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Added Jan 16 2013

My family and I are new to the Albany Park neighborhood, and wondering what the best early morning breakfast spots are. What's good?

  • John AP 5 Year AP resident. LOVE it

    Taqueria Jerez on Pulaski.

  • West river cafe on montrose and kedzie they are good really good ... Alps is good too but I agreed that is too expensive.

  • Todd Agosto Analyst/Investigator at Veritatem Cognoscere

    Breakfast is easy and cheap to make. Instead of dragging everyone to a restaurant, pour your time, effort and money into your own kitchen and razzle dazzle your friends and family... i'm sure they would appreciate it more.

  • Yep...West River Cafe...unpretentious, just good, affordable food!

  • I like Hilltop Restaurant at Foster/California. Traditional Greek diner with lots of breakfast options. It's a short walk from Lawrence ave. Bienvenido to Albany Park!!

  • Andrea D the middle of Albany Park

    West River Cafe is delish. You can't beat it. Also, sometimes you don't want to make breakfast..if the OP did, they wouldn't have asked.

  • Peter H.. Beer. Food. Beer. Repeat.

    We frequent original alps at Irving park and elston. Not exactly the neighborhood but they are the most baby/kid friendly place we have found and they have a parking lot. I good diner breakfast. awesome pancakes.

  • Joshua Pastor at New Life Community Church in Albany Park

    Hey Jameson,

    Good to see you on here!

    My two favorites are:
    Tre Kroner- I get the hash and add diced tomatoes.
    West River Cafe'- Good standard country breakfast!


  • Just Me

    I too recommend Tre Kronor.

  • It may be further west than you'd like to go, but Mayfair Restaurant on Lawrence, just west of Elston serves a great breakfast. Check them out on yelp - they have 4.5 stars for a reason. Tasty, cheap, and friendly.

  • Yes I love Tre Kroner as well, but also check out West River Cafe at Montrose and Kedzie... Breakfast all day as well as lunch specials. They open early and close about 4 PM - cheers Bill

  • AMC New to Albany Park

    Over Easy Cafe is delicious and not horribly expensive. Just get there early because the line gets super long.

  • I will put in another vote for West River and Tre Kronor. LOVE Tre Kronor!!

  • Family Place on Harlem and Lawrence has HUGH VARIETY not over priced.
    Annie's pancake place in Skokie on Oakton is good very busy. Alps on Elston and Irving was good. 2 way grill only counters is ok.

  • Also in for West River and Tre Kronor...we do have too few good breakfast places...I could walk to Alps..but meh

  • Jameson Allen husband, father, disciple of JESUS

    This has all been super helpful!

  • Stephanie - is the Cinnamon Cafe still open? I tried to go about a month ago on a Saturday morning and the whole place was dark. I've kept an eye out on mornings since and haven't seen anyone in there. Does anyone know what's going on? There's no signs up or anything and I miss that place!

  • Lukie 25 year resident of North Park

    No one's mentioned Pauline's. Not in Albany Park, but a great breakfast (and lunch) place. Outdoor seating, weather permitting.

  • Stephanie Ashley's mom

    Paige-I haven't been there in a couple months, so it's possible they closed. I did check yelp, and there are some recent reviews. They weren't too great though, so maybe the place is going downhill :-/

  • I recently discovered West River Cafe and it's the cutest place. Tre Kronor is fantastic -everything is freshly made. Over Easy is not in Albany Park but it's a longtime favorite of ours. We eat out every weekend so we are experts!

  • Christine Fischer 30 something couple in Jeff Park

    Tre Krenor is great, I would also recommend Cafe Selmarie in Lincoln Square. They are one of the few places open early Saturday and Sunday and serve brunch both days.

  • I've been wanting to check out Cafe Selmarie. Is it a good place to take kids? I have a 2 year old and an 8 month old.

  • I've been to Cafe Selmarie numerous times and there have frequently been little kids and babies there. I'm not sure if there is a children's menu, but since it is a bakery as well, you could feed the kids at home first and then just get them a treat to keep them happy. They have fantastic cookies. And their outside seating in good weather is just the best.

  • Ian G. Architect, North Mayfair resident

    My wife and I have always felt very welcome with our infant (now 3-yr-old) at Cafe Selmarie. I believe there is a kids menu, but haven't been for several months now, so I can't be sure. Plus, the plaza next door is a great place for your toddler to run around!

  • Are you looking for casual or a nicer place to take guests? Chief O'Neill's on Elston is pretty nice and has a brunch buffet.

  • Michele Staniszewski Forever North Sider

    So two way grill has been a neighborhood staple for years its a greasy spoon but, has great breakfast and their biscuits and gravy are wonderful its on the corner of elston and pulaski
    Also the Alps on Irving and Elston is great

  • Brian F.. husband, father, lover of my hood

    thecity24, we love taking our kids to Cafe Selmarie. we have a 3 and a 1, and we always have plenty of space and even when we feel like our kids are a disturbance, the staff are never annoyed. My favs: Cafe Selmarie, Tre Kroner, Over Easy, Bakin & Eggs, Bongo Room. Places I want to try: M. Henry (andersonville) & Tweet (uptown)

  • If we're allowed to talk about anyplace anywhere I love Lula in Logan Square like crazy and my current favorite is Batter and Berries in Lincoln Park. To be fair my boyfriend is friends with the owner of B&B but I took my whole family of breakfast snobs and they were in heaven. Amazing french toast

  • I forgot to mention chicken and sweet potato waffles....I cant stand the thought of chicken and waffles, gives me the willies..but these were so awesome it's hard to put into words

  • Preeti Superstar, animal lover, just me

    Pannenkoeken Cafe at Lawrence and Western is excellent. It's very small so it's best to get there early.

    Over Easy at Argyle and Damen is awesome and I recommend getting there by 9 or 10 am.

  • Shawn Ritchie South Side transplant to North Center since 2007

    I think this thread has covered every possible option, including the condescending "cook your own breakfast" guy. That said, for everyday, consistent basic grub, I do like the Golden Nugget on Lawrence. For the absolute best breakfast, Over Easy is tops. I already miss Alps East because it was the best breakfast available in a short walk from my home. The Lincoln is a goddamned catastrophe, as is Golden Angel on Lincoln (I dunno how the latter places survives being just south of the square and such a crapfest). That Bakin and Eggs south on Lincoln is also pretty excellent; a bacon flight? Yes, please.

  • nick 19-year North Center resident

    We take out kids to Selmarie all the time...they have kids stuff. The entire family loves that place.

  • AlbanyParkMom 14-year resident

    The key to taking kids to any potentially fussy restaurant is to ask for the check as soon as the food hits the table! And if you're just looking for some joe and a snack, i really can't recommend First Slice off the Francisco stop enough. It's across the street from a park, as well.

  • Peter H.. Beer. Food. Beer. Repeat.

    When ever I hear Pannenkoeken cafe Beastie boys gets stuck in my head. Awesome.

  • I also like West River Cafe - small place, but good food & good prices & friendly staff. It's on the NW corner of Montrose & Kedzie.

  • Catbus Philosopher, Third-Class

    The long and the short of it is, there's nothing good in Albany Park. You have to go somewhere else.

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Cornerstone at Western and Elston. Top-notch dineraunt, much better than the norm.

  • Lukie 25 year resident of North Park

    Gads, I've gained a list of at least 10 breakfast places I've never been to, reading this thread. I'm going to have to start eating out. A lot!

  • Lucas H Little Village/Marshall Square

    Been to West River also. Really liked it. If you drink a lot the night before, you have to plan on getting there before they close. They aren't 24 hours like some of the others. If I'm headed to the Kimball station, I also stop at Huddle House across the street. Really basic diner food, but then you literally cross the street to jump on the Brown Line. Going to try to check out 2 Way this weekend and see what I think of it. I've heard nothing but good things.

  • Katie H. AP-er

    Another vote for West River and Tre Kronor. I can't recommend a specific place, but I bet a lot of the Mexican joints in AP do a mean huevos rancheros. I've never tried Huddle House - is it "Golden ______" level, or lower?

    Shawn - gotta disagree with you about Golden Angel. Maybe I'm warped from eating there too many times over the years, but I think their breakfast hits the spot. Agree with you about the Lincoln's breakfast, though - blech!

    Folks with kids: about 50% of the weekend crowd at Cafe Selmarie seems to be under age 5, so yes, it's a good place for kids :) Their brunch is great too. Small selection, but well-presented and not too heavy. Their breakfast potatoes are my favorite in the city.

    And as long as we're expanding to a 10-mile radius, I also like Flying Saucer in Humboldt Park (on California just south of Division), Nookie's Too at Halsted and Dickens, and Mike's Place at Western and Lunt.

  • Haven't been there in a while, but I used to love the breakfast burrito @ Cafe 28

  • Shawn Ritchie South Side transplant to North Center since 2007

    @Katie H: I just can't do the Angel anymore. Everything in that place is at least 30 years old, including the eggs. It's just a greasy mess :S Weird, broken waitresses with bad service, and the inevitable stewbum talking to himself by the register and trying to pay for coffee with toenail clippings just ended it for me. That said, to each their own :)

  • The Kroner is good on Foster across from North Park College. They offer more selections on weekends. They open late, 9A, on Sundays, I think. Call first. Prices are getting higher. Can BYOB for a special celebration, too.

  • Shawn, just had to say HAH

  • One more Albany Park place: there is a Mexican restaurant on the north side of Montrose about two doors west of Whipple - I don't recall the name of it. No ambience whatsoever, but if you want a good American breakfast of eggs, bacon or sausage, hash browns and toast, for $3.49 on weekdays, this is your place. Food is always fine (eggs lightly scrambled just the way I like them and hash browns golden and crisp) and you sure can't beat the price. Never crowded during the week and the staff is friendly. This has become our go-to weekday place to walk to whenever we don't want an excursion or a breakfast event but just don't feel like dealing with breakfast at home.

  • IrvWoodsMom Irving Woods Resident

    Good question.,,strictly in the AP I have heard West River cafe is pretty decent...I will check it out soon.
    In North Park, well Tre Kroner is fabulous for breakfast. Over in Irving, I am on the fence about Alps...fantastic service, very clean, breakfast has only been okay as far as I am concerned, but they are great with kids and super clean so that is always good.
    Catbus...maybe that is what we need; a fabulous breakfast joint to get the people rolling in!

    Welcome to AP btw!

  • Just avoid huddle house!!

  • Doesn't appear anyone has mentioned a newer addition to the Albany Park (or arguably Irving Park) restaurant scene yet - Bread and Wine. I highly recommend this place. They didn't do brunch went the first opened last year, but they've offered it on Sundays for a few months now, and it is really good. Somewhat reminicent of Longman and Eagle, but less crowded and less hipsters. Decent price for interesting dishes made with quality ingredients. The decor is nice too. Check it out for Sunday brunch!

  • Bread and Wine Website -
    It's on Irving Park and Ridgeway. Sunday brunch runs from 10am - 2pm.

  • Katie H. AP-er

    Nice, I didn't know Bread & Wine had brunch now. I had dinner there a few months ago and it was really, really good.

    I also forgot to mention Fork at Lincoln and Wilson. Interesting brunch dishes (including chicken and waffles) - prices are on the higher side but within reason for Chicago brunch.

  • Cinnamon Cafe has closed for good it seems. It's never open whenever I walk by. No signs or anything... It's too bad as they had really good food. I guess the terrible name and lackluster decor couldn't make up for that.

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