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Added Jan 18 2018

    Grace Owner Set To Open New Restaurant Near Loyola
    The Loyola community will soon welcome a restaurant owned by Loyola alumnus Michael Olszewski, who owned recently-closed restaurant Grace. Olszewski plans to open Onward, a casual, fine-dining restaurant, beneath the Hampton Inn Chicago North-Loyola Station on North Sheridan Road. This comes after the sudden closing of the high-end downtown Grace.
  • Phill "Obama wants to know everything"

    Helen NOH, why do you accuse others of being "cheerleaders" when all you do around here is defend and protect your alderman Joe Moore?
    Remember that EB rules clearly state that no name calling (e.g. "troll", "cheerleader") is acceptable. Yes?

  • #teamhelen #finalanswer

  • Lol, you actually check to see who gives "thumbs up"

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Yes, Maggie when someone gives a thumbs up to an inane piece of gibberish, I can be pretty sure who did it--but just checking to be sure I was right.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is a personal attack.
  • Good to be sure...I guess.

  • Bill in Rogers Park Rogers Parker - co-founder of Glenwood Neighbors

    So why should Moore get credit for this? 1) Building needed a zoning variance in order to be built. Aldermen have immense power for killing a project or approving and having it proceed. Moore could do either. 2) There was a lot of opposition to this zoning request with a lot of hysterical reactions about increased traffic; not right for the neighborhood; Loyola having too much power (they brought the developer to the table), etc. 3) Moore was pilloried here and elsewhere for considering the Hampton at alll and then when he gave the green light for the needed approvals. In addition, Ald. can be roadblocks or aids in developments like this proceeding given their powers with various licensing and building codes. Moore has supported this and helped this get to this there are so many knee jerk anti Moore people here here who blame him for any business lost, crime committed that if you are going to blame him for those things then you have to credit him for this. Can’t have it both ways.

  • headsup not available

    Remember. By law Owners have rights to develop their property as they were wish within zoning laws

    There was nothing in this development to prevent it from going forward

    NIMBY and
    Hysterics is just noise

  • Bill in Rogers Park Rogers Parker - co-founder of Glenwood Neighbors

    Zoning variances were required. The building that exists there today would not have been built without Moore’s approval.

  • Jeffrey Littleton Sheridan Park Neighbors Administrator

    Yes Alderman do zoning. Hold meetings. It's called a job.

  • Bill in Rogers Park Rogers Parker - co-founder of Glenwood Neighbors

    And he could have said no to the Developement as a number of people wanted. Good job Ald Moore.

  • Reid Hyams X-Art Entertainment • Century 21 Universal

    I don't understand why your so concerned Littleton, you don't even live in Rogers Park...

    Bull In Rogers Park, I totally agree with you.

  • d3 NOH

    So basically what you're saying "Live" is he navigated the city's own bureaucracy for the builders

  • Rob

    I do get a chuckle whenever a hypocrite makes the accusation that the alderman pays people to post here.

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

    They just follow him on Fridays for free stuff.

  • Phill "Obama wants to know everything"

    Remember one time he gave chicken wings in exchange for votes?

  • Jeffrey Littleton Sheridan Park Neighbors Administrator

    The fact of the matter is the Alderman doesn't really do that much.

    Fluff it up all ya want.

  • tom 2422 Rogers Parker since 1972

    The Alderman has lots of power. There is always some opposition and some support for any specific zoning exception. He is elected to make these decisions and Alderman Moore tends to have open meetings about larger projects. Some folks think he overdoes the community participation thing. Not all alderman involve the community in these sorts of decisions to the level he does. He has the final call after getting input from the community. If the community doesn't like his final calls and the process for getting there, they can elect someone else.

    In general I think more vocal "anti" folks show up for any public meeting than "pro" folks so that skews the perception of any given project.

    Bottom line stop whining and run for office if you think you can do a better job.

    I would let chicken wings sway my vote. A chicken wing in every pot or something like that. So if you decide to run for Alderman keep that in mind.

  • The alderman works a lot harder than us indolent folks posting on social media all day.

  • But the truth is, this whole discussion plays into the populist Trump-voter mentality that "government doesn't do anything, it's not necessary." Some folks on here may consider themslves progressive liberals, but insofar as they promote this misguided notion that our public officials aren't doing anything, they're just being sucked up by the blast of orange hot air that swept the country last year. I.e., they're being played for fools.

  • Phill "Obama wants to know everything"

    Omar, last Sunday you said,
    "Glad to hear the significant contingent of Loyola students who are from millionaire families will finally have a decent place to eat."

  • tom 2422 Rogers Parker since 1972

    if their money is green, hopefully they will leave some behind paying the salaries of chefs, waitresses, bus boys and girls...

  • What is this???

    Im giving littleton thumbs up????

  • Jeffrey Littleton Sheridan Park Neighbors Administrator

    I just think in the throws of you pro-Moore boosterism the Alderman's usual handful of supporters are giving him entirely too much credit.

    Partisanship is a coin with two sides...just like a real coin.

  • Live From Rogers Park

    Loyola University, with strong support from and close cooperation with Ald. Moore, not only entered into a longterm partnership with Hampton Inn but is moving forward with a new partner, real estate developer and restauranteur Michael Olszewski. Partnership is the way things get done in Rogers Park and partnership is the key to community success in Rogers Park. Meet Rogers Park's business partners at the Alderman's Follow Me On Friday events. Everyone is welcome including folks from Edgewater and Uptown because Rogers Park is where things happen. Visit Rogers Park; feel the love; join the party.

  • Jeffrey Littleton Sheridan Park Neighbors Administrator

    "close cooperation"....just doesn't say much.

  • Rob

    Jeffrey, did you have to put up with the NIMBY BS that the Moore did because of this?

  • Reid Hyams X-Art Entertainment • Century 21 Universal

    "close cooperation"....just doesn't say much" - Nor do you say much that has any meaning to us in Rogers Park Littleton considering you live in Uptown.

  • Joe Moore Alderman, 49th Ward

    I'll be happy to take my share of credit for Onward opening in our neighborhood. In addition to supporting the zoning changes that ultimately led to the development of the Hampton Inn, in the face of some small, but vocal, opposition, I introduced Mike Olszewski to Loyola University's development team. I've known Mike for several years and when he indicated he was thinking of opening a new restaurant, I encouraged him to explore the Hampton Inn storefront. At the time, the Hampton Inn was still under construction, but Mike liked what he saw.

    After some back and forth, Mike and Loyola were able to come to an agreement and Rogers Park will soon be home to an exciting new restaurant. I was happy to play a role in brokering the deal.

  • Live From Rogers Park

    What a great story. That's how friends work with other friends to make good things happen in the community. Neighbor friends do it. Business friends do it. School friends do it. Good people working together make good things happen. Everyone wins in the end. That's how Rogers Park rocks.

  • Jeffrey Littleton Sheridan Park Neighbors Administrator

    Lots of people get introduced and introduce other people all the time. If that sounds as have as "playing a role..." , "working with...." or any of the other AlderSpeak it is because it is in fact...vague.

    The fact is real terms...the Alderman didn't DO VERY much.

  • Jeffrey Littleton Sheridan Park Neighbors Administrator

    And then there was the "back and forth..."

    Nothing vague about that Alderman're doing a heck of a job.

  • You've pretty much been reduced to arguing that no one does "real work" any time, anywhere, Jeffrey. In your strange binary between "real work" vs. "not real work," it would really only be superheroes who would be capable of "doing" anything. Everyone else is just a superfluous accompaniment: in your view, putting people into contact is not "work," facilitating things is not "work," holding meetings is not "work," getting legislation passed is not "work," writing reports and explanations is not "work," responding to criticisms is not "work," and so on.

    So just what do you think "real work" is anyway? And what fictional superheroes of "real work" are upholding your world, Mr. Artist?

    I suppose the agents that approve your grants are not doing real work, either? I wonder what you'd ever do without all the people in your life who are supposedly "not doing work."

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is a personal attack.
  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Please note that someone here underwent a name change on Saturday. I guess he thought it wouldn't be noticed.

  • I'm thinking that you may be the only one interested in that bit of news, Helen, but thanks for the heads up. Good lookin' out.

  • What a nice surprise to have Moore pop out of the darkness and make an appearance on this thread, however briefly. Good to know he keeps up with our little forum, and of course we all welcome his participation in this, and any thread. I'm sure he's very impressed with his "followers" for speaking out on his behalf so...eloquently. Maybe you represent him more accurately than I had previously thought.

  • Phill "Obama wants to know everything"

    And she was accusing others of being "cheerleaders". LOL!

  • Reid Hyams X-Art Entertainment • Century 21 Universal

    There are other wards Littleton where you can play in and disrupt, including your own which has its share of problems. I recall from a previous post / thread that you and your alderman are at odds... you stated such. In fact, weren't criminal charges placed against you for hitting an elderly woman with your camera? I believe that was the case.

    Time for you to take your game elsewhere, you've dominated and wasted our time to the Nth degree. Enough is enough... please try and clean up your ward, the 49h is doing quite well without you and on its own, especially with an Alderman who is obviously working to make Rogers Park all that it can be and then exceed those boundaries. You heard it from the man yourself, we all did.

    Sorry bud, you lose.

  • Reid, are you actually slandering a fellow subscriber on Joe Moore's behalf? Moore needs to get you something bright and shiny for that one. He obviously encourages such tactics. Great job, "Bud"! Oh heh, maybe all you really need is a little praise.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it contains inappropriate content.
  • Jeffrey Littleton Sheridan Park Neighbors Administrator

    Alderman Moore wants a different job, and most everybody knows.

  • Reid Hyams X-Art Entertainment • Century 21 Universal

    @ Maggie who states "Reid, are you actually slandering a fellow subscriber on Joe Moore's behalf?" Wrong. No slander here, just facts. I'm tiring of Littleton's nonsense and ridiculous posts. And BTW Littleton, thank you very much for the opportunity. I need no praise and Joe owes me nothing, this is on the house.

  • Phill "Obama wants to know everything"

    Anybody is welcome to post in EB Rogers Park or any other EB neighborhoods. Oh? You don't like others who "don't belong" to come into your 'hood? Should we build a wall?

    Littleton, they want to silence you because your words hit a nerve.

  • Jeffrey Littleton Sheridan Park Neighbors Administrator

    Chicago is my home, my community.

    Most working people can describe their job in terms with some degree of exactitude beyond...."working with...", "I was the one who introduced them...", "I held a few meetings..." ..." I am proud to have been a part of...."

    The fact is Alderman do not do much. Technically the Alderman do not do zoning changes. The "tradition" in the city council zoning board is to just go with what the Alderman says, yay or nay, then the full city council goes with what the board says.

    Yea...quite a workload for the Alderman.

  • Well Reid, it certainly appears that your comment was intended to use this forum to publicly embarrass, insult,...what ever you want to call it. Since Moore isn't the speaking out against this type of behavior, he is complicit, and I'm sure he appreciates you doing the mudsling for him. We are getting a clear picture of the man's charector, and for that I will thank you too. Keep it coming.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is a personal attack.
  • How is that, Rob? He obviously is reading this stuff.

  • This is the worst feed ever. I don’t who to care about more, the alderman, Loyola or the people commenting on the restaurant. Time to unfollow this post. Fml

  • Jeffrey Littleton Sheridan Park Neighbors Administrator

    On the bright side it won't be hard for the Alderman to update his résumé next year.

    This will be a great location for a farewell dinner...with drinks on the roof...such fun!


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