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Added Jan 10 2013

I'll be inheriting a sewing machine from family. It'll need to be cleaned and tuned before I can use it. Does anyone have recommendations for a good sewing machine repair service with decent prices in the area? Thanks!

  • Diane Galleher Rogers Park neighbor since 2005.

    i have an old sewing machine that needs fix too and some people told me to bring it to Goldblatt's Sewing Machine near Damen and Milwaukee. If it is a Singer you can try near Cicero/Iriving ParkMilwaukee intersection.

  • Vogue Fabrics in Evanston (Main Street?). The guy was amazing. I think he is the only person I would trust. He ended up charging me significantly less that the initial estimate. Very up front.

  • Diane Galleher Rogers Park neighbor since 2005.

    That place is much closer! Thanks, Erin I didn't know they did repairs.

  • Lesa D partial to bad weather, fiber art, & science

    There is a traveling 'sewing machine cleaning/repair' guy who visits - among other places - Hancock Fabrics on Broadway just south of RP every other Monday from 2-4. He is very reasonable, fast and good: John Supan & Assoc. (219) 661 8958. $48 for a complete tune up for my Singer than had not been cleaned in 20 yrs....

  • Hancock is closing/closed. :(

  • Ines Sommer 20+ years in RP

    I second Erin's recommendation re: Vogue Fabric.

  • Oh no! Hancock is closing? One less place to buy fabric for my new-to-me machine! :(

  • Al I. Not Defender of Cartoon Cows

    Anna's Linens at Clark and Howard seems to carry fabric. I didn't look at it too closely, though.

  • Sears repair on Lawrence between Ashland and Damen is also good at sewing machine repair.

  • Lesa D partial to bad weather, fiber art, & science

    Thanks Erin Mc - I didn't know. I guess that explains all their big sales in the last few months

  • I used the same guy that scout recommends. He was fabulous and inexpensive.

  • Voque fabrics in Evanston :-)

  • And they sharpen scissors as well :-)

  • Vogue is probably the best idea...though the last time I was there the guy spoke to me like I was totally stupid. Which I did not appreciate, considering I'm a season sew person...who like everyone else has more to learn. Maybe he was just having a bad day. The service there, however, can be if-y. All around, but it is still a great place. I'd also suggest Hancock on Broadway, but dumb Walgreen's cancelled their that's not a good option anymore. You might also consult with the vacuum repair fellow in Evanston. They may know of a private practitioner who we can support. Just thought of that as I was clicking away. G'day all!

  • At Vogue, talk to Jim who is in on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11A-3P. (The other clerks don't know much about how he handles that side of the business.)

    When you drop the machine off, you'll sign a release for repairs up to $100. Bring along any attachments he might need to test the machine in full. Call to find out when it's ready for pickup, as he/they won't necessarily call you when it's done.

    I've made note of John Supan as an alternate; thanks for posting that Scout.

  • Bettiegee Rogers Park resident since 1993.

    I had always used Vogue for machine repairs. But when my beloved Bernina 910 developed a weird issue, they couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. So I took it to Linda Z's out in the burbs. Cause they were/are Bernina dealers. Yeah, their guy didn't know either. And tried to sell me a new machine. To which I said, "Do you have industrials?" He tried to tell me I didn't need all that. Hmm. Needless to say, I would not ever go there again.

    I did get my industrial serger from Goldblatts. They were very nice. But it's not very handy with no car. There used to be a guy in the yellow pages who would come to your house. But I gave his number to friend, and it kinda seems like he isn't doing it anymore.

    I now have two dead Berninas and am debating between taking them to Vogue or trying out a place west on Irving Park Road.

  • call 312 853 3170, He comes to your house and fixes or retrns the next week or two with machine. He comes to a different side of city each night and is a bit rigid in his work- cash only, $60 to say hello. However good results

  • I like Complete Sewing machine repair on Lawrence at Rockwell. All of my machines are vintage models and they always have whatever I need. They work on newer machines and industrials, too. Their phone # is 773-769-2794.

  • My sewing coworker recommended the same place Terry did.

  • another vote for Vogue; Main in Evanston, a block west of the L, but be warned that if you are into fabric, leave the rent money at home!

  • Another vote for John Supan! SNS > (219) 661-8958

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