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Added Jan 22 2018

Hello all,

We're looking for a reliable person or business that could repair our relatively new (2015) Briggs & Stratton that just won't start. We are continuing to work on it but I figured I would ask around just in case. I know that if we let this go, we'll get hit with a blizzard (followed by ruined backs from shoveling...) If nothing else, we can then do what we should have done all year, which is start it and run it every month to keep clean fuel going through the lines....

Any thoughts welcome,


  • Well, first go on YouTube and type in "snowblower won't start" and look at videos that help you troubleshoot. You can also do general google searches on make and model and keywords like "stalls" or "won't start" and will get some info that way. Also, FYI, I have heard that these small engines in general do not like gas that is part ethanol, especially E15 or E85. They say this is the main reason small engines on trimmers, edgers, and even lawn mowers stop working well after a few years. And apparently there is some kind of fuel stabilizer should also be used at the end of the season to keep the fuel fresh while the tool is not being used frequently.

    Two places that we've used for lawn mower and snow blower repair:
    Chicago Lawn Mower at 4228 Montrose is very, very good.
    We've used Tony's Lawnmower and Tool Service at 2622 N. Harlem in Elmwood Park too, and they're pretty good, but pricey.

  • Try using a socket wrench to remove the spark plug. Use a wire brush to clean off any carbon buildup on the electrodes. Then, spray into the cylinder head a few shots of starting fluid. Reassemble and give it a go. That often wakes things up.

  • Bob Burns "The well balanced Bob B." - St, Peter

    Beeb is 100% right about ethanol. If you left gas in the carburetor last winter the carb is certainly gummed up. It'll need to be removed, taken apart, and reassembled. You may have other problems as well but that's where I'd start looking.

    In the future mix StaBil or another fuel stabilizer with the gas as soon as you buy it. Personally I put some in the can before filling. And then when spring comes run the snowblower until its out of gas to make sure you get all the gas out of the carburetor. That'll keep it from getting gummed up again.

  • Andrew Levin Property Management Specialist

    I have used Russo Industrial Supply at 5848 West Montrose Avenue for a snow blower owned by a condominium association. They also offered a pickup and delivery service for a reasonable cost.

  • Bird Engine on Diversey..absolutely

  • Jeff 19-year Logan Square resident

    Thank you to everyone for the suggestions! I agree that it's probably related to ethanol-heavy fuel and not properly "summer-izing" it, so to speak. It's been a long time since I rebuilt a carburetor and I'm not sure I want to tackle it again, so I appreciate recommendations for vendors and better care in the future. I'll try to pay it forward by plowing sidewalks for the neighbors next time the need arises!

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    Do not use Chicago Lawn Mower at 4228 Montrose.

    The old guy there is a liar ... tells me he did not sell me the snowblower that I bought from CLM a year ago.

  • Michael McDonough Resident of BelCragin

    I help my landlord and do it the old fasioned way.

  • I run a small fabrication shop in West Logan, I also fix small engines because I find it satisfying and I have repaired several assorted snow blowers for neighbors as well as tillers/mopeds etc. If you want to bring it over I'll have a look, no fix no fee. $35 an hour plus parts if it works. As noted earlier gum from non stabilized fuel is almost always the culprit, along with mouse nests and general corrosion. Let me know if interested.

  • What a fabrication shop? And thanks for posting....

  • Take a look at
    We make large custom world globes for clients around, you guessed it, the globe. But I also do FX work for TV and design and fabrication in metal/wood/fiberglass, and I like to tinker with engines. In short, anything interesting that involves making things. I just welded a bunch of broken chairs for Park and Field for instance.

  • That sounds like fun...I'll keep you in mind in the future, I have an idea for a table I'd eventually like to get welded up, but no room for it in the current apartment

  • This is a very easy repair. Unscrew the jet from the carburetor bowl. There are two holes at the bottom and one near the top. Take a small wire and clean out the debris

  • This is why we don't own a snowblower. You have to find a space to store it all year and then when it actually snows enough where a snowblower comes in handy it won't start.

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