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Added Jan 06 2013

Hi neighbors!

Any suggestions on where to get some fresh baked bread, like a baguette or something, to go with a dinner tonight? In Rogers Park or nearby?


  • Bennisons bakery in Evanston is a sure thing. Growling Rabbit on Sheriday may or may not have bread, but if you're closer to there, worth checking.

  • Suzanne Meyering Babysitter, life coach, Realtor, Eco-Educator

    Growling Rabbit does not bake bread, although everthing else is delicious!

  • Suzanne Meyering Babysitter, life coach, Realtor, Eco-Educator

    Bakery at Dominick's at Gateway Center and also at Pratt and Ridge bake bread dalily.

  • Christine M. Momoftwo

    Devon Market. They bake fresh bread throughout the day. You can (if you time it right) get it fresh out of the butter!

  • Devon Market on Devon between Broadway and Clark has much better bread than Dominicks/Jewel. I'd probably go there. They don't have a huge bakery but they do have the ovens near the front of the store (Kind of odd) but the bread is great. I often buy it when it is still warm.

  • tom 2422 Rogers Parker since 1972

    Dominicks on Howard has great fresh bread... Who would think?

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    I know the Fresh Farms in Niles always has (fabulous) fresh breads; I don't know about the one on Devon

  • John Thomas Longtime Rogers Park/Lakewood-Balmoral Resident

    Dominick's offers several varieties.

  • Yeah Devon Market is great.

  • Yes! Devon market I love going there for my produce and the Bread is awesome!

  • Gregg Tomlinson design studio owner -

    +1 to everyone suggesting Devon Market, I can't love that market enough! Their baguettes are fantastic.

  • KathyL interior painter, bldg. mgr, cook, upholsterer

    Wow, OK, here's my local OUTSTANDING choice for grocery store. Morse Grocery, at the Red Line, Morse. Just east of the red line Morse station, across from Chase bank. This is an amazing little neighborhood grocery. I was surprised, even, to find grits there (yes, I'm from the South), and they have other things I can't often find at hood stores, like tahini, sesame oil, greek yogurt (often on sale for 99 cents a cup) etc. Now, about bread... They have some, decent baguette for dinner, for example, and good, healthy loaf bread options (in front of deli case) but sounds like Devon Marrket is the place for bread, and bakery's mentioned. So glad to have two alternative to the ridiculously expensive Dominicks and Jewel very near me. For example, how much (if you can get it) is a bunch of FRESH cilantro (a staple for me), at Domonicks or Jewel's?? These small markets often have it for like 33 cents a bunch. Herbs are one area, aside of the long, slow lines, I find Dominicks and Jewls to be most disappointing--unfresh and overpriced... Oh, Morse grocery even has some organic stuff... I always buy organic eggs, even if I can afford little else that is organic. Oh, I'm a cook. I can help you with a party if you like, or consider the right, Rogers Park-area privatre chef gig... Kathy 773-354-9596

  • Great suggestions from all. Owner here at the Growling Rabbit. Although we don't do it now, we are considering starting it up. What varieties would you like to see?

  • Alison gardener

    It would be wonderful if you did bread. I vote for millet. Hard to find anywhere and my favorite.

  • Hello all this talk about Bread...we just walked there (devon market) and guess what she was bagging fresh bread we also bought veggies for soup...I carried the loaf home in my coat. It kept me warm as I kept it warm ....delish...Morse market Got nothing compared to Devon mrkt...just sayin ¦-D

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Hey Craig! Before they lost their baker, before they closed, Flourish on Bryn Mawr delivered fresh bread to homes, in a one mile radius (hint, hint!).

    I would love a good, multigrain sandwich bread.

  • Craig, I second Alison's call for fresh millet bread. A decent french baguette is never a mistake. And, how about pumpernickel (I prefer dark) or even a rye with caraway seeds?

  • Karen M. Werner Rogers Park business owner

    to Craig: something whole grain, please. would especially like something good for French toast.

  • Chet 606 Rogers Park, NOHavana, CE

    Hello Growling Rabbit. Yes. Plain french baguette, yeast risen, organic flour with organic eggs.

  • Devon Market hands down!!! :p

  • tom 2422 Rogers Parker since 1972

    Grolwing Rabbit, if you could produce something like the Dakota Bread at Great Harvest (21xx W Central in Evanston), I am sure lots of Rogers Parkers would like to save some gas. Also their Apple Scrapple is a treat.

  • LB

    Definitely the Devon Market!

  • KathyL interior painter, bldg. mgr, cook, upholsterer

    I will definately check out Devon Market, and ask Ted at Morse Grocery to work on his bread selection... He's very attentive to customers, which is why it's such a great local grocery. Someone asked about breads for French toast... I recall that the Jewish Chullah (spelling?) makes wonderful French toast. Is it OK to use it for that??

  • Thanks everyone! Can't wait to try Devon market!

  • Cityboy Couch miner in Rogers park for 67 years

    Misericordia has a small bakery on their campus and make bread and pastries
    Every day

  • Morse Market has hard rolls & Devon Market has hard rolls and baguettes and they are o. k. but from mixes. La patisserie on Argyll bakes good baguetes and croissant and Bennison's in Evanston bakes very good croissant, baguettes, rolls and loafs of various kinds of breads which are very good (they are also avaolable at Pastoral and The French Market ). It's odd that CFhicago, a great food city is not a good place to find good bread. The Slavic neighborhoods often have decent bread and Devo Market carries some of them sometimes- it can be frustrating at Devon Market to find a good ethnic bread there, go back to get more ,only to find they don't always carry the same brands.

  • Rickland RP denizen

    I have to throw my voice in for Devon Market. Their Balkan Bread is unbelievable. Also, for dessert breads, Chimney Cake Island, across the street from Devon Market is really REALLY good. Seriously. They make these incredible "Chimney Cakes" that are yeasty goodness. Stop by and get one - I guarantee you won't regret it. The owners are also really nice, good people too. As a start-up, they can use all the neighborhood support they can get.

  • Suzanne Meyering Babysitter, life coach, Realtor, Eco-Educator

    Bennison's usually particiaptes in the Glenwood Sunday Market. Next Sunday 1/13 is next Winter Market at Glenwood Bar....

  • Barbara Rogers Park resident since 1984

    I am still swooning over the baguette I got at Morse Market a couple weeks ago. The smell just grabbed me - it was crusty outside and soft inside. Still warm, smelled great for a couple of days! And if you haven't discovered it yet, Morse Market's prices (at least on non-processed type foods) are generally REALLY low.

    I also have found a whole wheat sourdough there, tho' you have to get it right away coz they only order a few. Very helpful w/r/t special orders I've found.

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    Fresh Farms on Touhy has delicious Greek and Italian bread. We get the round Greek bread with the sesame seeds on it. They have samples of the bread along with some good olive oil in the store. It's sooo good!

  • Barbara Rogers Park resident since 1984

    Where on Touhy, Luci?

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    @Barbara, About 5500 West on Touhy. Right near the Wal Mart at that big shopping center. There's a Ross and Bath & Body Works nearby too.

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    My favorite bread (crusty Italian made by D’Amato’s bakery) is available at Fresh Farms at 2626 W. Devon. I think I’ve seen it at the Niles Fresh Farms too (5740 W. Touhy) – but they also bake their own bread there which is very good as Luci mentions.

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    @Barbara, I also like D'Amato's bakery for Italian bread, I just don't get up there as often as I would like. The Fresh Farms on Devon, do you know if it's like the one on Touhy? I think we passed it a few times, but I never went in. It sure would be a lot closer than going all the way on Touhy. Maybe we'll check it out this week. Especially if the quality of the produce, etc is as good as the one on Touhy.

  • Argo Georgian Bakery, also on Devon, has fantastic bread:

  • Barbara Rogers Park resident since 1984

    I've heard a lot of good about Harvest Time on Lawrence (Lincoln Square 'hood) - I wonder if they have good bread there, as well as their other food?

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    @Luci, the Fresh Farms on Devon is a *much* smaller version of the one on Touhy. On produce they do have the same great prices (and quality), they stock many of the same ethnic foods (especially Indian), and many of the same grocery items are available there at prices lower than many supermarkets (for example, eggs, yogurt, Sabra hummus for ~$2 as opposed to the usual $4-5 price tag!) But I think you could fit several of the Devon Fresh Farms stores (at least 6 of them) inside the Touhy one!

    I'm not sure if the two stores are still under the same management... I see the Devon store isn't listed on the website for some reason (but I'm not sure if it ever was). If you check out the store on Devon, I suggest going at an off-peak time (not on a weekend). Parking around there can be challenging. They have a small lot behind the store but more often than not it's filled and/or blocked by delivery trucks. I recommend approaching from the south via Talman -- there's angled meter parking on Talman, just south of Devon. Spaces are often available there (just a bit southwest of Fresh Farms).

  • thanks, didn.t know they made bread but I've had cookies from thereand they were good.

  • Must agree with nkot. The Argo Georgian Bakery at Devon and California has crazy good bread. The dough is slapped onto the walls of an underground clay oven and retrieved with long metal hooks. You don't need to put anything on it. It's delicious warm and fresh right out of the bag.

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