amount for both me AND my boyfriend at the McCormick Y. There are a lot of families there and a nice non-meat head crowd. The price of their personal trainers is super cheap and I will be happy to recommend one that I've used.

  • Dear Angela:

    I love the Logan Square YMCA. They have all the latest equipment. Although I more enjoy the free weights they have all the electronic cardo "dodads" always in good condition and clean. I'm not big into TV, but if you are that's covered too. Further they have amazing programs and training, Ive enrolled in various martial arts programs, but I know there is dance cardio movement classes. I also use the steam room especially during winters. A pool is coming sometime soon as well.

    But one of the biggest, positives as to why I think you should join, is it's a vibrant and response part of our Logan Square. It's incredible diversity represents Logan Square which feels good an there are numerous community events always occurring that make you feel more part of the community just buy passing by. They have racquet ball and I know several business owners who use their after school programs for their children. Finally the staff are wonderful, kind, warm, and professional. And it's great to see fellow Y members out in the community and vise versa.

    The membership fee is also extremely affordable.

    I hope you consider joining/connecting with this amazing community institution located at the soon to be entrance of the Bloomingdale Trail.


    Eric Hudson
    Cortland & Drake

  • Hi Angela! Actually the McTrib YMCA is having an open house right now! Open house is until 5pm but we are open till 7pm today.
    Right now it's $0 joiner fee plus $100 YBucks which you can use towards any fee based programs ( which are not many since we made most of our classes free now).
    You also get a free personal training session!

    Thank you everyone for your positive feedback about our facility! We are all proud of what we do here and glad that you are supporters of our mission. =)

  • I have been a member of the McCormick YMCA for over ten years and have seen them grow. It is clean and friendly, not pretentious at all. The equipment I want to use is usually available, or close to being. It is definitely part of the community, and worth trying out.

  • Logan1HendersonK Photographer

    Thanks everyone for the inside tips! I'm not crazy about the vibe at XSport Express. So now I'm considering McTrib YMCA, which sounds great, or the XSport by Western. I'd appreciate it if anyone could tell me (or us, rather) about other options, perhaps off the blue line in Avondale, Logan or Wicker. The above comments were helpful!

  • Love the Y! Their open house was Sat but I believe it is still no joiner fee until 1/31. Go in and ask for a tour, they give them any time. Plus you can visit other YMCAs with your membership. The Irving Park location has a pool and is a short walk from the Irving blue line. They have longer weekend hours so I sometimes shoot up there if I'm moving slow. McCormick has extended their hours within the last year so I don't have to go to Irving as much but still a nice option.

  • Was going to ask about gyms in Logan/Avondale, after checking out XSport (a big NO) and then running into this thread,...seems the Y is someplace I'll check out.

  • Bloomingdale Trail entrance is here, too. : )

  • Jacko Z just livin' in the hood

    Haase park * a Y as well has a well equiped fitness room *2600 W. Fullerton. as or Xsports?.............. their 'tude sucks big time.

  • Haas Park is a Chicago Park District facility. It is *not* a YMCA. There is a difference.

    Yes there is a workout facility at Haas Park and many other parks in the area also have fitness areas but I believe if you join, you only have access to that facility.

    With a YMCA membership, you should have access to any Y anywhere. I've visited places all over the country and my membership card is all I need.

    Support local communities, either the park district or the YMCA are good causes. X-Sport is just a corporate facility, they don't need to act kindly (they should but given the large negative responses from people on this thread, it appears they do not value their members, potential members or their community).

  • Colemeister Avondale Concerned Neighbors

    I have been a member of X-Sport on Elston for over 10 years and the staff there has always been pleasant,polite and helpful, including the trainers. I'm not sure about the other locations but my experience with them has been nothing but positive!

  • Taryn P 15 yr Chicagoan, Homeowner in Logan Square

    McCormick Trib Y is great, you can usually find me there on the weekends, Mondays and Wednesdays! I'm a little worried that it will get too busy with all of the people moving into the area. Already have seen it get busier in the last year. But you can't beat the price. Also keep in mind that if you do want to use a pool, you can go to any YMCA in the city.

  • Taryn P 15 yr Chicagoan, Homeowner in Logan Square

    Only thing I would say is try to avoid it during Zumba classes, the parking lot fills up and I think people bring their sign. others, kids or friends who take up the machines. You still don't have to wait too long for a machine, though.

  • Logan1HendersonK Photographer

    I just heard yesterday that the XSport in Lakeview has a better attitude than the express one on Belmont in Logan. It's further, but pretty directly down the road from the express one. The facilities sounded nicer and there's a more proper gym etiquette. And gym-goers there tend to be friendly/converse with each other, and novices can feel more comfortable too. Still exploring my options, but this one sounds promising. It's at Ashland, School, and Belmont.

  • I need a new gym, too. Will look into this place. Thanks everybody.

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