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Added Feb 22 2018

Hi neighbors. We had some seepage from a side yard into our basement. We need to dig up around the foundation and apply some sealant and put in a drainage pipe. Since I don't have the time or energy for this, I need a recommendation. US Waterproofing and Gralak have been recommended. I was curious if we had any neighborhood contractors you can recommend. Much thanks in advance.

  • I'll add my recommendation for US Waterproofing. Even with a lifetime guarantee, I was nervous over the past few days (they did the work in spring of 2017). Everything is still dry (knocking on wood that it continues). They were great to work with.

  • We used US Waterproofing .they did a great job.

  • angelranger 47 year Northside resident

    62 % - I have a very similar problem. After construction next door dug a 7 or 9 ft basement, the gangway pulled away from the building and water runs underneath. Probably tiles cracked and the cistern needs shoring up. Can anyone give a ballpark $$ ? 1K 2K 5K ??

  • Great Lakes Waterproofing. They inject clay at 3’ intervals along the exterior length of your foundation.

    Lifetime warranty. We had them add an interlocking surface drain too as extra insurance. Solved the problem. My neighbor hired them as well, and are satisfied with the results.

    Their office is in Kalamazoo but they service Chicago and have reps here. ‭
    (888) 448-2351‬

    The other companies allow the water into your basement to drain into an interior trench cut into the floor at the base of the walls which didn’t make sense to me. Great Lakes keeps the water out. Good luck.

  • OParker Native Chicagoan

    Anyone mind sharing what they've paid to have this service? THX

  • Mera Kordic - Real Estate Broker Looking to buy or sell real estate? Contact me!

    I used American Waterproofing; contact #: 847-537-4200

  • Neighborhood Dad 27-year resident of North Center/St Bens/Lincol...

    We used PermaSeal. 10 years ago and nary a drop of water since then. We don’t even think about it any more.

    Their guarantee is transferable. So if we ever sell the house, the guarantee stays with the house.

    LS - As for “keeping the water out,” it’s a losing battle. Water eventually wins. 15, 20, XX years. The system we have has the drain tile inside and pumps out any water to the sewer (not some place 20’ feet from the house to find its way back in).

    Price 10 years ago was about $8,500. But it’s been worth the piece of mind.

  • SixtyTwoPercentWater Neighborhood Blogger

    A couple of quick thoughts. We already have inside drain tiling and sump pump. That captures anything coming in/up through foundation. What I think we have is a gap where the bricks meet the foundation. I say that from guidance from an architect and builder. And, since we had a concrete walkway between our homes for all these years that now is gone (it was broken off and removed as the demolished the other home), leads me to believe we may have had damage from that event.

  • Neighborhood Dad 27-year resident of North Center/St Bens/Lincol...

    Got it. Sorry. That stinks. Good luck!

    If either yours or Angels was due to adjacent construction, I’d recommend talking to a lawyer about possible claims you may have.

  • Pax

    62%, I’ve used Sanchez Concrete for a customer that had previously used US Waterproofing. I was contracted to redecorate the basement and put in new flooring after the water seepage had been dealt with by US.

    The day before I was to install the laminate flooring, I found water pools on the floor. US had waterproofed the front of the basement and ignored the side of the building - without ever discussing the options with the homeowner.

    Sanchez came and did a professional, tidy job, excavating the sidewalk between the houses, installing the dampproof course and laying a new sidewalk. I was confident of his work since I got the recommendation from another contractor. I can’t remember the cost - maybe $4k for 30’ including a new sidewalk.

    Gerardo Sanchez
    ‭(224) 629-0681‬

  • 62%, I had something similar where seepage was coming in at the cove joint where the wall meets the foundation footer. I had Permaseal dig a trench around the inside floor perimeter, then they put waterproof sheathing starting about 2 feet up the wall leading down into the trench (or your drain tile beneath the floor). Then they reconcreted the trench. So now any infiltration coming in at that cove joint goes below the concrete basement floor, not onto it. This is not super expensive. Believe it's about $60 a linear foot for everything. You don't have to do the entire basement, just the linear area where you have the infiltration. That doesn't include redoing drywall on the wall or retiling the floor though if your basement is finished.

  • RaleighsMa Not fauxraged but may contain typos.

    Another vote for Great Lakes Waterproofing.

    They did the Bentonite Clay injection system at one corner of our house and it worked, especially after addressing the gutter system that had previously been draining into a garden and acted like a bathtub along the foundation of the house. That's been several years ago now.

  • Allowing water to seep into the basement through the mortar joints of foundation walls made from Chicago brick, will eventually dissolve both the mortar and the brick. That's the losing battle in my mind.

    As mentioned by RaleighsMa, Bentonite Clay, is the material used by Great Lakes Waterproofing injection system and is the same material used to build ponds. If it keeps water in, it will keep water out too. Besides, there's a lifetime guarantee.

    Cost was $85/linear foot X 100LF.

    Good luck. Seepage is an issue worth addressing. 3 years post-treatment the brick is stable and looking good.

  • We used permaseal in our basement and we haven’t had any leakage since they did it 4 years ago

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