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Added Feb 05 2018

Dear all, wanted to make you aware that Via (a very affordable ride-share service) has added Rogers Park to its service area as of today! You just need to download the app, and then your first four rides to/from RP (their service area goes all the way downtown to the south loop) are only $3.95 each, and you can get $10 ride credit to try it out by using someone's referral code (if you need one, mine is Stephanie4K3). I'd love to see Via be successful in RP to expand our transportation options--hope you will try it out!

(To be clear, I don't work for Via--I just like to have a safe and affordable way to get home).

  • Kisse Mad Scientist

    How much do you get if someone uses your referral code?

  • I think you get $10 and I get $5, if you use my code, though I'm not sure. Feel free to use someone else's code. I just want to make sure that people use the service so it continues serving the neighborhood.

  • deborah ymca memeber services staff

    wow! this is absolutely great thanks for sharing. BTW i've passed your code along =)

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    So this is a service where you have to share a ride with some other person(s)? Not call a ride dedicated to just your trip?

  • Jon 10yr Rogers Park / 8yr Edgewater

    Looks like a multiple rider system according to the website -

  • theres another ride share service where you share seats with other passengers and its called the cta.

  • I take the train to/from work every day, but I occasionally like to go out in the evenings, and since I am a woman who lives and goes out alone in a place where I routinely hear gunfire, I try to limit the amount of walking I do after 11pm.

    If CTA works for you in all circumstances, I think that's great. In my ideal world, it would work for me in all circumstances too.

  • Caroline from Silvertown Silvertown Studio

    I only used Via once in NYC and it was absolutely fine. I believe they keep prices lower by only traveling major streets. So instead of being picked up in front of your apartment, you walk one or two blocks to a larger street and then the driver doesn't waste time and gas by turning down your one way street and then driving in a circle to get back to the main roadway. They might pick up other people along the way, going in the same direction, or not if no one calls for a ride. Then they drop you off one or two blocks from your destination and you are good to go!

  • The site says both parties get $10 if a referral code it used. Thanks for the info! It's nice to have various transportation choices and be aware that this is an economical option available.

  • I came home from Roosevelt/State totally alone in a perfectly clean luxury sedan last night for $3.95, but I think the sale only lasts through the week, so I would suggest you try it!

  • D M

    Via offers private rides as well, at extremely reasonable prices. I was able to get home from work the other night for less than half of Lyft's surge pricing.

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