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Added Dec 18 2017

What is the status of the proposed replacement grocery store at the former Dominick's location at 71st and Jeffrey? In my view, the area has been without a reasonable food store for too long.

  • It has been 4 years now.

  • The south shore community 5th ward is full of mess they don't care about the residents needs here. I lived over here all my life 47yrs.when it use too be a very nice booming area. Businesses stores every where everything u needed was all over here up and down 7lst.walking distance now it has changed can't even talk a walk in neighbor cause afraid might get shot. And there are no more good stores worth anything around here. Got go way over too anoghter area just too shop. And they talking about putting a movie theater here were old south Shore bank was on 71st.good luck with that cause with all these drug heads and young gangbangers. Over here that will be nothing but trouble. I gave up now of the hope of a new food store there in mall on 71st.especaillywhen they put a dum gym up there instead of food store that was really needed for us so I don't even shop in this south shore community any more I go too other neighbors in Chicago and Indiana too do my shopping now. And I may just move out this area next yr. Cause it just not same anymore in south shore beautiful area tooking over by drugs and thugs. Really has went down. Such ashame.!!!😞

  • Keith H. South Shore resident

    It doesn't look like we'll get a replacement grocery store anytime soon, which is a shame. I sometimes shop at the Jewel on 75th & Stony. It's not that far away, but I don't like the environment. For really, really quick trips, I'll run into Save a Lot on Stony. I prefer Treasure Island and the Bronzeville Marianos (my favorite).

    Having the Dominick's on 71st & Jeffery was incredibly convenient, but that dream is over now.

    @Clinette - South Shore has been on a pretty steady decline for the past decade. Hopefully all of the changes that are coming will improve the demographics of the area and make it more attractive to retailers again. I don't know that I would blame politicians on what's happening in the streets. I blame the people. There's really only so much that cops and politicians can do when the people who reside here are willing to throw their trash on the ground, buy and sell drugs, and shoot at each other in broad daylight whenever they get the urge. The behavior has to change.

  • Stop accepting the unacceptable. These politicians are not putting forth a progressive agenda for South Shore. Many neighborhoods are brimming with grocery stores and retail stores. The primary reason there's crime is due to lack of jobs in the community, an abundance of low income residents from other areas and career politicians who have not progressive lens on what this neighborhood should have. Driving to other communities for food, ice cream parlor, cleaners, hard ware, and on and on is NOT acceptable.

  • MWonMerrill Live on Merrill; love animals; overeducated; Gen X

    I attended a community Mtg in the spring which was hosted by Ald. Hairston. I believe she wanted to consider having the city purchase the mall at 71st from the current owner. Then the city could attract a grocery store tenant with incentives.

    The neighborhood will continue to change, but perhaps not to everyone’s liking. Taxes are going up fast. It may take a little longer than other neighborhoods. I definitely wouldn’t live here if I had kids. Crime seems higher amongst young folks in SS. Still, some police appear to be cruel and sadistic towards young people. They gunned a boy down horribly on my street! It was horrific. No matter what he did, he was someone’s child who was buried with holes throughout his body. That was the POLICE that did that. The schools are not good here and drug addicted folks are walking about constantly.

    Too many big apartments with cheap rent infest the community. But I’m torn, because people have to live somewhere, right?

    It’s a mixed bag....

    We need to put our minds and hearts together to think about ways to change and grow that are inclusive and doable.

    The elected politicians probably do not have the capacity to do this. Maybe that’s a good thing, you know? We’re the ones that live here.

  • Well said everyone all we can do is take it one day at time and try hope for the best survive and do what we must do for are families and our self's. Hopefully things will change for the better here in south shore soon. Cause I really do still love my neighborhood. I just don't like what is happening in our south Shore community. We shouldnt have the fear just going out side and talking a walk. When it wasn't like this back in the day. Happy holidays everyone and have a blessed save New Year. 😁

  • We need Much more police presence & a grocery store in Jeffrey Plaza. Our beautiful south shore neighborhood is getting worse instead of better! Many of us DO go elsewhere 2 shop because there’s nowhere 2 go here anymore. Safety is a Real issue 4 us senior citizens & everyOne. What is our alderman doing about this mess 2 improve the area? Doesn’t seem like much 2 me. I Still love my South Shore neighborhood, but am exasperated by our current state of affairs. City Hall needs 2 get involved in our plight alderman, PLEASE do something 2 make South Shore vibrant once again!

  • The neighborhoods brimming with stores are the ones where the demographics are different with regards to income, education, and a plethora of other things.

    Politicians do not raise thugs and criminals, the roit of all that starts at home. I understand people being socioeconomically challenged, but that does not a criminal make.

    People make choices and rather than laying blame at the feet of some politician who could care less if community people kill each other, personal accountability should be a major part of the conversation.

    Who would want to put a nice business over here? You can't go into the pharmacy without some grown man loitering asking for money...and cops at pharmacies because of the 'element' that hangs about.

    Since moving to this urban area, I will say it has been enlightening.

    I welcome the theater/reataurant combo, the Presidential Library, and the TW designed PGA level course.

    The city will not allow certain elements in the vicinity of the library and I believe that in turn will lead to more outsiders moving in as I did, with the prospect of increasing property values and the associated infrastructure to support it.

    Just my thoughts

  • MWonMerrill Live on Merrill; love animals; overeducated; Gen X

    Demography is destiny.

    The large number of rental units in parts of the community impacts the area. Many of these buildings are saturated with “the working poor” there. It is incredibly tough to live and try to raise kids on low income high turnover jobs that you hate. Many people feel hopeless. They live for the moment. There is no future to look forward to that will be appreciably different than the present. The behaviors we see throughout parts of the area stem from this, I believe. Incivility, defiance and poor disposition, are some of the products, IMHO.

    I’m not excusing this, but it helps me see stuff in a different light.

    Also many self-medicate with drugs because there is deep pain and treatment options are few. Resource deprived, folks are walking around battling all kinds of physical and mental health concerns in many parts of the neighborhood. Granted this could be ANYONE. But it seems we have more than our share around here. And while Church is good, and doesn’t hurt,!but it’s not going to solve serious, chronic mental health issues( undiagnosed bi-polar disease, zero-coping strategies, generational hopelessness, manic depression, etc.) Moreover there seems to be a concentration of this in certain areas.

    Yet other parts of our community resemble Saugunash or Edgebrook or some other well-heeled neighborhood. Blocks of homes west of Yates and East of Jeffrey have this appearance. Notice how the residential lay out of these blocks differs from other parts of the neighborhood.

    Policing isn’t the answer. Blaming folks for being poor isn’t working either.

    Working together, with all stakeholders is a step in the right direction.

  • Tonie 9 year resident

    It's troubling when I have to go way cross town for groceries. In addition, if I want to get order carryout at a decent restaurant there are no, no viable options. Where are the aldermen? My aldermen is Greg Mitchell. The only time I've seen him was early this doing a combined press conference with Leslie Hairston and CPD about. I rarely see police officers patroling in SS unless there's a crime and good luck with that if they respond to in a timely manner. Our home was burglarized in October and when they dusted for prints the final determination was, "no prints could be lifted." Throughout our entire home they dusted approximately two places for prints. At this point I'm torn between leaving SS or remaining. Overall, there's simply nothing to retain or attract new residents into the community.
    Lastly, I had read that Shop'n'Save had committed to opening a grocery store where the former Dominicks was located; not sure of the outcome.

  • AL Old homesteader

    Appears that grocery delivery would be a great option, especially for Seniors.

  • Jewel in 75th & Stoney now offers delivery with a 4 hr window. Don’t like going to that store, so will try the delivery service.

  • Jewel Osco now offers delivery, not sure if the 75th and Stony location participates. I Peapod for the majority and only go to JO on Stony in a pinch.

  • What about the seniors with limited mobility who receive Link? As far as I know,delivery is not an option for those who receive SNAP.

  • The jewel on 75th stony have delivery men. But you have too go shop there in person and they will take u home for a fee which price depends on how far you have too go and what floor u live on and must of the delivery men up their are older and can't help u up the stairs with your bags ateast not past the 2nd FL. So u can only get delivery service at the 75th store if u go there shop personally and take the delivery man home. And they are mostly older guys and can't really help you carry up bags if u got take stairs on higher floors. But they are very nice delivery people that been their for years and are well trusted. 😊

  • I see some seniors come store in groups on a big bus that picks them up and takes them back home and some of them also get that transportation car they can call too take them where they have too go shopping doctor appt etc I believe the cost is free too them or a small fee. That's how I see them getting around mostly and some have home healthcare care workers or family members too take them shopping or do the shopping for them. 😃

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